Word "TITHE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a levy of one tenth of something

Part of Speech:
an offering of a tenth part of some personal income

Part of Speech:
exact a tithe from
The church was tithed

Crossword Clues for TITHE

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Clue Source Date
Make it the tenth part
Tenth little bird with huge wings
It is the due Payment?
A tenth of it is included in article (5)
It must be back before the tenth (5)
Tax formerly taken for the support of the Church and clergy (5)
Tax of one tenth. (5)
There's an article about it for tax
Church donation Eugene Sheffer 20 Mar 2024
It's back, an article on tax! (5)
Flock's contribution
As payment, it's returned with an article (5)
Church's portion
Levy Mirror Classic 12 Mar 2024
A duty we no longer owe to the church (5)
A tenth of it is to be found in article (5)
Give to the church Universal 27 Feb 2024
Ecclesiastical levy The Times Concise 26 Feb 2024
Religious donation Commuter 23 Feb 2024
Church offering New York Times 22 Feb 2024
It can be found in the barn (5)
Tenth article about sex The Times Quick Cryptic 12 Feb 2024
A tenth of one's income, paid to the church (5)
Tax for the church The Guardian Speedy 11 Feb 2024
The Italian vermouth is added - just a tenth part!
Give it the look of a tenth part (5)
Church donation LA Times Daily 08 Feb 2024
Payment to the church (5)
It returned the levy of the 10th (5)
It comes back to the tenth part (5)
Church contribution Thomas Joseph 15 Jan 2024
It's the It in it! Just a tenth part
Send it back with the payment (5) Puzzler Cryptic 05 Jan 2024
Tax of one tenth of annual produce or earnings formerly taken in support of the Church Mirror Quiz 18 Dec 2023
Church donation LA Times Mini 09 Dec 2023
Support the parish Commuter 27 Nov 2023
Emulate Ken Jennings Newsday 25 Nov 2023
Take it back when shown article regarding levy
Levy for the church The Guardian Quick 28 Oct 2023
Newspaper article supports ending of export tax The Telegraph Toughie 18 Oct 2023
Church tax The Guardian Quick 17 Oct 2023
10% donation Newsday 09 Oct 2023
Parishioner's portion, perhaps New York Times 04 Oct 2023
Pecuniary pledge Newsday 12 Aug 2023
Give 10% Universal 08 Jun 2023
Churchgoer's 10 percent Family Time 06 Jun 2023
Churchgoer's 10% Family Time 04 Jun 2023
Old tax benefit -- it helped, partly The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Apr 2023
Contribution of a tenth of income to the church The Times Concise 25 Apr 2023
Distribution mentioned in Leviticus Newsday 15 Apr 2023
Old levy The Telegraph Quick 18 Feb 2023
It's put in the kind of barns churches once found helpful The Guardian Cryptic 19 Jan 2023
Offering in church New York Times 04 Jan 2023
Church donation Eugene Sheffer 24 Dec 2022
Proportional gift LA Times Daily 26 Nov 2022
Church donation Newsday 20 Nov 2022
Tenth time he’s following it up The Times Cryptic 21 Sep 2022
Old tax to support Church and clergy The Guardian Quick 10 Sep 2022
Religious donation Universal 30 May 2022
10% offered to the church
10% contribution Universal 12 May 2022
10% donation Newsday 09 Mar 2022
Church donation Family Time 20 Feb 2022
Church donation The Washington Post 14 Feb 2022
Church donation LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2022
Article about Italian tax given to church
Certain church gift New York Times 05 Jan 2022
Church donation Eugene Sheffer 18 Dec 2021
Ten-percent donation USA Today 20 Nov 2021
10% being equal to 150% of 10 is somewhat antithetical
Article on sex withdrawn due to church, once The Times Cryptic 29 Oct 2021
10% donation Newsday 19 Sep 2021
Church donation pledge Newsday 30 Aug 2021
Former church tax The Times Concise 29 Aug 2021
Faithful's pledge Newsday 13 Aug 2021
Money short, then endlessly given in tax
Parishioner's pledge Newsday 04 Aug 2021
Money for church, as 12 after short time
Church donation Wall Street Journal 12 Jun 2021
Tips to help all dodging fifty per cent in tax
Old levy The Telegraph Quick 19 May 2021
Money short then endlessly given in tax
Proportion of the taxable earnings going to church in Serengeti theocracy Irish Times Crosaire 29 Apr 2021
10% contribution Universal 29 Apr 2021
Tax perverted sex article
10% church donation Newsday 05 Apr 2021
Tax or levy The Telegraph Quick 28 Mar 2021
Tax initially taken involving typist's hopeless error The Telegraph Toughie 04 Mar 2021
10% donation USA Today 06 Feb 2021
  People in authority briefly entertaining computing tax
Give 10% New York Times 16 Dec 2020
10% donation Newsday 09 Dec 2020
Proportional gift The Washington Post 21 Nov 2020
Proportional gift LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2020
Charitable gift LA Times Daily 24 Oct 2020
Charitable gift The Washington Post 24 Oct 2020
Form of tax — it's included in article
Percentage offering Newsday 28 Aug 2020
Ten-percent donation USA Today 11 Aug 2020
Church donation Universal 03 Aug 2020
Type of donation Newsday 26 Jul 2020
Give 10% Universal 22 Jul 2020
Churchgoer's contribution Universal 10 Jun 2020
Congregant's donation The Washington Post Sunday 31 May 2020
Article covering origins of import tariff and tax The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Apr 2020
(Tax of a) tenth The Guardian Speedy 29 Mar 2020
Churchgoer's donation Family Time 24 Feb 2020
Former church tax The Times Concise 22 Feb 2020
Church dues Canadiana 20 Jan 2020
It's about the tax
Parishioner's 10 percent USA Today 20 Oct 2019
10% donation The Washington Post 09 Oct 2019
10% donation LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2019
Parishioner's offering New York Times 04 Aug 2019
Church offering The Washington Post 04 Jul 2019
Church offering LA Times Daily 04 Jul 2019
Tax benefit -- it helps, to an extent The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jun 2019
In retrospect it heralded support for the church
*Give 10% Universal 22 May 2019
Church donation Family Time 20 May 2019
It's in the tax once faithfully paid
Church donation The Washington Post 02 May 2019
Church donation LA Times Daily 02 May 2019
Amount to give New York Times 25 Apr 2019
. It's included in the ten per cent to be paid 
Church tax The Times Concise 24 Jan 2019
Church offering
10% donation
Church donation
Amount to give
*Give 10%
Give 10%
Parishioner's 10 percent
Parishioner's offering
Collection plate insert Universal 12 Dec 2018
Sunday donation Universal 10 Nov 2018
Mormon's donation New York Times 07 Nov 2018
Church donation of 10% Newsday 05 Sep 2018
Appeal lifted one particular sort of levy
Post it here to convey tribute 
10 percent donation USA Today 09 Aug 2018
Article about object for levy
Regular donation to a church Canadiana 18 Jun 2018
Old church tax The Telegraph Quick 07 Jun 2018
Church's 10 percent USA Today 17 May 2018
A tenth The Guardian Speedy 05 May 2018
Church's due Universal 19 Apr 2018
10% donation New York Times 03 Apr 2018
Levy of one tenth Irish Times Simplex 15 Mar 2018
Share for the church USA Today 02 Mar 2018
Tips to help all dodging fifty per cent in tax
Ongoing charitable pledge Newsday 21 Jan 2018
. A fraction of it is described by article
Tax, or what time it's raised
It goes up on the tenth
Church's due
10% donation
Mormon's donation
Share for the church
Collection plate insert
Sunday donation
Church's 10 percent
10 percent donation
Chief regularly putting idiot on duty
Church contribution Thomas Joseph 12 Dec 2017
Old tax ultimately important in what it raised
Ten percent donation LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2017
Ten percent donation The Washington Post 13 Nov 2017
Parishioner's donation Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2017
One-tenth donation USA Today 27 Oct 2017
Charge article with technology inside The Telegraph Toughie 13 Oct 2017
Forgotten tax? It's covered by article
Contribute one-tenth, in church Universal 21 Aug 2017
Church levy The Telegraph Quick 29 Jul 2017
Parishioner's donation Universal 11 Apr 2017
Focus of State of the Plate research Newsday 11 Mar 2017
Birdman used to be paid once
Parishioner's pledge LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2017
Church donation Newsday 11 Jan 2017
Contribute one-tenth, in church
One-tenth donation
Parishioner's donation
Ten percent donation
Birdman's former duty
It is included in the donation
Pay your dues at church Universal 14 Nov 2016
Unique object identifier after computing back tax The Telegraph Toughie 16 Sep 2016
Sunday contribution LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2016
Church donation Eugene Sheffer 20 Jul 2016
Church support The Washington Post 01 May 2016
Check for services, maybe Newsday 19 Mar 2016
Church offering New York Times 28 Jan 2016
One-tenth payment Universal 05 Jan 2016
Pay your dues at church
Church offering
One-tenth payment
Sunday contribution
Ongoing donation Newsday 01 Jan 2016
Give religiously Wall Street Journal 26 Dec 2015
Tax contributing to development, it helps
Churchgoer's donation LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2015
Article describing wine tax The Times Cryptic 10 Dec 2015
Church offering Universal 25 Nov 2015
Gift of a tenth The Telegraph Quick 20 Nov 2015
Give 10% to a church New York Times 10 Nov 2015
Church tax The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2015
Send it back with the payment The Sun Two Speed 09 Nov 2015
Levy by church, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 24 Oct 2015
Parishioner's donation Eugene Sheffer 14 Oct 2015
Give 10% to the church New York Times 12 Oct 2015
Church gift Premier Sunday 02 Aug 2015
Ten-percent donation Newsday 05 Jul 2015
Gift in a plate New York Times 28 Jun 2015
Ten percent church donation Eugene Sheffer 24 Jun 2015
It was in the church's interest The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jun 2015
Church donation pledge Newsday 10 Jun 2015
It goes up on the tenth
Ancient tax The Telegraph Quick 20 May 2015
Portion for the plate New York Times 14 Apr 2015
Support for one's church Universal 20 Mar 2015
It's covered by not just any old tax The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Mar 2015
Tips to help each avoiding fifty percent tax
Offering-plate share Premier Sunday 01 Mar 2015
Levy of a tenth The Telegraph Quick 27 Feb 2015
Article about Italian wine tax no longer levied
Churchgoer's donation, perhaps USA Today 21 Jan 2015
Article includes it showing 10 per cent levy The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Jan 2015
10% for the church New York Times 12 Jan 2015
Give 10% to a church
Give religiously
Parishioner's percentage
Churchgoer's donation, perhaps
Portion for the plate
Give 10% to the church
Gift in a plate
Cut from a congregant
Church gift
10% for the church
Churchgoer's donation
Support for one's church
Church offering
Church donation pledge
Ten-percent donation
Offering-plate share
Taxman goes after bird
Article covering extremely inefficient tax
Levy – collect it here, but lose some of it
10% donation
10% church donation
Church member's offering
Dime-on-the-dollar donation
Churchgoer's donation
10% tax
Mormon's obligation
It returns the part the Church keeps
It comes back to article concerning duty to the Church
Parishioner's obligation
Pledge from the faithful
Ten percent pledge
Sunday gift
Ten percent church donation
Pledge from the faithful
Church member's donation
Charitable offering
Percentage gift
Give a dime on the dollar
Church member's contribution
Ten-percent offering
Parishioner's obligation
Ten percent pledge
Raise it with the amount once taxed
10 percent for the church
Church donation
Word from the Old English for "tenth"
Church pledge
Portion placed on a plate in a pew
Sunday contribution
Church gift
Support for the church
Church pledge
Parishioner's pledge
Church gift
Church donation
Portion placed on a plate
Pledge of a sort
Church contribution
Some of Ken Jennings' "Jeopardy!" winnings
Parishioner's 10 percent
Portion placed on a plate in a pew
Give 10 percent to one's church
Church's percentage
10% donation
Money for clerical work
Donate 10%
Contribute a tenth
Collection plate deposit
Ten percent donation
Give 10% to one's church
What most Mormons do
Charitable gift
Parishioner's pledge
Parishioner's pledge
Give 10%
Pay a dime on the dollar, in a way
Church pledge
Church support
Church donation
Charitable fraction
Church donation
Kind of donation
Worshiper's contribution
Church offering
Church support
Charitable fraction
Give 10%
Tenth for a church
Church support
Religious donation
Mormon's obligation
Church's cut
Share for the church
Tenth part
10% for the church
Share for the church
Clergy's support
Church payment
Church tax
Fief fee
Keep 90 percent
Give 10 percent
Give 10 percent
Pledge a tenth
Church contribution
Percentage for the church
Church contribution
Church's 10%
Support a church, in a way
Keep 90 percent
Part for the plate
Parishioner's donation
Rector's income
Ten percent offering
Church levy
10 percent payment
It's typically ten percent
Small cut?
Check on the offering plate, perhaps
Support a church
Church donation
Share with the church
Churchgoer's donation
Give a tenth
Cut for the church
Pay a dime on the dollar
Tenth part
One-tenth donation
Contribute a tenth
Tax of 10%
Churchgoer's donation, perhaps
Church offering
Church support
Amount given away
One-tenth payment
Collection plate deposit, often
Worshiper's offering
Church support
Tax of a sort
10 percent contribution
Contribute one tenth
Support for the church
Charity percentage
Church contribution
Split for church?
A tenth part
Keep 90%
Obligation at some churches
One-tenth levy
Church support
Donation of a sort
Tenth part
Religious payment
Parish donation
Rector's income
Charity percentage
Ten percent levy
Split for a church
Tax-like gift
One-tenth support levy
Give 10 percent
Fief fee
Small obligation
Give a tenth
Church tax
Church contribution
Type of church donation
Church pledge
Give a tenth of one's income
Institutional levy
Tax of a sort
Church assessment
Share for the church
Church giving
Church levy
Church share
Church payment
Church income
Share of income for church
Percentage levy.
Church levy.
Tenth part.
Tax or levy.
Church contribution.
Insignificant part.
Clerical levy.
Tax of a tenth.
Give a tenth part of.
A tax.
One-tenth tax.
Church figure?
Give to the church
Plate donation
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