Crossword Clues for TONY

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Clue Source Date
Theater award Thomas Joseph 30 Nov 2022
Cereal tiger Family Time 06 Nov 2022
Any of the annual awards bestowed by the American Theatre Wing (New York) The Times Specialist Sunday 30 Oct 2022
Theater award Eugene Sheffer 26 Sep 2022
"Big Night" actor Shalhoub LA Times Daily 05 Sep 2022
Broadway accolade The Guardian Quick 17 Aug 2022
Broadway trophy Thomas Joseph 30 Jun 2022
Broadway award Newsday 09 Mar 2022
Theater award Eugene Sheffer 02 Mar 2022
Bennett on records The Washington Post Sunday 27 Feb 2022
US theatre award The Times Concise 11 Jan 2022
Tiger on a cereal box Family Time 20 Dec 2021
Tiger on a Frosted Flakes box Universal 15 Dec 2021
Pepper's partner USA Today 15 Dec 2021
One of many for 'Once' The Washington Post Sunday 28 Nov 2021
Prize for playwrights Wall Street Journal 19 Oct 2021
Award for Mel Brooks Premier Sunday 25 Jul 2021
Stage award Premier Sunday 27 Jun 2021
Marvel's Stark LA Times Daily 24 Jun 2021
Marvel's Stark The Washington Post 24 Jun 2021
Theater award USA Today 26 May 2021
Award for a play Universal 23 May 2021
Cereal Tiger Family Time 26 Apr 2021
Award for a musical USA Today 07 Apr 2021
Theater award Thomas Joseph 16 Mar 2021
Stylish New York Times 26 Feb 2021
Actor Danza Premier Sunday 21 Feb 2021
Stage statuette Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2021
Actor Danza Jonesin 26 Jan 2021
Broadway award Newsday 23 Dec 2020
One of Tommy Tune's ten LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2020
One of Tommy Tune's ten The Washington Post 19 Dec 2020
Theater award Eugene Sheffer 15 Sep 2020
___ the Tiger (cereal mascot) Family Time 06 Jul 2020
Broadway award USA Today 12 Apr 2020
Award for "Oklahoma!" Universal 03 Apr 2020
Tiger mascot with a red scarf LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2020
Tiger mascot with a red scarf The Washington Post 18 Feb 2020
Broadway award
Expensively stylish Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2019
Award for a show USA Today 18 Dec 2019
Skateboarder Hawk USA Today 05 Nov 2019
Chic New York Times 14 Oct 2019
Theater prize Thomas Joseph 28 Sep 2019
Cereal-box tiger USA Today 02 Sep 2019
Swanky Wall Street Journal 10 Aug 2019
Theater award named after Antoinette Perry LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2019
Theater award named after Antoinette Perry The Washington Post 06 Aug 2019
Brother of Phil Canadiana 22 Jul 2019
Trophy for Tom Stoppard Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2019
Stage honor Wall Street Journal 25 May 2019
Uptown, so to speak New York Times 02 May 2019
Carmela's mobster husband USA Today 16 Mar 2019
Any of several won by 'The Producers' USA Today 24 Jan 2019
Theater award The Washington Post 17 Jan 2019
Theater award LA Times Daily 17 Jan 2019
Gwynn with five Gold Gloves Universal 10 Jan 2019
Cereal box Tiger Family Time 07 Jan 2019
Skateboarder Hawk
Any of several won by "The Producers"
Theater award
Stage honor
Trophy for Tom Stoppard
Theater award named after Antoinette Perry
Frosted Flakes tiger
Gwynn with five Gold Gloves
Part of EGOT
Uptown, so to speak
Carmela's mobster husband
Cereal-box tiger
Frosted Flakes tiger USA Today 31 Oct 2018
'The Crucible' won one in 1953 Wall Street Journal 29 Oct 2018
Props for a Broadway play? New York Times 05 Oct 2018
Upscale New York Times 03 Oct 2018
Fashionably high-class New York Times 20 Sep 2018
Curtis of 'Some Like It Hot' USA Today 05 Sep 2018
Broadway award Universal 17 Aug 2018
Orlando, in the music world New York Times 06 Jul 2018
In now Newsday 26 May 2018
Lady Gaga's 'Cheek to Cheek' duettist Bennett The Washington Post 25 Apr 2018
Lady Gaga's "Cheek to Cheek" duettist Bennett LA Times Daily 25 Apr 2018
Stylish Newsday 18 Mar 2018
'Hamilton' award The Washington Post 18 Mar 2018
"Hamilton" award LA Times Daily 18 Mar 2018
2017 honor for Bette Midler USA Today 21 Feb 2018
Randall of "The Odd Couple" USA Today 31 Jan 2018
Broadway award
Lady Gaga's "Cheek to Cheek" duettist Bennett
2017 honor for Bette Midler
Fashionably high-class
Curtis of "Some Like It Hot"
"The Crucible" won one in 1953
Randall of "The Odd Couple"
Orlando, in the music world
Props for a Broadway play?
'West Side Story' role New York Times 27 Dec 2017
Broadway award New York Times 11 Dec 2017
High-class New York Times 08 Dec 2017
Broadway prize Newsday 22 Nov 2017
Maria's love in "West Side Story" USA Today 05 Nov 2017
Stylish award for work in theatre The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Oct 2017
Uptown New York Times 08 Oct 2017
Singer Bennett Thomas Joseph 30 Sep 2017
Hawk on a skateboard Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2017
Broadway show award Newsday 11 Sep 2017
What the last letter of 107-Down stands for New York Times 03 Sep 2017
Broadway statuette Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2017
Soprano on TV New York Times 28 May 2017
One of four won by "Rent" USA Today 11 May 2017
'Hamilton' trophy Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2017
Broadway award LA Times Daily 17 Apr 2017
Broadway award The Washington Post 17 Apr 2017
Stylish The Washington Post 16 Apr 2017
Stylish LA Times Daily 16 Apr 2017
Tiger who says "They're grrreat!" USA Today 15 Jan 2017
Stylishly upscale Wall Street Journal 12 Jan 2017
Soprano on TV
What the last letter of 107-Down stands for
Broadway award
Tiger who says "They're grrreat!"
"West Side Story" role
One of four won by "Rent"
Maria's love in "West Side Story"
Stage trophy Newsday 22 Dec 2016
2016 Best Musical award for 'Hamilton' The Washington Post 16 Nov 2016
One of several won by "Hairspray" USA Today 08 Nov 2016
Skateboarder Hawk nicknamed 'The Birdman' The Washington Post 08 Oct 2016
Award that depicts comedy and tragedy masks Wall Street Journal 21 Sep 2016
Baseball player Gwynn nicknamed 'Mr. Padre' The Washington Post 10 Sep 2016
Playwright's prize USA Today 03 Sep 2016
Kellogg's tiger The Washington Post 13 Aug 2016
Frosted Flakes tiger Universal 07 Jul 2016
Award for Sondheim Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2016
Lounge singer Clifton portrayed by Andy Kaufman The Washington Post 29 Feb 2016
Chichi New York Times 28 Feb 2016
Award depicting a pair of masks Wall Street Journal 18 Feb 2016
Crooner Bennett Eugene Sheffer 26 Jan 2016
One of several won by "Hairspray"
Frosted Flakes tiger
Playwright's prize
Tiger with a red scarf LA Times Daily 27 Dec 2015
Helen Mirren won her first in 2015 Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2015
US theatre award The Times Concise 03 Jul 2015
Fashionable model enthrals men, but not yours truly The Times Cryptic 11 May 2015
Broadway award Eugene Sheffer 04 Apr 2015
Cereal tiger Universal 13 Feb 2015
'NCIS' role Eugene Sheffer 19 Jan 2015
Tiger with a red scarf
Yo La Tengo "Let's Save ___ Orlando's House"
Stylishly upscale
Icon Bennett
Cereal tiger
"Fun Home" honor
Lead Soprano?
Broadway award
Broadway honor
"West Side Story" hero
"The Lion King" award
Skateboarder Hawk
One of eight for Stephen Sondheim
U.S. equivalent to the U.K.'s Laurence Olivier Award
Broadway award
Theatrical award
Commercial tiger's name
Broadway award
Danza of TV
Award won 21 times by Harold Prince
R&Bers ___! Toni! Tone!
In vogue
'88 award for "M. Butterfly"
Randall who played Felix Unger
Theatrical award
Theater award
"The Spiderwick Chronicles" co-author DiTerlizzi
Randall who played Felix Unger
"Les Miserables" award, 1987
Skateboarder Hawk
"Les Miserables" award
Frosted Flakes mascot
Theater props
Drama award
Play award
NASCAR's ___ Stewart
Drama award
Broadway prize
"They're gr-r-reat!" tiger
Broadway award
Theater award
Playwright's prize
Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre
Cereal box tiger
Suitable for the upper crust
Theater award
Mystery novelist Hillerman
Best Musical award, say
Cereal spokestiger
Musical award
Skateboarder Hawk
Cereal spokestiger
Broadway show award
Carmela's husband
Oscar counterpart
Frosted Flakes mascot
Crooner Bennett
Best Musical award, say
What "1776" got in 1969
Tiger on a box
He sings "Maria" in "West Side Story"
Theater award
He loved Maria in "West Side Story"
Skateboarding star Hawk
He sings "Maria" in "West Side Story"
Stage award
Accolade for a great play
Lead role on 23-Across
He played Felix on TV
Soprano who's unlikely to sing?
Skateboarding mogul Hawk
Theater award presented at Radio City Music Hall
Tiger on a box
Stage award
Theater prize
Stage statuette
Theater award
Theater award
"West Side Story" fellow
Award #3
"Copacabana" bartender
For the A-list
Soprano who wouldn't sing?
Having an aristocratic mien
Danza of "Who's the Boss?"
"West Side Story" hero
"They're gr-r-reat!" tiger
Randall of "The Odd Couple"
Bennett of song
Annual prize since 1947
Play prize
Frosted Flakes-pitching tiger
Maria's heartthrob
Obie counterpart
Soprano not seen in operas
1955 Wimbledon champ Trabert
1955 Wimbledon champ Trabert
Soprano not seen in operas
"West Side Story" hero
American Theatre Wing award
Stylish and elegant
Broadway prize
Lead Soprano
Lead Soprano
Soprano who's unlikely to sing?
Former Twins star Oliva
Talk show host Danza
W's British ally
Theater trophy
Prize for "The Producers"
Broadway award
Talk show host Danza
Britain's Blair
Jack's "The Odd Couple" TV co-star
Cereal box tiger
Blair or Bennett
One of TV's Sopranos
Blair or Bennett
Cereal box tiger
Broadway prize
Curtis or Bennett
Theatre honor
"The Wiz" award
Bennett of song
Tiger sometimes seen in the morning
Cousin of an Obie
American Theatre Wing award
Exxon's tiger
Tiger of flakes
Award won by "Hairspray"
Soprano who'll never sing?
Actor Curtis
Sports announcer Kubek
Player's trophy
Sports announcer Kubek
Award received by "Hairspray"
Obie's kin
Actor Randall
Crooner Bennett
Blair of Britain
He's a real tiger
Toon tiger
Singer Bennett
Blair of Britain
He played Felix
With 103 Down baseball's '64 Rookie of the Year,
"Les Misérables" award, 1987
American Theatre Wing award
Singer Bennett
Play accolade
Actor Dow
Award presented in June
Jack's "The Odd Couple" costar
British Prime Minister Blair
8-time N.L. batting champ Gwynn
Perennial batting champ Gwynn
James Gandolfini's role on "The Sopranos"
"Touchdown" Dorsett
Award for "The Producers"
Drawn tiger
"Maria" singer
Former House Majority Whip Coelho
Running back Dorsett
Stage statue
"The Lion King" award
Antoinette Perry award
Crooner Bennett
Randall or Curtis
singer Bennett
B'way award
Actor's reward
Actor Curtis
"West Side Story" gangleader
Frosted Flakes pusher
Obie relative
Famous tiger
June award
Stage award
Theatre award
"Taxi" role
"West Side Story" beau
Danza of "Who's the Boss?"
Stage Oscar
Tom Mix's horse
Award for "Kiss of the Spider Woman"
Randall or Bennett
Obie's cousin
Singer Bennett
Actor Danza
Perry award, for short
Actor Curtis
Makarova award: 1983
Singer Orlando
Oscar's kin
Rialto award
Drama award
Certain award
Dorsett or Hill of Dallas
Nickname Antoinette Perry had
Rialto trophy
___ Lazzeri, member of 23 Across
Broadway's Oscar
Award named for Antoinette Perry
Acting award
Oscar's cousin
Theatrical award
Martin or Orlando
Prize for "Annie": 1977
Bennett or Martin
B'way award
Stage award
Award for actors
Show-biz award
Actor's award.
Theater award.
Show biz award
Stylish: Slang.
Meg's husband.
Broadway award.
Man's name.
Cousin of 24 Across.
Luxurious: Slang.
One of the Wellers.
Broadway cousin of Oscar.
Theatrical award.
Emmy's cousin.
Theatre award.
Emmy's relative.
Theatre's Oscar.
Slangily stylish.
Actor Perkins.
Tennis's Mr. Trabert.
Actor Curtis.
Theatrical award won by Mary Martin.
Mr. Martin, singer.
Singer Bennett.
High-class: Slang.
Singer Martin.
Mr. Eden.
Nickname of 63 Across.
Samuel Weller's father.
Sam Weller's father.
Sam Weller's father, who didn't like vidders.
British Foreign Minister's nickname.
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