Word "TONGS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of various devices for taking hold of objects; usually have two hinged legs with handles above and pointed hooks below
pair of tongs

Crossword Clues for TONGS

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Clue Source Date
Set of flippers? New York Times 04 Aug 2022
Salad bar utensil Premier Sunday 31 Jul 2022
Tool for holding skimpy undies husband removed The Times Cryptic 06 Jun 2022
Salad bar implement Universal 19 May 2022
Salad servers Thomas Joseph 18 May 2022
Salad servers Thomas Joseph 26 Feb 2022
Salad bar pair The Washington Post 07 Feb 2022
Salad bar pair LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2022
Tool to grip and lift weights, holding grams The Times Cryptic 27 Dec 2021
What’s new in clothes? Item with arms joined together The Times Cryptic 19 Oct 2021
Tool for grasping and lifting The Guardian Quick 07 Oct 2021
Salad servers Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2021
Drinks table accessory The Washington Post 09 Sep 2021
Drinks table accessory LA Times Daily 09 Sep 2021
Salad servers Thomas Joseph 15 Jul 2021
Salad bar accessory Wall Street Journal 26 Jun 2021
Hammer's partner Universal 13 Apr 2021
Barbecue pair The Washington Post 05 Jan 2021
Barbecue pair LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2021
Gripping tool The Times Concise 14 Dec 2020
Ice cube-grabbing tool Newsday 30 Nov 2020
Hammer partner Universal 11 Aug 2020
They might help you get a grip New York Times 06 Aug 2020
Kitchen picker-uppers The Washington Post 26 Jun 2020
Kitchen picker-uppers LA Times Daily 26 Jun 2020
Ice bucket accessory Eugene Sheffer 15 Feb 2020
Salad servers Thomas Joseph 18 Nov 2019
Salad servers The Sun Two Speed 07 Oct 2019
Device for picking up GPS without power pursuing to pole The Sun Two Speed 07 Oct 2019
Salad bar sight Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2019
Hot dog grippers Universal 04 Jun 2019
Ice-grabbing tool Universal 08 May 2019
Sugar —; curling — The Times Concise 01 Apr 2019
Ice Cube's favorite utensil? Universal 20 Jan 2019
Hot dog grippers
Ice Cube's favorite utensil?
Salad bar sight
Ice-grabbing tool
Grillmaster's utensil USA Today 08 Aug 2018
Salad bar utensil USA Today 15 Jul 2018
Ice picker-uppers USA Today 30 Jun 2018
Ice capturers Universal 22 Jun 2018
Gadget for gripping ice cubes Newsday 07 May 2018
Ice bucket accessory The Washington Post 06 May 2018
Ice bucket accessory LA Times Daily 06 May 2018
Ice bucket accessory
Grillmaster's utensil
Ice picker-uppers
Ice capturers
Salad bar utensil
Implement for holding gallons in large amount The Telegraph Toughie 24 Nov 2017
Barbecue utensils Jonesin 03 Oct 2017
Time for song produced by handy, fiery sort bringing two sides together Irish Times Crosaire 12 Sep 2017
Grilling tool Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2017
Salad servers Newsday 07 Sep 2017
Blacksmith's tool New York Times 07 Jul 2017
Sugar cube servers USA Today 22 May 2017
Salad servers USA Today 15 May 2017
Salad server Thomas Joseph 26 Apr 2017
Tool often needed grabbing sugar initially The Telegraph Toughie 13 Apr 2017
Ice handler Newsday 29 Mar 2017
Ice bucket insert Universal 15 Mar 2017
Ice-bucket partner Newsday 02 Mar 2017
Ice cube grabbers Universal 16 Jan 2017
Barbecue pair
Blacksmith's tool
Ice cube grabbers
Salad servers
Sugar cube servers
Ice-cube utensils Newsday 24 Oct 2016
They may grab a bite New York Times 19 Aug 2016
Hot dog picker-uppers USA Today 26 Jun 2016
Patio grill accessory New York Times 08 Jun 2016
Salad bar implement Wall Street Journal 18 May 2016
Ice-gripping implements Newsday 26 Apr 2016
Patio grill accessory
Hot dog picker-uppers
They may grab a bite
Ice bucket accessory Wall Street Journal 22 Oct 2015
Ice picker-uppers Newsday 21 Oct 2015
Holding device The Telegraph Quick 26 Sep 2015
Ice bucket tool Newsday 02 Jun 2015
Hot dog vendor's accessory Newsday 16 May 2015
Ice bucket accessories USA Today 08 May 2015
They may help to lift wings Jonesin 02 Apr 2015
Ice-cube grabbers USA Today 27 Feb 2015
Bartender's tool Newsday 26 Feb 2015
Ice bucket tool
Ice picker-uppers
Ice-cube utensils
Hot dog vendor's accessory
Bartender's tool
Ice bucket accessory
Ice-cube grabbers
Ice bucket accessories
Ice picker-uppers
Salad handlers
Salad bar servers
They may dangle near a grill
Griller's grabbers
Barbecue tool
They may help you get a grip
Salad servers
Salad bar tool
Barbecue tool
Ice-grabbing tool
Ice bucket accessory
Patio picker-uppers, perhaps
Ice-bucket accessory
Griller's grabbers
Grill grabbers
Barbecue tool
Barbecue tool
Barbecuer's grasping tool
Fireplace tool
Salad bar implement
Salad bar pair
Salad servers
Salad servers
Grillers' grabbers
Griller's grabbers
Salad bar pair
Salad-serving implements
Fireplace tool
Sugar server
Ice bucket accessory
Fireplace utensils
Server's tool
Fireside implements
Barbecue chef's implement
Ice grippers
Ice bucket go-with
Hot dog picker-upper
Dog catchers?
Hinged kitchen utensils
Dog catchers?
Salad-bar implements
Salad servers
Patio hangers
Poker partner?
Sugar cube holder
Patio hangers
Ice grabbers
Hinged implement
Hinged implement
Cube handlers
Salad bar utensil
Some picker-uppers
Home bartender's tool
Fireplace tool
Cookout implements
Crab grabbers
Salad-serving tool
Hammer's partner
Ice pincers, e.g.
Ice grabbers
Iceman's instrument
Ice-handling tool
Salad maker's need
Hot dog picker-upper
Ice-cube grippers
Ice bucket tool
Salad-bar utensil
Ice-gripping tools
Salad seizer
Barbecue utensils
Seizer's helper
Salad bar implement
Iceman's tools
Ice device
Hot dog vendor's need
Sugar servers
Ice snaggers
Barbecuer's grasping tool
Ice holder
Hammer's partner
Barbecue chef's implement
Barbecue utensils
Salad grabbers
Ice bucket accessory
Grasping device
Cube grippers
Grub grabber
Ice-cube grabbers
Bucket accessory
Kitchen utensil that is hinged like scissors
Certain lifters
Ice-gripping tools
Salad servers
Grasping device
Salad bar servers
Salad seizers
Salad bar implement
Ice grabbers
Deliveryman's device of yore
Ice lifter
Bartender's accessory
Cube holders
Iceman's tool
Chinese societies
Iceman's need
Lifting device
Ice-bucket gear
Hammer's companions
Fireplace gadget
Ice-bucket item
Ice grabbers
Eastern societies
Lifting implements
Iceman's gear.
One of the fire irons.
Hammer's partner.
Sugar-bowl accessory.
Fireplace accessory.
Chinese societies.
Hammers' companions.
Hearth implement.
Useful kitchen devices.
Tool for the fireplace.
Companion of hammer.
Fire ___.
Iceman's implement.
Chinese secret societies.
Sugar raisers.
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