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Word "TICTAC" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
steady recurrent ticking sound as made by a clock
ticktock, tocktact

Crossword Clues for TICTAC

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Clue Source Date
Mini breath mint Eugene Sheffer 08 Feb 2021
Strange tactic used by accountant, of course Irish Times Crosaire 04 Feb 2021
Popular breath mint Universal 04 Jul 2020
Mini mint New York Times 09 May 2020
Brand with an X-Freeze Strong Mint variety The Washington Post Sunday 26 Apr 2020
Breath mint brand Universal 08 Apr 2020
Mint that rattles in its container (hence its name) Universal 10 Mar 2020
System of signalling used by bookies Irish Times Simplex 19 Dec 2019
Altoids rival The Washington Post 03 Mar 2019
Ice Breakers alternative Universal 14 Feb 2019
Certs alternative Newsday 07 Feb 2019
Altoid alternative The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Dec 2018
Certs competitor The Washington Post 17 Dec 2017
Onomatopoeic mint name New York Times 02 Sep 2017
Breath Saver alternative Newsday 11 Aug 2017
Bookmakers' telegraphy using arm signals The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 Jun 2017
It's not intended for the understanding of our betters The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Oct 2016
Something sold in mint condition The Washington Post 14 Sep 2016
Tiny mint USA Today 14 Aug 2016
Big name in breath mints Premier Sunday 29 May 2016
___-toe USA Today 05 Feb 2016
Mint that comes in a plastic box Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2015
Beverley experiences this bird grabbing bit of crust with bill The Telegraph Toughie 29 Apr 2015
It's in mint condition? USA Today 29 Apr 2015
Ovoid mint USA Today 29 Jan 2015
Binaca alternative
Certs rival
"Get a bang out of life" mint
Something always sold in mint condition?
Itty-bitty breath mint
"Get a bang out of life!" mint
"Fresh entertainment" mint
Dynamint lookalike
Popular mint
Bit of candy
Sweet seen in "Juno"
Tiny breath mint
Brand of breath mints
"The 1½-calorie breath mint"
"Get a bang out of life" product
It's always sold in mint condition
1½-calorie breath mint
Little freshener
Breath freshener
Tiny candy
Small breath mint
Toe lead-in?
Breath candy
Candy mint
Alternative to Certs
___-toe (game)
___ toe
Bookmaker's signal: English slang.
Way to beat bad breath: swap sides in a battle plan (3, 3)
Mint that comes in distinctive plastic packaging
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.