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Crossword Clues for TOMMY

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Clue Source Date
'Rugrats' protagonist USA Today 30 Dec 2020
What some Brits called Paine Newsday 29 Aug 2020
Actor — Lee Jones Eugene Sheffer 22 Jun 2020
___ Bahama (clothing label) New York Times 31 May 2020
Rock opera by The Who Eugene Sheffer 04 Oct 2019
'Pinball Wizard' show The Washington Post 09 Jan 2019
"Pinball Wizard" show LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2019
'I'm Free' musical The Washington Post 27 Dec 2018
"I'm Free" musical LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2018
'Pinball Wizard' rock opera USA Today 20 Aug 2018
Designer Hilfiger New York Times 11 Jun 2018
"Pinball Wizard" rock opera
Rock 13-Across with the song "I'm Free" USA Today 21 Dec 2017
____ Douglas ( voted the greatest Canadian) Canadiana 16 Oct 2017
Doubtful apostle could be so familiar as a soldier? The Times Cryptic 11 May 2017
"Pinball Wizard" opera LA Times Daily 12 Feb 2017
British private soldier The Times Concise 31 Jan 2017
Classic rock opera LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2016
Famous rock opera Universal 12 Jul 2016
The Who's rock opera
Rock opera's pinball wizard
First name in American fashion
British soldier
Actor ___ Lee Jones
Rock opera featuring a "pinball wizard"
"Fiddle About" musical
With 6-Down, 1994 Olympic gold medalist in downhill skiing
1969 rock opera
Rock opera that featured the Acid Queen
"I'm Free" opera
Rock opera with the song "Pinball Wizard"
1975 rock opera
Band leader Dorsey
Smothers brother
Rock opera about a "pinball wizard"
British Army private
Tune on Broadway
Rock opera by the Who
__ Lee Jones
1993 musical with the Best Original Score
One of Kipling's "Barrack-Room Ballads”
Mr. Atkins
Word with gun or rot
Kind of gun or rot
A Smothers brother
British soldier.
English GI.
Pinball player of Broadway
Double-platinum double album of 1969
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.