Word "TIME" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a reading of a point in time as given by a clock
clock time
do you know what time it is?
the time is 10 o'clock

Part of Speech:
rhythm as given by division into parts of equal duration
meter, metre

Part of Speech:
an instance or single occasion for some event
this time he succeeded
he called four times

Crossword Clues for TIME

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Clue Source Date
___- machine or ___bomb (4)
Setter supports appeal over jail sentence
The rhythm that changes from minute to minute (4)
One at a __ (individually) Newsday 15 Apr 2024
One at a ___ (individually)
Magazine that made Taylor Swift its 2023 Person of the Year
First weekly news magazine in U.S.
--> ____ no see!"
All the ____ in the world
David Olusoga presents A House Through _ (4)
"___ Bandits" (1981 movie with John Cleese and Sean Connery)
"Pencils down" Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2024
"Once Upon a ___"
Issue returning for renowned healer The Guardian Cryptic 03 Apr 2024
Issue returning for renowned healer (4)
It never stands still, though it occasionally seems to
Measure load in semi-trailer making a return journey (4)
Fairy-tale drama Once Upon a -
See 4-Across New York Times Mini 31 Mar 2024
What is measured by a clock <=> Give off, as light
Hours, minutes and seconds (4)
Put a stopwatch on; hour o'clock (4)
See how long it takes (4)
Father is no waiter!
__ capsule LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2024
Wristwatch info
What the clock tells
What a watch displays
Throw out withdrawn clock (4)
Use a stopwatch Commuter 02 Mar 2024
Put the clock on two-fifths of a centimetre? (4)
"Your ___ is up!"
"Your __ is up!" Commuter 29 Feb 2024
Proctor's pronouncement New York Times 25 Feb 2024
Item moving in the fourth dimension Mirror Cryptic 20 Feb 2024
Occasion Mirror Quick 20 Feb 2024
The T in PST Commuter 19 Feb 2024
Epoch, era Puzzler Backwords 19 Feb 2024
Find the answer to the metaphor mystery: "I am a circle that bends, a ticking river that flows with no end"
"I'm having the ___ of my life!"
When to return 18? (4)
What a clock keeps Universal 08 Feb 2024
"Zone" or "sheet" start
Watch reading Eugene Sheffer 08 Feb 2024
Newsweek's rival
"One Day at a ___"
Minutes and seconds still to play, ___ remaining
The fourth dimension USA Today 26 Jan 2024
Disciplinary breaks-->
When to leave African country to chase exotic item The Guardian Cryptic 22 Jan 2024
When to leave African country to chase exotic item (4,2,2)
Item cast into spell
(and 22 Across) Pilot raised issue before event (4,5)
"No - like the presentl"
Item moving in the fourth dimension Mirror Cryptic 17 Jan 2024
Occasion Mirror Quick 17 Jan 2024
EDT or UTC-4, -->
Classic phone number info
Now is not the ___ (Do this later)
See 1 Across Mirror Quiz 12 Jan 2024
Use a stopwatch Commuter 11 Jan 2024
A period when ELO, Fleetwood Mac and Rod Stewart released albums (4)
Marathoner's stat Eugene Sheffer 10 Jan 2024
Culture Club 1982 hit, _ (Clock Of The Heart) (4)
Indefinite period; prison sentence
It's money, in a saying New York Times 03 Jan 2024
("It's about [?")out]
Date to give out coming up (4) Puzzler Cryptic 02 Jan 2024
Sublime tune covered by Lana
Fourth dimension going into eight, I mean (4) Puzzler Cryptic 26 Dec 2023
One male consumed by hatred messed up difficult task (4,4)
What watches measure
Bond eating his superior porridge
Bernard Slade comedy drama that was nominated for the 1975 Tony Award for Best Play (4)
It may seem to be crawling or flying
Magazine back issue (4)
What a clock tells you
Lethal mite shuffled around night and day (3,3,4)
Interval in cup match enthralling millions
Occasion Mirror Quick 03 Dec 2023
Item moving in the fourth dimension Mirror Cryptic 03 Dec 2023
Something passable done in a jug (4)
"____ of the Season" by the Zombies
Magazine that chooses a Person of the Year
Clock reading Thomas Joseph 21 Nov 2023
Daylight saving __ Newsday 06 Nov 2023
"The ___ Machine," HG Wells' post-apocalyptic novella that's now also a hypothetical machine that can take one to the past or future
Word before "flies" or "sinks" Universal 06 Oct 2023
It never stops flying Universal 29 Sep 2023
Stopwatch reading Newsday 05 Sep 2023
"Tale As Old As ___," song from "Beauty and the Beast"
Clock reading Eugene Sheffer 28 Aug 2023
What a clock shows
What the clock tells
Occasion The Times Concise 09 Aug 2023
"One Day at a ___," 2017 sitcom starring Justina Machado that is about a single mother and her two kids
What prisoners do Universal 24 Jul 2023
'Pencils down' Newsday 20 Jul 2023
'Person of the Year' magazine USA Today 04 Jul 2023
Lock screen readout LA Times Daily 30 Jun 2023
Watch reading Thomas Joseph 17 Jun 2023
Clock info Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2023
Moment male is engaged by equality The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jun 2023
Resource that's not renewable Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2023
Frenchman in relationship for an age? The Times Cryptic 31 May 2023
Life partner LA Times Daily 26 May 2023
Magazine with a "Person of the Year" Universal 18 May 2023
What "flies" while having fun, usually
Wristwatch reading Newsday 08 May 2023
'About Damn ___' (Lizzo song) USA Today 08 May 2023
"___ and tide wait for no man"
"No ___ to Die" (2021 James Bond film)
Measure with a stopwatch USA Today 10 Apr 2023
Proctor's shout LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2023
Ref's call Newsday 16 Mar 2023
Healer of all wounds, apparently
Person of the Year designator LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2023
Umpire's cry LA Times Daily 08 Mar 2023
End-of-exam announcement Wall Street Journal 25 Feb 2023
"Adventure ___," fantasy series starring Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio whose pilot went viral on YouTube
Clock display USA Today 16 Dec 2022
Proctor's call Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2022
Watch reading Eugene Sheffer 21 Nov 2022
Magazine to investigate many European leaders The Guardian Cryptic 08 Nov 2022
See 22 Across The Telegraph Toughie 04 Nov 2022
Clock datum Premier Sunday 30 Oct 2022
“Person of the Year” magazine New York Times 23 Oct 2022
'Person of the Year' magazine New York Times 23 Oct 2022
News magazine since 1923 LA Times Daily 20 Oct 2022
Clock reading Eugene Sheffer 18 Oct 2022
The "T" in EST
Clock readout LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2022
Part 7 of our carol Canadiana 17 Oct 2022
Occasion seeing millions enthralled by deadlocked match The Times Cryptic 05 Oct 2022
Marathoner's stat Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2022
Stopwatch reading Newsday 19 Sep 2022
For the ___ being USA Today 05 Sep 2022
Declaration at the end of an exam New York Times 02 Sep 2022
Clock display
Something watch-ed? Family Time 10 Jul 2022
"The ___ Machine" (book by H.G. Wells)
*'Hurry! We don't have much ___!' USA Today 02 Jul 2022
Clock reading Thomas Joseph 27 Jun 2022
Spell; rhythm The Times Concise 21 Jun 2022
"Pencils down!" Universal 20 Jun 2022
Bird and a fragrant herb, we're told
"___ flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana!"
"___ and tide wait for none"
See 20 The Guardian Cryptic 20 May 2022
It is traveled in "Interstellar"
Daylight saving __ Newsday 09 May 2022
Hourglass figure? The Washington Post 04 May 2022
Hourglass figure? LA Times Daily 04 May 2022
"Pencils down" LA Times Daily 01 May 2022
'Pencils down' The Washington Post 01 May 2022
Healer of all wounds, it’s said Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2022
Spell “issue” in reverse The Times Cryptic 09 Mar 2022
Clock reading Newsday 08 Mar 2022
Weekly magazine that picks a "Person of the Year"
"Out of ___," 2003 thriller film about a police chief and his mistress starring Eva Mendes
Measure the duration of Universal 02 Mar 2022
"Adventure ___," animated series in which Aziz Ansari makes a guest appearance
It's up at the end of the test LA Times Daily 08 Feb 2022
It's up at the end of the test The Washington Post 08 Feb 2022
Watch reading Thomas Joseph 18 Jan 2022
Clock's readout Newsday 17 Jan 2022
Watch reading Thomas Joseph 12 Jan 2022
(I've Had) the ___ of My Life," song from "Dirty Dancing" that features in season 2 of "The Office"
Beat Frenchman brought into cup game
What a clock shows USA Today 10 Dec 2021
It's said to heal all wounds
Half the characters in 9 across or High Noon Irish Times Crosaire 08 Dec 2021
Moment; prison sentence The Times Concise 27 Nov 2021
Word after "prime" or "standard" Universal 20 Nov 2021
Magazine that named Emma Watson as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2015
Denominator in the velocity formula New York Times 10 Oct 2021
Use a stopwatch Wall Street Journal 20 Sep 2021
'A cruel thief to rob us of our former selves,' per Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey The Washington Post Sunday 19 Sep 2021
Wound healer, sometimes
'Put your pencils down!' New York Times 08 Sep 2021
Spell of maidens during match
What keeps everything from happening at once, some say Universal 21 Aug 2021
Watch reading Thomas Joseph 14 Aug 2021
Word with capsule or clock LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2021
Word with capsule or clock The Washington Post 10 Aug 2021
Raised issue, period
Clock tower announcement?
What you read from a clock Newsday 02 Aug 2021
Stopwatch measurement USA Today 24 Jul 2021
What a clock shows USA Today 14 Jul 2021
The T of EST USA Today 08 Jul 2021
Proctor's proclamation Newsday 08 Jul 2021
"Love in the ___ of Cholera," Gabriel Garcia Marquez's 1985 novel that was translated to English in 1988
Wristwatch or wall clock display
“Pencils down!” Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2021
American weekly news magazine The Telegraph General Knowledge 07 Jun 2021
Measure duration of two notes
It's irreversible New York Times 23 May 2021
Marathoner's stat Eugene Sheffer 22 May 2021
One at a __ (individually) Newsday 10 May 2021
Show of hands? Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2021
It "wounds all heels" Universal 31 Mar 2021
Magazine with a "Person of the Year" issue
See 26 Down Newsday 13 Mar 2021
"___ and tide wait for none"
Clock reading Thomas Joseph 08 Mar 2021
It's clocked Family Time 22 Feb 2021
Supposed healer in Gujarati medicine
Prison sentence The Times Concise 10 Feb 2021
What many wish they could turn back The Washington Post Sunday 03 Jan 2021
"___ Bandits," 1981 fantasy adventure film starring Sean Connery as King Agamemnon
"A Wrinkle in ___," 1962 novel by Madeleine L'Engle with a film adaptation starring Storm Reid
'Lost ___ is never found again': Benjamin Franklin New York Times 20 Dec 2020
"___ heals all wounds"
Watch reading Thomas Joseph 21 Nov 2020
40-yard dash stat USA Today 20 Nov 2020
"About ___," 2013 romantic comedy film directed by Richard Curtis which is based on time travel
"Cocktail ___," novel by P.G. Wodehouse first published in 1958
Clock readout
Proctor's call New York Times 13 Oct 2020
"Hot Tub ___ Machine," film starring John Cusack
"___ and tide wait for none"
"Only ___ Will Tell," 2011 novel by Jeffrey Archer which is the first in the "Clifton Chronicles" series
. Season using herb that's picked up
Smartwatch display Universal 17 Sep 2020
Clock could be item as also found in Laos
Taking too long snack breaks?
Namer of Einstein as Person of the Century Jonesin 25 Aug 2020
With 1-Down, company named for two magazines New York Times 19 Aug 2020
Daylight saving __ Newsday 17 Aug 2020
Minutes taken up Newsday 13 Aug 2020
'Pencils down' The Washington Post 05 Aug 2020
"Pencils down" LA Times Daily 05 Aug 2020
What a clock shows
Game-stopping shout USA Today 30 Jun 2020
‘Date‘s a herb', we're told
What one behind bars called the fourth dimension Irish Times Crosaire 13 Apr 2020
___ travel, superpower common to Marvel's Doctor Strange and DC's Flash that allows them to visit the past or future
Dimension of centimetre in wall of heart The Telegraph Toughie 03 Apr 2020
Proctor’s announcement Wall Street Journal 04 Mar 2020
"Person of the Year" publication Universal 01 Mar 2020
"Love in the ___ of Cholera," 1988 novel by Gabriel Garcia Marquez which depicts the story of Florentino and Fermina
___ and tide wait for none
"A Brief History of ___," Stephen Hawking book
It's found at the end of 13 down for a while Irish Times Crosaire 03 Feb 2020
"First ___," 2017 song by Ellie Goulding and DJ Kygo which was a part of his album "Stargazing"
"In My ___ of Dying" 1975 song by the rock band Led Zeppelin that was released in their album "Physical Graffiti"
"Nature's great healer," per Seneca
On paper, maintain shortcut
"No ___ to Die," 2020 James Bond movie directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga
'Person of the Year' awarder Jonesin 26 Nov 2019
Word that can be ''framed'' by the longest Across answers Newsday 08 Nov 2019
Proctor’s call Wall Street Journal 06 Nov 2019
'Stop the clock!' USA Today 03 Nov 2019
See 17 Down The Washington Post Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Stretch male in relationship
Backup issue for magazine
It goes back before the origins of Mother Earth The Telegraph Toughie 13 Sep 2019
Person of the Year awarder LA Times Daily 03 Sep 2019
Person of the Year awarder The Washington Post 03 Sep 2019
'Pencils down!' New York Times 01 Sep 2019
Life partner LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2019
Life partner The Washington Post 28 Aug 2019
It may be on your side
It's on the watch Family Time 26 Aug 2019
''Pencils down!'' Newsday 23 Aug 2019
Game-stopping call USA Today 03 Aug 2019
Porridge taking a while The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2019
Fourth dimension The Sun Two Speed 02 Aug 2019
, 13 Across and 25 Down Archer behind schedule? The truth emerges in the end The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jul 2019
& 24 Across Group of our competitors getting a few minutes of broadcast? The Telegraph Toughie 17 Jul 2019
___ and tide wait for none
Right moment for porridge? The Sun Two Speed 21 Jun 2019
Ref's call Newsday 13 Jun 2019
Mark enters relationship for a while
Proctor's declaration New York Times 01 Jun 2019
"A stitch in ___ saves nine," idiom related to problem-solving
Healer of all wounds, it's said Universal 17 May 2019
Fourth dimension Newsday 08 May 2019
Noon, e.g Premier Sunday 31 Mar 2019
Play-stopping call USA Today 21 Mar 2019
"The ___ Machine" (Novel by H.G. Wells)
It's served in prison Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2019
What clocks keep New York Times 11 Mar 2019
Porridge takes a while The Sun Two Speed 08 Mar 2019
What the clock tells
'The most precious resource we all have,' according to Steve Jobs Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2019
Clock info Premier Sunday 03 Mar 2019
"The ___ of My Life" (theme for "Dirty Dancing")
Proctor's call Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2019
"The Right ___," 2017 book by Danielle Steel about a girl who publishes mystery novels under her pseudonym
Magazine that named Martin Luther King Jr. "Person of the Year" for 1963
What inmates do USA Today 07 Jan 2019
Person of the Year awarder
Smartphone display
Life partner
Proctor's call
It's served in prison
"The most precious resource we all have," according to Steve Jobs
What inmates do
Play-stopping call
Game-stopping call
"Stop the clock!"
Healer of all wounds, it's said
What clocks keep
Proctor's declaration
"Pencils down!"
Something you might need to kill New York Times 30 Dec 2018
What a clock shows?
Bond encapsulates masculine life The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2018
Umpire's cry LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2018
Umpire's cry The Washington Post 12 Dec 2018
1 p.m. is one Premier Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Newsweek alternative The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Tempo; occasion The Times Concise 20 Nov 2018
Phone screen readout Newsday 14 Nov 2018
Male deity unexpectedly requiring a pause in operation?
(2/3) "What ___ Is It?" opening number from Disney's "High School Musical 2" in which the characters look forward to summer
What inmates do until they're released New York Times 24 Oct 2018
Smartphone display USA Today 21 Oct 2018
see 12ac.
Chronometric quantity The Washington Post Sunday 07 Oct 2018
H.G Wells' novel, "The ___ Machine"
See 62-Across The Washington Post 02 Oct 2018
See 62-Across LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2018
"A ___ To Dance," novel by Padma Venkatraman about her journey as a dancer with prosthesis
Smartphone display LA Times Daily 23 Sep 2018
Smartphone display The Washington Post 23 Sep 2018
Sprinter's statistic USA Today 17 Sep 2018
_____ zone Canadiana 27 Aug 2018
Hours and minutes Family Time 13 Aug 2018
Clock readout Newsday 31 Jul 2018
Smartphone display Newsday 22 Jul 2018
Delay after chap encounters strong wind from east
Like the tide, it waits for none
Show of hands? New York Times 22 Jun 2018
What a watch reveals Family Time 17 Jun 2018
'Stop! Turn your papers over' New York Times 15 Jun 2018
Continuum of past, present and future Irish Times Simplex 02 Jun 2018
It may fly by LA Times Daily 30 May 2018
It may fly by The Washington Post 30 May 2018
Age of multimedia content
___ and tide wait for none
Watch datum Premier Sunday 18 Mar 2018
Marathoner's focus New York Times 16 Mar 2018
Idiomatic marcher Newsday 15 Mar 2018
"One Day at a ___," sitcom that featured an animated episode as the series finale in season 4
. Part I'm expecting somewhat for a moment
Prison sentence; tempo The Times Concise 19 Feb 2018
Watched thing? Universal 13 Feb 2018
Marathoner's stat Wall Street Journal 22 Jan 2018
Smartphone display
*Proctor's call
What inmates do until they're released
Something you might need to kill
Show of hands?
Marathoner's focus
Sprinter's statistic
Fourth dimension
"Stop! Turn your papers over"
Watched thing?
-- / It put "The Silence Breakers" on its 2017 Person of the Year cover
It may fly by
Umpire's cry
Period in some Djibouti metropolis Irish Times Crosaire 30 Dec 2017
Use a stopwatch for The Washington Post 26 Dec 2017
Use a stopwatch for LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2017
It marches on Universal 21 Dec 2017
"Pencils down" USA Today 14 Dec 2017
I am hugged by Lawrence ... at one o'clock, perhaps
Fourth dimension The Times Concise 29 Nov 2017
End-of-exam announcement Jonesin 14 Nov 2017
What's up at the deadline? LA Times Daily 03 Nov 2017
What's up at the deadline? The Washington Post 03 Nov 2017
Racer's concern Universal 26 Oct 2017
Use a stopwatch Universal 23 Sep 2017
Stephen Hawking subject LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2017
Stephen Hawking subject The Washington Post 22 Sep 2017
Fourth dimension The Washington Post 08 Sep 2017
Fourth dimension LA Times Daily 08 Sep 2017
Clock reading Newsday 04 Sep 2017
Life sentence
What a watch tells you
It can crawl or fly, but not walk New York Times 29 Jul 2017
iPhone display USA Today 25 Jul 2017
Triathlon statistic USA Today 24 Jul 2017
Proctor's announcement USA Today 19 Jul 2017
''Pencils down'' Newsday 14 Jul 2017
Set up issue of US magazine
Metaphorical 'goon' in Jennifer Egan's 'A Visit From the Goon Squad' The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Jul 2017
Weekly news magazine that is the most widely circulated magazine of its kind
With 63-Across, what (in abbreviated form) has been added to the long Down answers Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2017
What a clock tells you
What's up at the end of an exam? LA Times Daily 28 May 2017
What's up at the end of an exam? The Washington Post 28 May 2017
Information from a watch
The fourth dimension The Times Concise 27 Apr 2017
Thing often checked on smartphones Universal 10 Mar 2017
It's what cons do to open 15 across Irish Times Crosaire 01 Mar 2017
Proctor's call The Washington Post 17 Jan 2017
Marathoner's concern USA Today 14 Jan 2017
Eclectic quarterly digest The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Jan 2017
Occasion Eugene Sheffer 12 Jan 2017
Prison term for the enemy
'The longest distance between two places,' per 'The Glass Menagerie' The Chronicle of Higher Education 06 Jan 2017
Stephen Hawking subject
Thing often checked on smartphones
Metaphorical "goon" in Jennifer Egan's "A Visit From the Goon Squad"
What's up at the end of an exam?
"Pencils down"
Racer's concern
It's often read on faces
"The longest distance between two places," per "The Glass Menagerie"
It marches on
It can crawl or fly, but not walk
Use a stopwatch for
Marathoner's concern
Proctor's announcement
What's up at the deadline?
Use a stopwatch
Triathlon statistic
iPhone display
Post-race posting USA Today 19 Dec 2016
Marathoner's statistic Premier Sunday 18 Dec 2016
Test proctor's call Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2016
Sentence served by male in band?
It passes daily Family Time 21 Nov 2016
Measure with a stopwatch Newsday 15 Nov 2016
It's on their side, sing the Rolling Stones The Washington Post 09 Nov 2016
Person of the Year awarder Jonesin 08 Nov 2016
Measure the duration of The Times Concise 01 Sep 2016
Period when discharge comes up
It's back to Spinner's spell!
Spell 'Discharge' backwards The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Aug 2016
iPhone display LA Times Daily 02 Jul 2016
Over ____ Canadiana 30 May 2016
Magazine with a 'Person of the Year' New York Times 16 May 2016
Prison sentence for the enemy? The Times Cryptic 25 Apr 2016
Cellphone display Newsday 17 Apr 2016
Age The Telegraph Quick 08 Mar 2016
"Person of the Year" magazine LA Times Daily 07 Mar 2016
Fourth dimension The Telegraph Quick 02 Mar 2016
Proctor's announcement Wall Street Journal 05 Feb 2016
iPhone display
It's done in prison USA Today 24 Dec 2015
Test giver's call Jonesin 24 Nov 2015
Exact New York Times 22 Nov 2015
It's free when it's unscheduled USA Today 22 Nov 2015
Runner's stat Eugene Sheffer 12 Nov 2015
'What we want most, but what, alas! we use worst,' per William Penn New York Times 18 Oct 2015
See 1 Across The Telegraph Toughie 30 Sep 2015
Sprinter's concern USA Today 12 Sep 2015
17-Across display LA Times Daily 12 Sep 2015
It's kept by a watch Family Time 06 Sep 2015
Newsweek rival Eugene Sheffer 03 Sep 2015
Ump's call USA Today 24 Aug 2015
"Pencils down!" LA Times Daily 20 Aug 2015
Watch readout USA Today 03 Aug 2015
See 69-Across LA Times Daily 22 Jul 2015
... and tide wait for no man Irish Times Simplex 03 Jul 2015
What a clock tells Family Time 28 Jun 2015
''Newsweek'' rival Newsday 24 Jun 2015
Berners-Lee – leading figure in electronic age
Luce's periodical Universal 27 Apr 2015
Use a stopwatch on New York Times 13 Apr 2015
Prison sentence; occasion The Times Concise 28 Mar 2015
Cellphone display Eugene Sheffer 25 Mar 2015
Fourth dimension discovered in Kuwaiti meadow Irish Times Crosaire 10 Mar 2015
It's free when it's unscheduled Universal 25 Feb 2015
Use a stopwatch on Newsday 24 Feb 2015
You may find it on your hands or side New York Times 08 Feb 2015
It's free when it's unscheduled
It's done in prison
You may find it on your hands or side
'95 Hootie hit
See 69-Across
Luce's periodical
It's free when it's unscheduled
"Person of the Year" magazine
Healer of all wounds, supposedly
Jim Croce's "___ in a Bottle"
Clock reading
Smartphone display
Clock readout
Measure with a stopwatch
Use a stopwatch on
"What we want most, but what, alas! we use worst," per William Penn
17-Across display
"Pencils down!"
"Newsweek" rival
Use a stopwatch on
Watch readout
Ump's call
Sprinter's concern
Arrange a herb for the auditor
Magazine flier?
"Back to the Future" focus
It may be on your side
Watch reading
It's money, it's said
End-of-exam announcement
Byron's "avenger"
Word with limit or share
Proctor's cry
"Put down your pencils"
Daft Punk "One More ___"
What's on the Stones' "Side"
Word with bomb, deposit or capsule
Fourth dimension
Cons do it
Word with "table" or "share"
Use a stopwatch on
Newsweek rival
It's on the game clock
In __ (eventually)
"Back to the Future" theme
See 32-Across
Iconic news magazine
It "Stands Still" to Rush
Word with "limit" or "share"
See 27-Across
___ 100 (annual list)
"___ Is on My Side"
Clock datum
Thing said to fly or march on
Cell-phone display
"Stop the game!"
Magazine whose cover has a red border
"Stop the clock!"
Marathoner's stat
Marathoner's stat
Hourglass figure?
"The devourer of all things": Ovid
What you may find on your hands
Proctor's announcement
Coach's call
It's done in the can
Coach's call
Hourglass figure?
Spell 'discharge' backwards
Bond embracing his boss for a moment
Mark enters relationship for a while
Measure sentence
Proctor's announcement
"That ___" Regina Spektor
Green Day "I hope you had the ___ of your life"
*Cons do it
It marches and flies
It's often shown with hands
Game-stopping call
Proctor's shout
News magazine
Ref's call
Game-stopping call
"The devourer of all things": Ovid
Life partner?
Ref's call
What a clepsydra measured
See 10-Across
See 10-Across
"Dark Side of the Moon" classic
Cell phone display
A metronome keeps it
Word with "bomb" or "capsule"
What cons do
"A great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils": Berlioz
Money, proverbially
Metaphorical marcher
It can be bought without money
"A Brief History of ___" (Hawking's 1988 bestseller)
Test proctor's call
What prisoners do
Clock readout
It may fly by
Use a stopwatch
Cable-box display
Proctor's call
Tide's partner
What prisoners do
Word with "limit" or "zone"
Proctor's announcement
"Person of the Year" magazine
You can see it on Big Ben's face
Use a stop clock on
"The great instructor," per Edmund Burke
Watch info
See 74 Down
Part of 38 Down
It's money, supposedly
Given moment, which can begin both parts of the answers to starred clues
Marathoner's stat
Proverbial healer
Use a stopwatch
What the guilty do
It will pass
Precious resource
Something kept at football games
What prisoners do
Use a stopwatch
Publication that resulted from Luce lips?
Something to mark
Test-proctor's announcement
Given moment, which can begin both parts of the answers to starred clues
It may be on your side
Proctor's call
The so-called fourth dimension
Call from an ump
Sprinter's concern
Ump's call
See 16-Across
U.S. Naval Observatory's precise info
Word substituted FOR the last word of 37-Across
Endless phenomenon
Player's call
"A Brief History of ___" (1988 best seller)
Mag that polls with CNN
Check with a stopwatch
Umpire's cry
See 16-Across
Ump's call
It may be on your side
Batter's request, perhaps
You can make it or buy it
Word with "capsule" or "clock"
"The devourer of all things," according to Ovid
It heals all wounds
Daylight saving, e.g.
You may feel it pass
Batter's request, perhaps
It marches and flies
Cry after the sound of a bell
Runner's concern
With "is" and 3 Down, words from Franklin
Word that can follow the first word of 17-, 26-, 46-, and 61-Across
Word with 71-Down
Umpire's call
"Stop the game!"
Game-stopping call
Race statistic
It heals all wounds, in a saying
Red-bordered magazine
Word with 71-Down
Race statistic
Something cons do
This is something that every single convict does
"___ shall unfold what plaited cunning hides": Shak.
Game-stopping cry
Game-stopping call
It passes
Word with study or bomb
Wound healer
What prisoners do
"The discoverer of all things": Cervantes
Umpire's call
Use a stopwatch for
Game-stopping call
Five to two or ten to one
Henry Luce's magazine
What you may find on your hands
Life partner?
Proctor's yell
"Person of the Year" magazine
"Procrastination is the thief of __": Young
Constant marcher
Entertainment giant __ Warner
Kind of exposure or frame
With 16-Across, an abbr. for one is hidden in each 15-letter answer
"Newsweek" alternative
"The ___ Machine" (H.G. Wells book)
Put a stopwatch on
Word that can precede the first word of 17- and 62-Across and 11- and 24-Down
"Person of the Year" magazine
Constant marcher
Entertainment giant __ Warner
Kind of exposure or frame
With 16-Across, an abbr. for one is hidden in each 15-letter answer
It can be saved, spent or wasted
Call to a basketball referee
Referee's grant
"Procrastination is the thief of __": Young
Room in the schedule
Magazine founded by Henry Luce
They poll with CNN
Noon or midnight
It's served in prison
Proctor's proclamation
Hawking's "A Brief History of ___"
Appeal to the ump
"What we want most, but what, alas! we use worst": William Penn
It marches on
The fourth dimension
It marches on
See 62-Across
Umpire's cry
See 62-Across
Certain healer
Game-stopping call
Jailbirds do it
Word with bottom (scuba diving period)
Clock info
Newsweek alternative
It can be high, full or free
Cons do it
VCR display
It may run out
Proverbial healer
Debut of March 3, 1923
It's served
What yardbirds do
Life companion?
Fourth dimension
Ump's call
Jailbirds do it
Popular reading since 1923
Non-spatial continuum
Cons do it
With 60-Down, used too often
Something cons do
All-wound healer?
Test proctor's call
Cons do it
Yardbirds do it
___ Warner
You can tell it
Use a stopwatch
It waits for no man
It's kept or killed
What clepsydras measure
Proctor's call
Newsweek rival
Henry Luce started it
Measure speed
Healer of all wounds, so it's said
Ref's call
It's said to heal all wounds
"Newsweek" competitor
It's money, proverbially
Proctor's announcement
Word with limit or zone
It's done in prison
Digital display
Henry Luce started it
Word with limit or zone
"Stop the clock!"
Measure the length of
"A ___ to Kill" (John Grisham novel)
Luce's magazine
Luce magazine
Passerby's request
See 62-Down
Test proctor's call
Passerby's request
Use a stopwatch
Ref's call
Word with share or bomb
Microwave button
It may be kept in halves
Check speed
You can make it or buy it
Person of the Year chooser
Spell 'issue' in reverse
Luce founded it
Spell centimetre: this is in middle — twice!
With 111-Across, second company in this puzzle's mergers
"Man of the Year" magazine
Newsweek competitor
Ump's call
VCR display
Gore says Bush is stuck in a cold-war ___ warp
Prisoners do it
Fourth dimension
Noon, e.g.
Use a stopwatch
Luce creation
It's made or marked
Ecclesiastes redundancy
Money's equivalent, in an axiom
Prisoners do it
Test proctor's declaration
Ump's call
Clock readout
Word with make or mark
Ref's call
Newsweek rival
Keep track of
What metronomes keep
Newsweek rival
Marathoner's stat
Wound-healer, maybe
Marathoner's concern
"Back to the Future" medium
Croce's "___ in a Bottle"
Bomb or clock
Sprinter's concern
It will tell
"__ on my hands..."
Partner of Warner
It can be high or free
Luce publication
Person of the Year mag
Game-stopping cry
Famous Father
Temporal dimension
Newsmag of note
Noon, for example
Precedes study
Fourth dimension
It marches on
What the hands may show
Luce magazine
Proctor's cry at the end of a test
Test giver's call
"___ on My Hands," 1930 song
Period after a sentence
A year and a day, e.g.
This often flies
Einstein's fourth dimension
Favorable opportunity
Age; era
Magazine on which 47 Across worked
Term of imprisonment
Wolfe's "Of ___ . . . "
___ and again (often)
Factor in football
Kind of table
It's on the watch
Record the pace
Watch information
"Just in ___," 1956 song
D.S.T. or E.S.T.
Duration measure
Companion of 14 Across
"The Winter's Tale" chorus
Part of E.S.T.
"The ___ is out of joint": Shak.
This is served in the clink
News magazine
Kind of clock or bomb
It's served in Attica
Game-stopping word
Determine duration
Tide's companion
The fourth dimension
Lament: Part III
Word with clock or bomb
Father ___
Postmark datum
This is on the watch
Something often killed
This was "out of joint" for Hamlet
Wound healer
A certain Father
Proverbial flier
___ clock
This is served at Sing Sing
"A ___ to every purpose . . . ": Eccles. 3:1
Kind of keeper
Prime ___
One of an impatient duo
Two-___ (deceive)
Pub call at closing
Kind of capsule
It's served at Sing Sing
Factor in a hockey game
"The ___ Machine"
"A ___ to live, and . . . "
One of a pair of nonwaiters
Keeper or lock
Clock's message
Pub call
One of a non-waiting pair
Kind of bomb or table
Other half of continuum
Sundial offering
Leisure or hot
Kind of clock
"___ on my hands"
Do a track-meet job
"___, gentlemen"
See 51 Down
"It's about ___"
Kind of out, in football
___ clocks
___ and again
10:15, e.g.
On ___.
See 47 Across.
"The ___ has come . . . "
See 20 Across.
Precise instant.
Father ___.
Tide's partner.
Suitable moment.
Famous Father.
Fourth dimension.
One of the three unities, in drama.
Money, according to Ben Franklin.
See 1 Across.
Fitting moment.
Definite moment.
Call on the gridiron.
A period in history.
Favorable opportunity.
In ___ (eventually).
Famous "Father."
TV programming unit.
Convenient moment.
A signal, in sports.
One kind of table.
TV commodity.
Respite on the football field.
Radio stations sell it.
An old man with a scythe.
"An ever-rolling stream."
Word in Wolfe title.
"An ever rolling stream."
"Of ___ and the River."
It assuages sorrow.
"The ___ Machine": H. G. Wells.
Greenwich ___.
"So Little ___.”
"___ is but the stream I go a-fishing in" (Thoreau)
It can be called or killed
Magazine with a red border
Marathon trainer's stat
With 31-Across, title for the Doctor on "Doctor Who"
"The ___ Traveler's Wife"
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