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Word "THAW" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the process whereby heat changes something from a solid to a liquid
melt, melting, thawing
the thawing of a frozen turkey takes several hours

Part of Speech:
warm weather following a freeze; snow and ice melt
thawing, warming
they welcomed the spring thaw

Part of Speech:
become or cause to become soft or liquid
dethaw, dissolve, melt, unfreeze, unthaw
the ice thawed
dethaw the meat

Crossword Clues for THAW

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Clue Source Date
Microwave setting Newsday 07 Mar 2021
Melt The Telegraph Quick 27 Feb 2021
Spring meltdown Eugene Sheffer 11 Feb 2021
Start to unfreeze Newsday 27 Jan 2021
Turn to slush Thomas Joseph 20 Jan 2021
Warm up inside with a whiskey The Telegraph Toughie 30 Dec 2020
Start to melt Newsday 22 Dec 2020
Spring event New York Times 20 Dec 2020
Microwave option Newsday 13 Dec 2020
Opening of tropical fruit in warm The Telegraph Toughie 25 Nov 2020
Become slushy Newsday 08 Nov 2020
Unfreeze Universal 22 Oct 2020
Defrost Family Time 11 Oct 2020
Warm up New York Times 27 Sep 2020
Warm up after being in the freezer Jonesin 22 Sep 2020
Become more relaxed New York Times 17 Sep 2020
Warming of relations Universal 15 Aug 2020
Become slushy, say Universal 01 Jul 2020
Melting period Jonesin 23 Jun 2020
Get warmer USA Today 14 Jun 2020
Remove from the deep freeze The Washington Post 19 May 2020
Become less frozen USA Today 14 May 2020
Begin to melt Newsday 11 May 2020
Warm spell that causes melting USA Today 03 May 2020
Undergo rapprochement New York Times 05 Apr 2020
Extended defrosting Newsday 02 Apr 2020
Lessening of hostilities Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2020
Winter warm spell The Washington Post 18 Dec 2019
Move from freezer to counter Newsday 13 Dec 2019
(Of snow or ice) melt The Times Concise 10 Dec 2019
Roughly what to do to relax? Irish Times Crosaire 25 Nov 2019
Soften The Washington Post 24 Oct 2019
Turn to liquid Premier Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Warm spell Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2019
John --, actor who played Chief Inspector Morse The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Sep 2019
Spring harbinger The Washington Post 14 Sep 2019
Warm cloth: awesome clothes The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2019
Soften in a microwave USA Today 03 Sep 2019
Détente New York Times 18 Jul 2019
Become less aloof The Washington Post 02 May 2019
John --, English actor, star of 'Inspector Morse' and 'The Sweeney' The Telegraph General Knowledge 25 Mar 2019
Lose solidity, in a way The Washington Post Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Take out of the freezer New York Times 11 Feb 2019
Springtime period Newsday 27 Jan 2019
Spring melt The Sun Two Speed 18 Dec 2018
No more Frost, but he played Morse! The Sun Two Speed 18 Dec 2018
Become friendlier; loosen or warm up The Guardian Speedy 09 Dec 2018
What spoiled warmer weather? The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2018
Return to friendliness The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2018
Spring awakening sign New York Times 16 Aug 2018
Easing of tensions Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2018
Improvement in relations USA Today 05 Jul 2018
Harbinger of spring The Washington Post 12 Apr 2018
Become less hostile USA Today 23 Mar 2018
Deintensification Newsday 17 Mar 2018
Diplomatic desire Newsday 10 Mar 2018
What curiously is the opposite of 22? The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2018
Warming in relations USA Today 01 Mar 2018
Spring phenomenon Wall Street Journal 14 Feb 2018
Start to soften Newsday 26 Jan 2018
Liquefy Premier Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Turn liquid Premier Sunday 17 Dec 2017
Defrost in a microwave USA Today 15 Dec 2017
Icebreaker? New York Times 18 Nov 2017
Sign of spring New York Times 15 Nov 2017
What changed as result of spring coming? The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Nov 2017
Defrost, as a roast Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 2017
Deice New York Times 13 Feb 2017
Spring thing Wall Street Journal 03 Dec 2016
Winter respite New York Times 01 Dec 2016
Liquefy, as snow Family Time 27 Nov 2016
Unfreeze, defrost Irish Times Simplex 25 Nov 2016
'Morse' actor; melt The Telegraph Quick 21 Oct 2016
January warm spell LA Times Daily 28 Sep 2016
Melt, as snow Family Time 31 Jul 2016
Become more welcoming The Washington Post 20 May 2016
Grow less hostile The Washington Post 02 May 2016
Prepare for cooking, perhaps Newsday 30 Apr 2016
Dissolve, as snow Family Time 07 Mar 2016
January event Wall Street Journal 04 Jan 2016
Winter break Wall Street Journal 23 Dec 2015
Gradual melting LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2015
Become liquid, sometimes USA Today 04 Nov 2015
Spring occurrence Eugene Sheffer 14 Aug 2015
With 68-Across, release philosopher John Stuart from cryonic suspension? New York Times 01 Jul 2015
Become friendlier USA Today 30 Apr 2015
Instruction on a frozen turkey New York Times 24 Mar 2015
January occurrence Wall Street Journal 20 Jan 2015
Soften, perhaps
Become liquid, maybe
Symbol of spring
Liquefy, perhaps
Start-of-spring event
Feel less angry, so to speak
Lose iciness
Spring warming
Relief for the snowbound
Midwinter event, often
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.