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Word "THRILL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
feel sudden intense sensation or emotion
tickle, vibrate
he was thrilled by the speed and the roar of the engine

Part of Speech:
an almost pleasurable sensation of fright
chill, frisson, quiver, shiver, shudder, tingle

Part of Speech:
the swift release of a store of affective force
bang, boot, charge, flush, kick, rush

Crossword Clues for THRILL

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Clue Source Date
Tingling feeling of excitement Irish Times Simplex 24 Dec 2020
Piercing involves son becoming tense, getting excited feeling The Telegraph Toughie 22 Dec 2020
Excitement; stimulate The Times Concise 15 Sep 2020
Excitation Thomas Joseph 26 Mar 2020
Really excite The Washington Post 19 Nov 2019
Excitement The Telegraph Quick 19 Oct 2019
Most of the regiment is not well in Rush Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jul 2019
Almost pleasurable sensation of fright Irish Times Simplex 08 Jul 2019
'Enjoyment of the landscape is a ____' (David Hockney) The Times Specialist Sunday 10 Mar 2019
Adrenaline rush USA Today 22 Feb 2019
Exhilarate Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2019
Action film fan's sensation The Washington Post Sunday 09 Dec 2018
Adrenaline rush, e.g USA Today 08 Jul 2018
Surge of exhilaration New York Times 11 Jun 2018
Adrenaline rush, e.g.
Get a kick from most of the small current The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2017
Delight The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2017
Buzz The Times Concise 15 Oct 2017
Short time in work on land brings excitement The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Aug 2017
Excite Eugene Sheffer 19 Jul 2017
Tickle pink Thomas Joseph 01 Oct 2016
Warble about husband giving feeling of excitement The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Mar 2016
Hour in work provides excitement The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Nov 2015
Send New York Times 08 Nov 2015
Roller coaster excitement LA Times Daily 26 Oct 2015
Roller-coaster ride feeling LA Times Daily 09 Mar 2015
Electrify Universal 11 Feb 2015
Roller coaster rider's sensation
Make ecstatic
Wave of excitement
Roller coaster's appeal
Rollercoaster ride, e.g.
It might be cheap
Type of ride
Goal for some seekers
Roller-coaster feeling
Roller coaster ride, e.g.
Roller coaster ride e.g.
Tremor of exitement
Home-team home run, e.g.
Cause to vibrate
Ooh and ah producer
Cause quivers
Sudden wave of emotion.
Sensation, à la Hollywood.
Cause to vibrate.
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