Word "THUMB" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
look through a book or other written material
flick, flip, leaf, riff, riffle
He thumbed through the report

Part of Speech:
a convex molding having a cross section in the form of a quarter of a circle or of an ellipse
ovolo, quarter round

Part of Speech:
feel or handle with the fingers

Crossword Clues for THUMB

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Clue Source Date
Try hitching up motorway, backpacking initially The Telegraph Toughie 17 Nov 2022
Hitchhiker's digit Eugene Sheffer 24 Oct 2022
When it's up, it's OK The Guardian Quick 07 Oct 2022
A digit The Telegraph Quick 02 Aug 2022
Signal for pick-me-up? The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jul 2022
Hitch (a lift) The Times Concise 17 Jun 2022
Short thick digit Irish Times Simplex 15 Apr 2022
Opposable digit Universal 17 Dec 2021
Digit The Telegraph Quick 18 Nov 2021
Gardener's "green" digit Universal 11 Oct 2021
"Opposable" digit LA Times Daily 11 Oct 2021
'Opposable' digit The Washington Post 11 Oct 2021
Short digit Irish Times Simplex 05 Oct 2021
A green one is helpful in a garden New York Times 02 Aug 2021
Hand part USA Today 20 Apr 2021
Digit The Telegraph Quick 19 Mar 2021
Leaf through The Telegraph Quick 07 Mar 2021
Short digit Irish Times Simplex 30 Jan 2021
Roadside digital display? Jonesin 26 Jan 2021
Initially try hitching using member breezily The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jan 2021
Opposable digit Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2020
Hitch-hike The Telegraph Quick 20 May 2020
Part of a 'hang loose' sign Jonesin 19 May 2020
Hitching aid The Washington Post 05 Apr 2020
Hitching aid LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2020
Digit The Times Concise 27 Mar 2020
Hitch lift The Telegraph Quick 25 Mar 2020
Rule of __ The Washington Post 27 Nov 2019
Rule of __ LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2019
Pollex The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Hitch, as a ride The Washington Post 29 Apr 2019
Hitch, as a ride LA Times Daily 29 Apr 2019
Hitchhike The Telegraph Quick 24 Apr 2019
Tiny Tom Universal 09 Apr 2019
Texter's digit Universal 24 Mar 2019
Tiny Tom
Hitch, as a ride
Texter's digit
First digit New York Times 29 Dec 2018
Bad thing to hit with a hammer New York Times 25 Nov 2018
Hitch (a lift) The Times Concise 09 Nov 2018
Twiddled digit Premier Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Digital aid in ridesharing? The Chronicle of Higher Education 21 Sep 2018
Hitchhiker's digit USA Today 08 Sep 2018
Hitchhiker's digit Eugene Sheffer 10 Aug 2018
''Tom ..., the piper's son'' (nursery rhyme) Irish Times Simplex 04 Jul 2018
Green __ The Washington Post 27 Jun 2018
Green __ LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2018
Tom's digital fairy tale Irish Times Simplex 05 Jun 2018
It's essential to snapping Newsday 08 Mar 2018
First digit
Bad thing to hit with a hammer
Hitchhiker's digit
Digital aid in ridesharing?
Green __
Hitchhiking digit The Telegraph Quick 07 Dec 2017
First digit The Telegraph Quick 08 Nov 2017
Hitch The Telegraph Quick 25 Oct 2017
Opposable digit The Times Concise 21 Aug 2017
Large digit? Jonesin 01 Aug 2017
Mitten part LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2017
Mitten part The Washington Post 27 Jun 2017
Hitch ride The Telegraph Quick 31 May 2017
Hitchhiker's digit LA Times Daily 30 May 2017
Hitchhiker's digit The Washington Post 30 May 2017
Travel by getting free rides from motorists The Telegraph General Knowledge 29 Jan 2017
Hitchhiker's digit
Mitten part
Something that turns up when you snap your fingers? New York Times 04 Dec 2016
Pinch participant Wall Street Journal 06 Aug 2016
Corporation keeping hospital billions in hitch The Times Cryptic 16 Jun 2016
Green digit? LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2016
Mitten part Newsday 23 Mar 2016
Something that turns up when you snap your fingers?
Tom --, character in English folklore The Telegraph General Knowledge 20 Dec 2015
Pollex Eugene Sheffer 17 Sep 2015
For consumption get pulse taken in digit The Telegraph Toughie 26 Aug 2015
Try to get free ride due to whiff in vacant taxicab The Telegraph Toughie 20 Mar 2015
It's quite rough and ready, as a rule The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Mar 2015
Glove part Premier Sunday 08 Feb 2015
Thing that points downward for a dog
Glove part
Hitching aid
Try to catch a ride
Finger raised on the shoulder
Rolling Stones "Under My ___"
Mitten part
Opposable digit
Hitch a ride
Opposable digit
Hitchhiker's digit
Hitchhiker's aid
Hitchhiker's aid
Hitchhiker's digit
A small Tom
Hitchhiker's digit
Tiny Tom
Hitchhiker's finger
Mitten part
Hand part
Hand digit
Big print maker
Hitcher's digit
Try to catch, as a ride
Twiddled digit
Opposable digit
Hitch a ride
A small Tom
Snapping need
Green ___
Tack type
Hitchhiking need
Critic or hitchhiker's need
It may be useful in obtaining a 25-Down
Seek a ride
Tom on display
It's opposable
Try for a ride
A gardener's might be green
Hitching thing
Green ___
Hitcher's digit
Hitchhiker's need
Hitchhiker's important digit
Hitchhiker's important digit
Green finger?
Hand part
It may be useful in obtaining a ride
Green digit?
Opposable digit
Word before screw or tack
Handy digit
Try to catch a ride
It's green, possibly
Hitchhiker identifier
Tom of the circus
Browse (through)
Hitchhiker's need
Tom of folklore
Tom, the General
Tiny Tom
Little Tom
"The Panda's ___," by 14 Across
Barnum's Tom
Kind of screw
___ a ride (hitchhike)
Kind of screw or tack
Hitchhiking aid
Road sign of a kind.
Tom ___.
Hitchhiker's stock in trade.
Solicit a ride.
Hitchhiker's prop.
Queen Victoria entitled him "General" Tom.
Use this in hiking.
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