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Word "TONNE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a unit of weight equivalent to 1000 kilograms
metric ton, mt, t

Crossword Clues for TONNE

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Clue Source Date
Metric weight Canadiana 26 Apr 2021
1000kg The Times Concise 13 Apr 2021
1,000 kilogrammes Newsday 01 Apr 2021
Approximately 2,200 pounds The Washington Post 28 Mar 2021
1000 kilogrammes The Telegraph Quick 05 Feb 2021
1000 kg of cotton needed The Sun Two Speed 21 Jan 2021
Ton successor Canadiana 18 Jan 2021
1,000 kilograms LA Times Daily 09 Oct 2020
Quite heavy metric unit Family Time 24 Jun 2019
1000 kilograms The Telegraph Quick 15 Jun 2019
British weight New York Times 18 May 2019
Heavy British weight Universal 08 Apr 2019
British heavyweight? Jonesin 02 Apr 2019
Heavy metric weight Universal 30 Dec 2018
British heavy weight Universal 25 Sep 2018
Equivalent of a megagram New York Times 25 Aug 2018
Brit's heavy weight Universal 18 Apr 2018
Metric weight unit The Times Concise 05 Oct 2017
Metric unit of weight The Times Concise 16 Jun 2017
Heavy metric unit Universal 07 Jun 2017
Part of the body overseeing Kilkenny Cats at the centre has a weighty disposition Irish Times Crosaire 17 Feb 2017
Unit for a lorry New York Times 21 Sep 2016
A thousand kilos Wall Street Journal 19 Aug 2016
Glutton necessarily consuming a large mass The Times Cryptic 24 Jun 2016
1,000 kilograms (example #3) Wall Street Journal 29 Jan 2016
1,000 kilograms, to a Brit USA Today 08 Dec 2015
Million grams Wall Street Journal 27 Mar 2015
Weight unit for lorries USA Today 30 Jan 2015
Heavy metric weight unit USA Today 29 Jan 2015
Metric measure of weight Universal 09 Jan 2015
Metric unit of 1,000 kilograms
1000 kilos
English weight
Winchester weight
2204.62 pounds
Metric heavyweight
Metric heavy weight
2204.62 avoirdupois pounds
Heavy weight, in France
It's heavy, in Le Havre
French weight
One thousand kilograms
Heavy French weight
Metric measure
Large metric weight
Metric unit
11,000 kilograms
A thousand kilograms
Large weight, metric style
Metric ton
Unit of 1,000 kilograms
Weight of 1,000 kilograms.
Metric ton: Fr.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.