Word "TERRAPIN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of various edible North American web-footed turtles living in fresh or brackish water

Crossword Clues for TERRAPIN

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Clue Source Date
Short shot restrains stray reptile The Telegraph Toughie 13 May 2022
Egg-laying creature quietly burrowing into ground The Times Cryptic 05 May 2022
Small turtle — a reprint (amag) The Guardian Quick 02 May 2022
Edible turtle Canadiana 14 Mar 2022
Diamondback reptile (from Algonquian) Newsday 23 Jan 2022
Small freshwater turtle The Times Concise 19 Nov 2021
Trip, near turning turtle The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Aug 2021
Small turtle The Times Concise 01 Apr 2021
Small species of turtle Irish Times Simplex 08 Mar 2021
Swamp swimmer Newsday 27 Feb 2021
Freshwater turtle The Times Concise 24 Jan 2021
Water creature beginning to plod, getting stuck in ground The Telegraph Toughie 16 Dec 2020
Turtle The Telegraph Quick 27 Aug 2020
Animal trainer excited about source of protein The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jul 2020
Freshwater turtle The Telegraph Quick 09 Jun 2020
Easy shot bagging stray animal The Telegraph Cryptic 25 May 2020
Country housing centre for Galapagos tortoise? The Telegraph Toughie 09 Apr 2020
Animal quietly lying in ground The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Dec 2019
Reptile quietly hiding in ground The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Oct 2019
Shot at close distance, stray being caught -- animal kept as pet? The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2019
Pond primarily put in ground for freshwater animal The Telegraph Toughie 16 Oct 2018
Reptile burying head of prey in the earth The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Aug 2018
Animal quietly burrowing into ground The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Dec 2017
Freshwater reptile bringing one salmon up in ten The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Dec 2017
One shelled out to get a printer? The Times Cryptic 04 Jul 2017
Aquatic animal keeps quiet in habitat The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Apr 2017
Sitter nurses stray creature The Times Cryptic 08 Mar 2017
Give out The Times Concise 30 Jan 2017
Reptile quietly burrows into ground The Telegraph Toughie 11 Nov 2016
Web-footed turtle Irish Times Simplex 24 Oct 2016
Type of turtle Family Time 19 Sep 2016
Easy one for golfer covering up mistake by one of those with turtleneck Irish Times Crosaire 14 Sep 2016
Water creature is quiet when inland The Telegraph Cryptic 02 May 2016
Animal wanting ground to keep soft The Telegraph Toughie 18 Feb 2016
Reptile shot from close range, encapsulating sin? The Times Cryptic 30 Jun 2015
Freshwater turtle Irish Times Simplex 27 Feb 2015
Maryland athlete
Diamondback with a shell
Diamondback turtle
Swampland swimmer
Diamondback reptile
Maryland mascot
Diamondback reptile
Diamondback turtle
Maryland collegian
Aquatic turtle
Shell carrier
Hard-shelled critter
Aquatic turtle
Maryland athlete
Diamondback creature
Diamondback reptile
Diamondback, e.g.
American turtle
Freshwater turtle
Maryland player
Tortoise's relative
Freshwater turtle
N.A. turtle
Seafood treat
Diamondback inhabiting a salt marsh
Tidewater turtle
Baltimore delicacy.
Menu delicacy.
___ War of 1812.
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