Word "TEETOTAL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
practicing complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages
no thank you; I happen to be teetotal

Part of Speech:
practice teetotalism and abstain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages

Crossword Clues for TEETOTAL

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Clue Source Date
Abstinent support nearly everybody downing dram The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Sep 2022
Abstemious The Telegraph Quick 04 Aug 2022
Having forsworn alcohol The Guardian Speedy 17 Jul 2022
Eschewing all booze The Guardian Quick 25 Jun 2022
“I’m not an alcoholic, I am a freedom fighter against the ____ taliban” (Al Murray) The Times Specialist Sunday 12 Jun 2022
Stay dry? The Washington Post 05 May 2022
Stay dry? LA Times Daily 05 May 2022
Eighteen, for a golf course; why not indulging at the nineteenth? The Times Cryptic 27 Jan 2022
Abstaining completely from alcohol Irish Times Simplex 24 Jan 2022
Avoiding alcohol The Times Concise 30 Dec 2021
On the wagon The Guardian Quick 16 Dec 2021
Avoiding alcohol The Times Concise 27 Nov 2021
Always sober The Guardian Quick 04 Oct 2021
Shun liquor Eugene Sheffer 12 Jul 2021
Dry as duck swallowing energy drink The Sun Two Speed 08 Jun 2021
Support everything on wagon The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2021
Forsaking alcohol The Sun Two Speed 06 Mar 2021
Abstaining completely from alcohol Irish Times Simplex 19 Jan 2021
Practising abstinence The Telegraph Quick 13 Jan 2021
Dry shirt on little kid (Alan?) The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Nov 2020
Driver's aid, of course, for getting the entire amount on the wagon Irish Times Crosaire 03 Nov 2020
Stay dry LA Times Daily 04 Sep 2020
Stay dry The Washington Post 04 Sep 2020
Avoiding alcohol Wall Street Journal 25 Aug 2020
Shun liquor Eugene Sheffer 22 Oct 2019
Avoiding alcohol The Times Concise 10 Jul 2019
Reportedly drink dram not quite fully sober The Telegraph Toughie 02 May 2019
Up to eighteen AA members aim to be this The Telegraph Toughie 19 Sep 2018
Abstinent stand above nearly everyone swallowing dram The Telegraph Toughie 16 Aug 2018
Stay dry, in a way USA Today 31 Mar 2018
On the course, it's 18 and dry The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2018
Abstaining from alcohol The Times Concise 10 Jan 2018
Stay dry, in a way
Eschewing booze
Stay dry Wall Street Journal 08 Nov 2017
Shun spirits Newsday 02 Nov 2017
Remain on the wagon Universal 09 Oct 2017
Refusing alcohol -- it's 18, usually The Telegraph Toughie 20 Jul 2017
Remain on the wagon
Dry duck to put back in bag? On the contrary The Telegraph Toughie 24 Nov 2016
Sworn off alcohol The Guardian Speedy 29 Oct 2016
Sober support nearly complete imbibing dram The Telegraph Toughie 06 Oct 2016
Count, after support, is on the wagon The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Mar 2016
Reportedly drink dram, nearly fully sober The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Nov 2015
Abstaining from alcohol The Telegraph Quick 28 Sep 2015
Abstain from alcohol USA Today 03 Jul 2015
Duck sheltering eggs initially and youngster keeping completely dry The Telegraph Toughie 28 May 2015
Abstain from alcohol
Not believe in spirits?
Avoid booze
Abstain from alcohol
Abstain from alcohol
Refuse the booze
Keep dry
Eschew alcohol
Stay on the wagon
Shun spirits
Stay dry
Stay dry
Pass the bar?
Stay dry
Heed medical advice, perhaps
Stay on the wagon
Stay dry?
Refuse to choose booze
Abstain from alcohol
Never fail to pass the bar?
Pass the bar?
Stay dry?
Lose the booze
Pass on the sauce
Stay dry
Avoid "demon rum"
Eschew alcohol
Stay dry
Don't drink
Swear off the sauce
Go on the wagon
Practice abstinence
Do without
Eschew brew
Abstain completely
Entire; complete
Practice temperance
Be on the wagon
Like the W.C.T.U.
Abstain from alcohol
Complete: Colloq.
Abstain absolutely.
Advocate abstinence from heady beverages.
Pass the bar, perhaps
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