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Crossword Clues for TIO

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Clue Source Date
Uncle, in Acapulco Thomas Joseph 17 Feb 2021
Acapulco uncle Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2021
Uruguay uncle LA Times Daily 04 Dec 2020
Spanish uncle New York Times 30 Nov 2020
Uncle (Sp.) Eugene Sheffer 18 Nov 2020
Uncle, in Uruguay Universal 18 Sep 2020
Muchacho's uncle LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2020
Uncle, in Argentina Premier Sunday 12 Jul 2020
Bonehead New York Times 18 Jun 2020
Uncle, in Oaxaca New York Times 05 Mar 2020
Uncle, in Spanish Premier Sunday 15 Dec 2019
A Spanish uncle Family Time 27 Oct 2019
Madre's hermano New York Times 07 Mar 2019
Uncle Jorge, e.g New York Times 03 Mar 2019
Quinceañera attendee, perhaps New York Times 31 Jan 2019
Uncle Jorge, e.g.
Uncle, in Spain Premier Sunday 11 Nov 2018
Uncle of Mexico Universal 09 Sep 2018
Castilian kin The Washington Post 17 Aug 2018
Padre's hermano New York Times 06 May 2018
65-Across, in Guadalajara Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2018
Hermano de tu madre
Uncle, in Mexico The Washington Post 13 Dec 2017
Madre's brother The Chronicle of Higher Education 03 Nov 2017
''Familia'' member Newsday 27 Aug 2017
Padre's brother Newsday 06 Aug 2017
Juan's uncle The Washington Post 10 May 2017
Ricardo's relative The Washington Post 05 Jan 2017
Reunion de la familia attendee Jonesin 04 Oct 2016
Chihuahua uncle LA Times Daily 12 Sep 2016
Familia member The Washington Post 07 Jul 2016
___ Pepe (sherry brand) The Chronicle of Higher Education 19 Feb 2016
Hermano de la madre Wall Street Journal 15 Jan 2016
Cancún uncle The Washington Post 15 Dec 2015
Barcelona relative The Washington Post 13 Dec 2015
South-of-the-border uncle LA Times Daily 04 Mar 2015
Uncle, in Rio Premier Sunday 04 Jan 2015
Hermano de mi madre Wall Street Journal 02 Jan 2015
Member of the familia
Barrio uncle
Uncle: Sp.
El hermano de mi madre
Cancun kinsman
Chihuahua relative
Uncle Pedro, e.g.
Oaxaca uncle
Hermano del padre o de la madre
Relative of Ramón
Husband of 25-Across
Uncle José, e.g.
Barrio kinsman
Uruguayan uncle
Guillermo's uncle
Cordoba uncle
Title for 27-Across, in Toledo
__ Pepe: sherry brand
Castilian kinsman
Reunión de la familia attendee
Relative in the barrio
Your madre's brother
Sonora uncle
Uncle, to Alejandro
Uncle of La Mancha
Uncle, south of the border
Male version of 47-Across
"Familia" member
Pedro's uncle
Felipe's uncle
Brother of un padre
Andalusian uncle
28-Across, por ejemplo
Mi madre's brother
Barcelona uncle
Cuban uncle
Member of la familia extensa
Cancún kinsman
Mexican uncle
Argentine uncle
Ricardo's uncle
Member of an extended familia
Columbian kin
Cancún kin
Relative of Ricardo
Madrileño uncle
El hermano de la madre
Parent's hermano
Mañuel's uncle
Julio's uncle
Spanish for "uncle"
Dad's "hermano"
Cuzco kin
"Primo"'s father
Jose's uncle
Pedros uncle
Part of la familia
Córdoba kinsman
"Padre"'s brother
Uncle in Acapulco
Charo uncle
Cancun kin
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.