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Crossword Clues for TITLES

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Clue Source Date
Designations or headings Irish Times Simplex 04 Jan 2021
Names of books etc. Irish Times Simplex 16 Dec 2020
Championships Eugene Sheffer 22 Aug 2020
What all books have Family Time 17 Aug 2020
Book publisher's offerings USA Today 02 Jul 2020
Dame and duke, e.g USA Today 24 Jun 2020
Test pilot blows top with a number of counts Irish Times Crosaire 07 Apr 2020
Books' names Newsday 02 Dec 2019
Nothing rare in air letters from a number of different addresses Irish Times Crosaire 09 Sep 2019
They're printed on books' spines Universal 24 Jun 2019
Mother and Father Newsday 03 Mar 2019
Lady and Lord, e.g Newsday 26 Dec 2018
Champ's collection The Washington Post 11 Nov 2018
Prince and others New York Times 20 May 2018
Book names The Times Concise 20 Mar 2018
Book features Universal 12 Mar 2018
Championships appearing in TV credits The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Jan 2018
Sir and madam New York Times 08 Oct 2017
Names of books, etc. Irish Times Simplex 31 May 2017
Test pilots dropping post to addresses Irish Times Crosaire 10 May 2017
Epithets Premier Sunday 30 Apr 2017
Mr. and Mrs The Washington Post 30 Nov 2016
Owners' documents Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2016
Names or headings The Telegraph Quick 14 Jun 2016
Bird from the French magazines Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jun 2016
Lets it out in the magazines Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jan 2016
Chapter headings, e.g USA Today 26 Dec 2015
Aristocracy's holdings Wall Street Journal 08 Sep 2015
Mr and Mrs Books? Irish Times Crosaire 04 Sep 2015
Names on spines LA Times Daily 04 Aug 2015
Chapter headings, e.g.
Publisher's list
Song names
Mr. and Mrs.
Information on spines
Best-seller list makeup
Album names
King and queen
They're often italicized
Bestseller list makeup
Puts a handle on
Publisher's stock
Best-seller list entries
Lord and lady
Netflix selections
Property papers
Prince and princess
Publisher's inventory
King and queen, e.g.
Lady and lord, e.g.
Earl and duke, e.g.
Duke and duchess
Names in publishing
Lordly ranks
Dust jacket headings
Some come with belts
CEO and President
Boxers seek them
Bookstore inventory
Some are honorary
Knight, dame, etc.
Books, by their covers
Lord and Lady
CEO and King inventory
Bestseller list entries
Card-catalog section
Bibliographical listings
Bibliography data
Names the book
Card-catalogue section
Books, so to speak
Bibliography info
Card catalogue entries
Pugilists' prizes
Library listings
Earl, duke, etc.
Earl and count
Library list
Earl and duke
Decisions for authors
Don, Dame, Sir, etc.
Novelists' concerns
Baron and duke, e.g.
Authors' concerns
Catalog entries.
17 Across and others.
Don and Dom.
Esquire, Excellency, etc.
Publisher's list.
Margrave, sherif, effendi, etc.
Names of books.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.