Crossword Clues for TEXAN

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Clue Source Date
Dallas native Thomas Joseph 02 Apr 2024
Houston N.F.L. player New York Times 13 Mar 2024
Like Whataburger's headquarters
A native of Texas (5)
Bonnie or Clyde, e.g.
Houstonian, e.g. Commuter 10 Feb 2024
Dallasite or Houstonian
Figure welcoming a vote, revolutionary US statesperson (5)
One living south of the Sooner State New York Times 02 Jan 2024
Resident of Austin Mirror Classic 03 Dec 2023
Dallas resident Newsday 17 Oct 2023
Austinite or Houstonian, e.g. USA Today 05 Oct 2023
J.R. Ewing, for one Thomas Joseph 15 Sep 2023
Paris native LA Times Daily 27 May 2023
Lone Star State resident USA Today 09 Apr 2023
Dallas resident Universal 27 Mar 2023
Likely Cotton Bowl attendee New York Times 18 Dec 2022
Lone Star State resident LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2022
Person from Houston Newsday 10 Oct 2022
Austin native Eugene Sheffer 02 Jul 2022
Native of a southern US state The Guardian Speedy 27 Mar 2022
Austin resident
Either Bush, e.g LA Times Daily 28 Sep 2021
Either Bush, e.g The Washington Post 28 Sep 2021
Lone Star Stater Thomas Joseph 19 May 2021
Garland resident The Washington Post Sunday 25 Apr 2021
Lone Star State resident Universal 15 Mar 2021
Waco native Thomas Joseph 24 Feb 2021
Cuisine that specializes in beef barbecue New York Times 06 Dec 2020
Austin resident
American former partner wearing brown
Person from Houston Newsday 12 Oct 2020
Houston native Thomas Joseph 07 Sep 2020
Dallas native Thomas Joseph 31 Aug 2020
Resident of Plano or Llano USA Today 13 Jul 2020
LBJ, for one Thomas Joseph 14 May 2020
Person from Dallas Newsday 13 May 2020
Galvestonian, for one Newsday 20 Nov 2019
An American in Paris The Washington Post Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Houston footballer Universal 01 Oct 2019
Person from El Paso Newsday 17 Jul 2019
See 44-Across New York Times 06 Jul 2019
Ike, by birth Newsday 07 Jun 2019
Like some barbecue New York Times 18 May 2019
Like some barbecue
Houston footballer
See 44-Across
Houston resident Newsday 04 Dec 2018
El Paso native Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2018
Odessa resident The Washington Post Sunday 19 Aug 2018
Relating to a US state The Times Concise 06 Aug 2018
One in Austin maybe given a 10 reversing and another overall
In bronze, former citizen of Dallas, say?
Certain NFLer Universal 07 Feb 2018
Certain NFLer
Stephen F. Austin, notably USA Today 25 Nov 2017
Stereotypical oil tycoon New York Times 27 Aug 2017
Like Stephen F. Austin USA Today 11 Aug 2017
Lone Star State resident Newsday 01 Aug 2017
Someone from Houston or Austin, say
From a large US state The Times Concise 01 Jun 2017
Like Sam Houston's constituents USA Today 31 May 2017
Lyndon Johnson, by birth USA Today 26 Mar 2017
42-Down native Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2017
Ted Cruz, notably The Washington Post 25 Feb 2017
Eisenhower, by birth Newsday 24 Feb 2017
Dwight Eisenhower or Lyndon Johnson The Washington Post 16 Jan 2017
Stephen F. Austin, notably
Like Stephen F. Austin
Stereotypical oil tycoon
Like Sam Houston's constituents
Lyndon Johnson, by birth
Perot or Bush Thomas Joseph 05 Nov 2016
Bonnie or Clyde LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2016
Lubbock native USA Today 12 Sep 2016
Corpus Christi native USA Today 01 Sep 2016
2002 NFL newcomer Newsday 23 Jul 2016
Austin native USA Today 05 Jun 2016
Eg, from Dallas The Times Concise 03 Jun 2016
Lubbock native Universal 04 Feb 2016
Corpus Christi native
Austin native
Bonnie or Clyde
Lubbock native
Lubbock native
President #36, #41 or #43 New York Times 29 Aug 2015
Inhabitant of Dallas? The Telegraph Quick 22 May 2015
NRG Stadium player
President #36, #41 or #43
Houston NFLer
Austin resident
One from Waco
Bush, notably
Galvestonian, for one
Lone Star Stater
Lyndon Johnson or George W. Bush
Jadeveon Clowney, as of 5/8/14
Perot, e.g.
Houston resident or football player
LBJ, by birth
Odessa native
Janis Joplin or Scott Joplin
Resident of the 28th state
Native of Odessa or Paris
Like many a longhorn
Janis Joplin or Scott Joplin
Bonnie or Clyde
Houston resident
Lone Star State denizen
Houston pro since 2002
Either Bush, e.g.
Houston pro since 2002
Like many a longhorn
Either President Bush, e.g.
Jaguar's rival
Either Bush, e.g.
Austin native
Austin native
Paris native?
Buddy Holly or Sam Houston
Secessionist Governor Rick Perry, for one
Person from Houston
Josh Beckett, by birth
Person from Paris
Odessa native
Ross Perot, e.g.
Old TV western starring Rory Calhoun, with "The"
Reliant Stadium player
Either President Bush
Galveston native
Dale Evans, for one
Dallas denizen
Many an oilman
Person from Plano
Jaguar rival
Certain pro football player
One from Austin
Dale Evans, for one
Laura Bush, for one
Dallas native
Lubbock resident
Paris native?
Michael Dell, for one
Paris native?
Houston athlete since 2002
Dan Rather, for one
George W. Bush, for one
Dallas denizen
L.B.J., by birth
Houston athlete since 2002
Houstonian, for example
Austin resident
'60s Dallas gridder
A Bush
Denison denizen
Houston NFLer
'60s Dallas gridder
Lance Armstrong or Carol Burnett, e.g.
Paris resident
Molly Ivins, for one
48-Down resident
Arlington resident
Arlington resident
Liver in Lubbock
George W. Bush, e.g.
50D defender
Ann Richards, for one
Bush or LBJ
Austin or Houston
Gene Autry or Audie Murphy
Bush or LBJ
Bush, for one
Houston footballer
Bush, notably
Janis Joplin, e.g.
Carol Burnett, by birth
Janis Joplin, e.g.
Eisenhower or Perot
Lubbock lady
Houston or Austin resident
Austin or Houston
Bush, for one
President Bush, for one
Denison denizen
Denison denizen
George Bush, for one
Brownsville boy
Molly Ivins, e.g.
Character in "The Last Picture Show," e.g.
Bush, for one
George Bush, for one
Lubbock resident
George W. Bush, e.g.
LBJ, e.g.
Eisenhower for one
Bush, notably
LBJ, e.g.
Governor George W. Bush constituent
George W. Bush, e.g.
Denison denizen
George Bush, for one
Rather or Ritter
Houston or Austin
Ross Perot, e.g.
Bush or Perot, for example
H. Ross Perot, for one
Perot, for one
Ross Perot, for one
L.B.J., for one
50's TV western, with "The”
L.B.J., e.g.
Eisenhower was one, by birth
Dale Evans, by birth
Bentsen, for one
Lady Bird, for one
Corpus Christi native
Dale Evans, e.g.
U.S. citizen since 1845
Native of Jim Hogg County
Man from Port Arthur
Waco man
Man from El Paso
Man with a big hat
Man from Waco.
Yarborough, for one
Tower, for one.
Austin, for one.
Johnson or Garner.
L.B.J., for one.
Ranger or rancher.
LBJ, for one.
Lyndon Johnson.
Lyndon Johnson, for instance.
Reliant Park athlete
J.J. Watt, e.g.
Arian Foster, e.g.
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