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Crossword Clues for TONI

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Clue Source Date
"Beloved" author Morrison Eugene Sheffer 07 Apr 2021
R&B artist Braxton USA Today 05 Apr 2021
Nobel laureate Morrison New York Times 28 Mar 2021
'___ Morrison: The Pieces I Am' USA Today 04 Mar 2021
Nobel novelist Morrison Newsday 01 Feb 2021
Writer Morrison Thomas Joseph 01 Feb 2021
Singer Watson, a.k.a. Tones and I, with the 2019 hit 'Dance Monkey' New York Times 24 Jan 2021
Novelist Morrison Canadiana 14 Dec 2020
Collette of “Knives Out” Wall Street Journal 21 Oct 2020
Morrison who wrote 'Beloved' USA Today 23 Sep 2020
Nobel winner Morrison New York Times 20 Sep 2020
Collette of "Hereditary" Universal 20 Aug 2020
Literature Nobelist Morrison Universal 10 Aug 2020
Morrison who wrote, 'No man should live without absorbing the sins of his kind' USA Today 24 Jul 2020
Author Morrison LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2020
Braxton with seven Grammys Universal 19 Jul 2020
Morrison who wrote ''Beloved'' Newsday 19 Jul 2020
'Sula' author Morrison USA Today 29 Jun 2020
First name of the most-selected author in Oprah's Book Club New York Times 05 Jun 2020
"Sula" novelist Morrison Universal 19 May 2020
Nobel and Pulitzer winner Morrison New York Times 29 Mar 2020
Singer Braxton Universal 26 Mar 2020
"Beloved" novelist Morrison LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2020
'Beloved' novelist Morrison The Washington Post 05 Jan 2020
'Un-Break My Heart' singer Braxton USA Today 27 Dec 2019
Eldest Braxton sister USA Today 15 Dec 2019
1993 Literature Nobelist Morrison The Washington Post 08 Dec 2019
Singer Basil Premier Sunday 08 Dec 2019
Morrison who said 'The function of freedom is to free someone else' USA Today 08 Dec 2019
Collette of 'Knives Out' USA Today 02 Dec 2019
Collette with a 2009 Emmy USA Today 30 Sep 2019
Late author Morrison Universal 28 Sep 2019
'Beloved' author Morrison USA Today 22 Sep 2019
Nobelist novelist Morrison Newsday 28 Jul 2019
'Breathe Again' singer Braxton USA Today 16 Jul 2019
Literature Nobel name Newsday 13 Jul 2019
Collette of 'Hereditary' Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2019
'Long as I Live' singer Braxton USA Today 01 Jun 2019
Collette of 'Wanderlust' Jonesin 14 May 2019
___ Kukoc, 6'11' N.B.A. star of 1993-2006 New York Times 26 Apr 2019
Braxton or Morrison Universal 11 Apr 2019
Braxton with a Best New Artist Grammy USA Today 13 Mar 2019
'Tar Baby' author Morrison USA Today 22 Jan 2019
Actress Collette of 'United States of Tara' The Washington Post 03 Jan 2019
Actress Collette of "United States of Tara" LA Times Daily 03 Jan 2019
"Tar Baby" author Morrison
"Long as I Live" singer Braxton
"Breathe Again" singer Braxton
___ Kukoc, 6'11" N.B.A. star of 1993-2006
R&B's Braxton Premier Sunday 21 Oct 2018
"Desdemona" playwright Morrison The New Yorker 25 Jun 2018
"___ Erdmann" (European Film Awards sweeper, in 2016) The New Yorker 18 Jun 2018
Braxton of pop Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2018
'Home' author Morrison Jonesin 06 Mar 2018
Name on the cover of ''Beloved'' Newsday 02 Mar 2018
Morrison who wrote "Beloved"
Collette or Morrison Universal 26 Dec 2017
Braxton with the 2001 album 'Snowflakes' Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2017
Braxton of "Braxton Family Values" USA Today 03 Nov 2017
Nobelist Morrison The Washington Post Sunday 15 Oct 2017
Collette of 'United States of Tara' New York Times 09 Sep 2017
'Jazz' writer Morrison Premier Sunday 11 Jun 2017
Singer Tennille or Braxton Universal 12 May 2017
____ Morrison (author) Canadiana 20 Mar 2017
'Jazz' author Morrison Wall Street Journal 21 Jan 2017
Singer Tennille New York Times 04 Jan 2017
Collette of "United States of Tara"
Collette or Tennille Wall Street Journal 09 Dec 2016
Tennille or Braxton Universal 27 Nov 2016
Morrison who wrote "Tar Baby" USA Today 14 Sep 2016
Morrison or Braxton The Washington Post 26 Aug 2016
"Jazz" author Morrison USA Today 14 May 2016
'God Help the Child' writer Morrison Wall Street Journal 07 May 2016
"United States of Tara" Emmy winner Collette LA Times Daily 27 Feb 2016
Tennille of pop music's Captain & Tennille New York Times 18 Jan 2016
"Un-break My Heart" singer Braxton LA Times Daily 08 Oct 2015
Morrison or Collette Eugene Sheffer 06 Oct 2015
'Beloved' writer Morrison Jonesin 11 Jun 2015
Grammy-winning family member in "Braxton Family Values"
Grammy winner Braxton
"The Bluest Eye" author Morrison
One-hit wonder Basil
Nobelist writer Morrison
"God Help the Child" author Morrison
R&Bers Tony! ___! Tone!
Tennille of tunes
Big name in '90s R&B
Tennille of pop's Captain & Tennille
Tennille or Morrison
Pop singer Tennille
One of the sisters on "Braxton Family Values"
Collette of "About a Boy"
Braxton with "Un-Break My Heart"
Grammy-winner Braxton
Captain colleague Tennille
Basil that sang "Mickey"
"Unbreak My Heart" Braxton
"Love Shoulda Brought You Home" Braxton
"House of Hope" Childs
'Mickey' singer Basil
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.