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Word "THESIS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a treatise advancing a new point of view resulting from research; usually a requirement for an advanced academic degree

Part of Speech:
an unproved statement put forward as a premise in an argument

Crossword Clues for THESIS

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Clue Source Date
He sits to compose academic essay The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2021
Degree dissertation The Sun Two Speed 13 May 2021
Shipmates ignore map produced by scholar in final year Irish Times Crosaire 04 May 2021
Postgraduate's project Family Time 14 Mar 2021
Which letter is doubled in dissertation? The Sun Two Speed 17 Dec 2020
Academic essay The Sun Two Speed 17 Dec 2020
Dissertation Eugene Sheffer 23 Nov 2020
Major college paper USA Today 14 Aug 2020
Scholarly proposition Wall Street Journal 27 Jun 2020
He sits awkwardly producing dissertation The Sun Two Speed 25 Jun 2020
Degree requirement, perhaps LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2020
Doctoral paper Universal 13 May 2020
What an Ph.D. hopeful defends Universal 18 Apr 2020
Scholarly dissertation Irish Times Simplex 26 Feb 2020
Grad student's paper USA Today 13 Jan 2020
Empty economics in this dissertation The Sun Two Speed 26 Nov 2019
Master's degree seeker's assignment The Washington Post 27 Sep 2019
Article by little sister in academic submission The Sun Two Speed 01 Aug 2019
Therapists ignore part of scholarly argument Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jun 2019
Learned paper The Guardian Speedy 24 Mar 2019
Paper covers both sides of The Arms Crisis Irish Times Crosaire 06 Feb 2019
Grad student's big paper New York Times 11 Sep 2018
Article survives containing Holmes's last monograph The Telegraph Toughie 16 Aug 2018
Premise to prove Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2018
The student, primarily, is presenting research work The Telegraph Cryptic 13 May 2018
Something to be defended New York Times 06 May 2018
Doctoral writing Universal 13 Dec 2017
Article by relative that may have been written at university The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Dec 2017
Postgraduate's creation Family Time 30 Oct 2017
Grad student's creation Family Time 16 Oct 2017
Master work? The Washington Post Sunday 10 Sep 2017
That life evolves, to Darwin New York Times 02 Apr 2017
Dissertation based on research Irish Times Simplex 18 Mar 2017
Argument New York Times 06 Jan 2017
Argument you may start in school New York Times 18 Sep 2016
Grad-school proposal Premier Sunday 04 Sep 2016
Article is encapsulating second academic work The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Aug 2016
Academic position? The Chronicle of Higher Education 22 Apr 2016
Senior project New York Times 03 Apr 2016
Article is about Pole's essay The Sun Two Speed 16 Nov 2015
Academic dissertation The Times Concise 09 Nov 2015
Paper is chasing articles The Times Cryptic 16 Oct 2015
College composition Jonesin 10 Sep 2015
Article by son constitutes academic work The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Aug 2015
Student's dissertation Premier Sunday 21 Jun 2015
Hurdle for a grad student Premier Sunday 29 Mar 2015
College work
Future doctor's project
Academic position
Future doctor's work, maybe
Master's requirement, usually
It may be defended by a scholar
Grad student's work
Grad student's research paper
Grad student's project
Doctoral work
Doctoral dissertation
26 Across candidate's work
Essay subject
One of Luther's 95
Degree requirement, sometimes
Writing that needs defending
Degree seeker's draft
Need for a third degree?
Doctorate requirement, often
Graduate degree requirement
Ph.D. prerequisite
Main argument
Master piece?
Future doctor's work
Graduate record?
Master's requirement, often
Postgrad hurdle
Major research paper
Central point
Graduate degree requirement perhaps
Master's requirement
PhD requisite
Ph.D. requirement
Prove it!
Idea to pursue
Grad student's bane
Higher-degree requirement, usually
Doctoral paper.
College paper.
Ph. D. opus.
Composition for a baccalaureate.
What a doctoral candidate defends
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