Word "TOFFEE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets
brittle, toffy

Crossword Clues for TOFFEE

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Clue Source Date
Rich person with unlimited beer — sweet! The Times Cryptic 08 Sep 2022
Sweet and sour to be embraced by supporter The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Aug 2022
Sweet of butter and sugar The Times Concise 03 Jun 2022
Chewable sweet The Guardian Speedy 08 May 2022
Sweet account of feelings kept hidden. Irish Times Crosaire 07 May 2022
Brittle candy Eugene Sheffer 02 May 2022
Sweet The Times Concise 11 Nov 2021
Candy cooked until it reaches the hard-crack stage New York Times 15 Oct 2021
Sweet The Times Concise 21 Aug 2021
Almond Roca base Wall Street Journal 11 Mar 2021
Fudge by old party consumed by golf supporter, of course? Irish Times Crosaire 14 Jan 2021
Chewy candy Newsday 22 Jul 2020
Type of sweet The Times Concise 08 Apr 2020
Brittle candy Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2020
Sticky sweet New York Times 28 Apr 2019
Sweet aristo extremely enviable The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Caramel candy The Sun Two Speed 08 Apr 2019
Sticky sweet
Chewy sweet The Times Concise 17 Dec 2018
Sugar and butter sweet The Times Concise 20 Sep 2018
Chewy candy Universal 28 Jul 2018
Hit off tee? That's something to chew over! Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jun 2018
Chewy confectionery Irish Times Simplex 18 May 2018
Sweet and sour in starters of the Eastern eateries The Telegraph Toughie 06 Apr 2018
Incompetent confectioner can�t find a supplier for this? The Telegraph Toughie 23 Mar 2018
Chewy caramel The Sun Two Speed 20 Feb 2018
Peg put on rotten sweet The Sun Two Speed 20 Feb 2018
Chewy candy
Brittle candy Thomas Joseph 11 Oct 2017
Chewy apple coating The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 May 2017
Chewy apple coating
Aristo discontented everyone? That could be tough to swallow The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Nov 2016
Chewy candy The Washington Post 27 Oct 2016
Caramel candy Newsday 05 May 2016
Caramel The Telegraph Quick 02 Apr 2016
Heath bar innards Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2016
Chewy sweet Family Time 28 Dec 2015
Molasses candy Universal 16 Nov 2015
Sweet spot for drive outside below par The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2015
Chewy sweet treat USA Today 30 Sep 2015
Chewy sweet treat
Molasses candy
Chewy candy
Chewy sweet
Chewy treat
English candy
Chewy coating for an apple
Chewy confection
Chewy candy
Peanut brittle base
Chewy candy
Chewy candy
Hard, chewy candy
Peanut brittle base
Chewy treat
Chewy candy
Chewy candy
Chewy candy
Heath bar flavor
Hard-candy flavor
Chewy goodie
Chewy treat
Chewy candy
Molasses candy
Problem for fillings
Londoner's candy
British candy
Mocha-oolong mixture?
Chewy confection
Chewy sweet
Chewy British candy
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