Word "THOUSAND" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
denoting a quantity consisting of 1,000 items or units
1000, k, m, one thousand

Part of Speech:
the cardinal number that is the product of 10 and 100
1000, chiliad, g, grand, k, m, one thousand, thou, yard

Crossword Clues for THOUSAND

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Clue Source Date
You smooth figure! The Guardian Cryptic 02 Jun 2022
Large number The Times Concise 12 May 2022
Wandering south with many The Guardian Cryptic 03 May 2022
Old-fashioned you, having S&M! The Guardian Cryptic 22 Mar 2022
The St. Lawrence River's misnamed ___ Islands New York Times 05 Sep 2021
'One ___ and One Nights' USA Today 07 Apr 2021
Cardinal shut a don out The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Feb 2021
Number moving south with a need, disheartened The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Oct 2020
Quantity of handouts distributed The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Dec 2019
Handouts distributed in large number The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2019
1,000 The Sun Two Speed 30 Sep 2019
Ten cubed The Times Concise 25 Jun 2019
M or K Irish Times Simplex 13 May 2019
Grand seeing you on beach The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jan 2019
A power of 1 Down The Times Concise 02 May 2018
Admitting crossword people, plus one of 6 The Telegraph Toughie 23 Mar 2018
Unit used in expressing salaries
Part of an epic movie cast
Dressing name part
10 cubed
Bill picturing Cleveland
Bill with Cleveland's face
Strauss's "___ and One Nights" waltz
"A ___ Clowns," 1962 Broadway hit
Arabian nights minus one
M or G.
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