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Word "TERRACE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a row of houses built in a similar style and having common dividing walls (or the street on which they face)

Part of Speech:
a level shelf of land interrupting a declivity (with steep slopes above and below)

Part of Speech:
usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence

Crossword Clues for TERRACE

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Clue Source Date
Suspicion about monarch in domestic row The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2021
Spectators' area The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2021
Row of houses The Telegraph Quick 24 Jan 2021
City apartment amenity Wall Street Journal 15 Aug 2020
Short term career making patio The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Aug 2020
Patio's kin Thomas Joseph 06 Jun 2020
Veranda The Telegraph Quick 10 May 2020
Outdoor space in some apartments USA Today 20 Mar 2020
Patio The Telegraph Quick 11 Aug 2019
Row? Mark has hesitation to join in The Telegraph Cryptic 10 May 2019
Connected houses The Sun Two Speed 24 Mar 2019
Caterer mixed up in domestic row? The Sun Two Speed 24 Mar 2019
Cut cloth, one level raised The Telegraph Toughie 05 Mar 2019
Three-nation stand The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jan 2019
Upscale apartment feature The Washington Post 15 Aug 2018
Domestic row? The Sun Two Speed 20 May 2018
Car and tree obscured row of houses The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Feb 2018
Place for supporters to see Queen in spot The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jan 2018
Theory oddly selected by people in street The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Oct 2017
Bank to track it down to cover most of mistake Irish Times Crosaire 08 Jul 2017
Colonnaded porch Thomas Joseph 13 May 2017
End of account blunder over top bank The Telegraph Cryptic 04 May 2017
Show frailty in front of this excellent residential row The Telegraph Toughie 18 Aug 2016
Row of housing The Times Concise 30 Jun 2016
Dash to catch Queen in spectators' area The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Apr 2016
Outdoor dining spot Universal 26 Mar 2016
Half come back from the east and rush platform The Telegraph Toughie 22 Mar 2016
Caterer's frightful row of houses The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2016
Luxury apartment feature LA Times Daily 28 Dec 2015
Barbecue spot LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2015
Return from the south and rush platform The Telegraph Toughie 28 Apr 2015
Balustrade location New York Times 22 Feb 2015
Apartment amenity
Landscape architect's creation
Place for a plant in a penthouse
Upscale balcony
Ritzy apartment feature
Apartment feature
Feature of Incan farms
Cookout site
Big balcony
High-rise apartment garden site
Cookout setting
Apartment balcony
Sunbather's spot
Setting for a chaise longue
Alfresco area
High-rise amenity
Garden site
Barbecue site
Place for a barbecue
Residential street following the top of a slope
Barbecue setting
Penthouse amenity
O'Hara's 'From the _____'
Where a CATERER sets up?
Retaining wall site
John O'Hara's "From the ___"
J. O'Hara's "From the ___"
Patio's cousin
O'Hara's "From the ___"
Patio of sorts
Veranda adjunct
Place with a view
Outdoor area
Outdoor living area
Adjunct to a house.
Paved area adjacent to a house.
Word in street names.
Strip of park in the middle of a street.
Row of houses on raised ground.
Kind of street.
Barbecue locale.
The flat roof of a house.
Street cut in a slope.
Outdoor living area.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.