Crossword Clues for THOMAS

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Clue Source Date
Husband of Henry VIII'S widow Catherine Parr (6,7)
Danny or Richard
He may get no marks at all in maths! (6)
(and 5 down) The protagonist in 7, 13 down (6)
Name of several Dukes of Norfolk, including the third, who was an uncle of two wives of King Henry VIII (6,6)
Played Kate in Military Wives, Kristen Scott (6)
Light globe inventor, ... Edison died in November 1931
American inventor, _ Edison (6)
Man smashed atoms containing hydrogen (6)
Henry -, child actor who played Elliott in 1982 family film ET: The Extra-Terrestrial Mirror Quiz 07 Mar 2024
Henry -, child actor who played Elliott in 1982 family film ET: The Extra-Terrestrial (6)
Will Rogers was at his best as a small-town fellow who had to deal with a variety of eccentric and pompous characters in Doubting ...
___ Jefferson, Founding Father and third President of the United States who was also a skilled player of the violin and the cello
A moth's a doubter (6)
See 8 The Guardian Cryptic 01 Feb 2024
Train of children's TV
_ Law, the fifth and eighth actor to play EastEnders character Peter Beale (6)
Waterloo Road actor who played Adam Barton in Emmerdale (4,6)
"Doubting _"
See 8 Across The Telegraph Toughie 15 Dec 2023
Iwan, Welsh former 400 metres runner born in 1974 (6)
2019 Motorcycle Grand Prix of the Americas Moto2 series winner (6)
Writer Hardy Thomas Joseph 28 Oct 2023
With 65 Across, the first to see his name 'up in lights' (1881) Newsday 25 Feb 2023
W.N.B.A. All-Star Alyssa New York Times 31 Jan 2023
Poet Dylan Thomas Joseph 24 Dec 2022
Welshman of words granted degrees
'Leviathan' author Hobbes The Washington Post Sunday 08 May 2022
Justice Berger Canadiana 21 Mar 2022
Zero in maths worried Hardy, for one The Times Cryptic 22 Feb 2022
Although mistrustful initially, a saint
Cromwell, for example, shot a revolutionary when holding mass
'Downton Abbey' footman Barrow The Washington Post Sunday 27 Jun 2021
Inventor Edison
Patron saint of civil ser-vants Canadiana 14 Jun 2021
The doubting Apostle Irish Times Simplex 26 Apr 2021
Poet Dylan Eugene Sheffer 12 Apr 2021
Apostle who at first doubted the resurrection? The Guardian Weekend 27 Feb 2021
With 9 Down and 71 Across, source of quote Newsday 15 Jan 2021
Male name The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2021
Doubting apostle chasing Jerry? The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2021
E. Donnall ___, American physician who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1990 along with Joseph E. Murray
Inventor Edison Eugene Sheffer 25 Sep 2020
B getting zero in maths debacle
Pewter accompanier in the Bible New York Times 23 Jul 2020
Supreme Court justice Clarence
"The ___ Crown Affair" movie starring Pierce Brosnan as a billionaire thief
Literary tank engine The Times Concise 24 Oct 2019
'-- the Rhymer', a fantasy novel by Ellen Kushner The Telegraph General Knowledge 30 Sep 2019
Dylan —; — Edison The Times Concise 21 Mar 2019
Inventive Edison Premier Sunday 17 Mar 2019
___ Keller, celebrity chef who did not go to culinary school and learned on the job
Poet Dylan Thomas Joseph 25 Oct 2018
Name Gray had for Welsh poet The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2018
*See 35-Across The Washington Post 02 May 2018
*See 35-Across LA Times Daily 02 May 2018
'A Child's Christmas in Wales' poet Wall Street Journal 03 Mar 2018
Doubting one Universal 01 Mar 2018
Marshall's successor on the Supreme Court New York Times 28 Feb 2018
*See 35-Across
Marshall's successor on the Supreme Court
Doubting one
Rev W Awdry’s tank engine The Times Specialist Sunday 17 Dec 2017
Supreme Court Justice Clarence ___ Universal 10 Sep 2017
Patron Saint of people in doubt Canadiana 29 May 2017
Apostle who doubted The Times Concise 07 Apr 2017
"Tank Engine" of kid-lit USA Today 27 Jan 2017
Supreme Court Justice Clarence ___
One writer after 11, another before 27
This old mum is taking the place of one
Muffin man LA Times Daily 30 Oct 2016
Inventor Edison Thomas Joseph 10 May 2016
Incredulous Apostle Newsday 31 Mar 2016
— Moore, Irish poet The Times Concise 21 Oct 2015
Poet Dylan Newsday 20 May 2015
Dylan ..., ... Aquinas Irish Times Simplex 08 Apr 2015
Locomotive of tot TV Newsday 27 Feb 2015
Clarence of the Supreme Court
Locomotive of tot TV
Poet Dylan
First sign of miracle has to transform doubter
"A Child's Christmas in Wales" poet
"Smooth" singer Rob
Justice since 1991
Seeker of proof getting nothing in maths wrong
All the same mass equally? More?
Famous doubter
Mann of many words
Noted expurgator Bowdler
"Really useful engine" of children's books
Cartoonist Nast
Tank engine of children's fiction
New Testament skeptic
Musician Dolby who returned in 2011 with "A Map of the Floating City"
1991 Supreme Court appointee
1991 Supreme Court appointee
Marshall's replacement on the Supreme Court
"Do not go gentle into that good night" poet
Welsh poet Dylan
Doubting apostle
Woodrow Wilson's first name
Clarence of the Supreme Court
Baseball's "Big Hurt"
Biblical doubter
Inventor Edison
Inventor Edison
President Jefferson
Successor to Marshall on the Supreme Court
Saint with doubts
Doubting apostle
Tank engine of kids' TV
Member of 38-Across
Wendy's pitchman, once
First name of 32-Across
Doubting apostle
Wendy's founder
"Doubting" fellow
Theologian Aquinas
Paine or Mann
"Doubting" fellow
See 24-Across
1991 Bush appointee
Skeptical Apostle
Wendy's founder Dave
"Utopia" author Moore
"Utopia" author Moore
Marshall's replacement on the Supreme Court
"A Child's Christmas in Wales" writer
"Under Milk Wood" poet
Jefferson who signed the Declaration of Independence
Wendy's pitchman
'40s candidate Dewey
More of 9 Across
Mann of many words
Novelist Pynchon
Nast or Edison
Mann of many words
When 7-Down bought in, she walked out
Author Steve, who has named JonBenét's mom as a suspect
"That Girl" Marlo
Paine, Hardy, or Edison
Bush Supreme Court appointee
Bush judicial appointee
"A Child's Christmas in Wales" poet
Seth or Clarence
More or Mann
More, for one
With 52 Across, author of "Gnomologia," source of quote
Six-time Presidential candidate
"Sage of Monticello"
John Charles of opera
Danny or doubting
Wolfe or à Kempis
No. 1 doubter
British poet
Name meaning "a twin."
Doubting apostle.
Doubting ___.
One of the apostles.
Lincoln's father.
Composer of "Mignon."
Well-known name in socialism.
Name meaning a twin.
Doubting Apostle.
Noted Socialist leader.
Woodrow Wilson's first name.
Welsh poet.
He finished 5th in 1948.
He traveled to Tibet.
He polled 139,521 Presidential votes in 1948.
Senator from Utah.
Senator from Oklahoma.
A Presidential candidate.
President of United Automobile Workers.
Perennial candidate for President.
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