Crossword Clues for TOONS

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Clue Source Date
Animated figures Eugene Sheffer 18 May 2022
Animated characters, for short USA Today 08 Dec 2021
Acme product buyers The Washington Post Sunday 07 Nov 2021
Animated characters Thomas Joseph 02 Nov 2021
Animated characters, for short USA Today 08 Oct 2021
Bugs and Lola Bunny, e.g USA Today 02 Oct 2021
Animation creations Newsday 10 Sep 2021
Popeye and Porky Pig Newsday 13 Jun 2021
Arthur and Garfield, for two New York Times 02 Jan 2021
Animated characters, for short USA Today 22 Dec 2020
Cel figures Premier Sunday 06 Dec 2020
SpongeBob SquarePants and others New York Times 29 Nov 2020
Animated characters Wall Street Journal 03 Nov 2020
Bugs Bunny and Perry the Platypus, e.g USA Today 19 Sep 2020
Porky Pig and Roger Rabbit Newsday 06 Sep 2020
Daffy and Donald, e.g Wall Street Journal 20 Aug 2020
Dora the Explorer and Daisy Duck Universal 13 May 2020
Some funny characters The New Yorker 27 Jan 2020
Tweety and Sylvester, for two New York Times 03 Dec 2019
Tweety and Sylvester, for two
Porky Pig and Popeye USA Today 14 Aug 2019
Mickey and Donald Universal 01 Jul 2019
Mike and Alex Doonesbury, e.g Universal 29 Jun 2019
Many Disney Junior characters Newsday 21 Jun 2019
Animated characters Newsday 19 Jun 2019
Animated characters Thomas Joseph 21 May 2019
Cel mates? Wall Street Journal 16 Mar 2019
Mickey and Donald
Cel mates?
Porky Pig and Popeye
Mike and Alex Doonesbury, e.g.
Pixar characters USA Today 09 Nov 2018
18-Across and others The Washington Post 21 Apr 2018
18-Across and others LA Times Daily 21 Apr 2018
Donald Duck and Daffy Duck USA Today 20 Mar 2018
Porky Pig and Popeye Newsday 04 Mar 2018
Bluto and Pluto LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2018
Bluto and Pluto The Washington Post 05 Jan 2018
Pixar characters
Bluto and Pluto
18-Across and others
58-Down et al LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2017
58-Down et al The Washington Post 03 Dec 2017
Art in animation books Newsday 16 Nov 2017
Charlie Brown and friends, e.g USA Today 14 Aug 2017
58-Down et al.
Charlie Brown and friends, e.g.
Sylvester and Tweety Eugene Sheffer 24 Sep 2016
Bart Simpson and Daffy Duck Newsday 24 Aug 2016
Pixar figures Universal 26 Apr 2016
Animators' characters USA Today 06 Apr 2016
Adult Swim fare, for short Jonesin 05 Jan 2016
Roger Rabbit's colleagues Newsday 02 Aug 2015
Wimpy and Stimpy Newsday 04 Jun 2015
Pixar figures Premier Sunday 12 Apr 2015
Saturday morning fare, informally New York Times 22 Mar 2015
Animated characters USA Today 02 Mar 2015
Cel characters USA Today 15 Jan 2015
Animated characters
Roger Rabbit and his cohorts
Animated characters
Roger Rabbit's colleagues
Wimpy and Stimpy
Saturday morning fare, informally
Pixar figures
Cel characters
Popeye and Porky Pig
Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny
Betty Boop and Bugs Bunny
Pluto and Bluto, e.g.
Popeye and Bart Simpson
Popeye and Porky, e.g.
Cel bloc?
Cel mates?
Animated characters
Popeye and Porky, e.g.
Hanna-Barbera creations
Cel bodies?
Bugs and Elmer, e.g.
Bugs and Elmer, e.g.
Tweety and Daffy, e.g.
The Simpsons, e.g.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, e.g.
Huey, Dewey and Louie, e.g.
The Simpsons, e.g.
Pixar characters
Judge Doom's victims, in a 1988 movie
The Simpsons and Popeye, e.g.
Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck
All the "Simpsons" characters, for instance
Popeye et al.
Roger Rabbit and friends
Popeye et al.
Bugs Bunny and friends
Scooby-Doo and Boo-Boo
Cel mates?
Bart Simpson and Betty Boop
Nickelodeon offerings
Roger and Jessica Rabbit, for two
Characters on cels
Cel inhabitants?
Tweety and Sylvester, e.g.
Daffy Duck and others
Black Cat and the like
Animated shorts
Pluto and others
Warner Bros. creations
They're animated
Boop and Oop
Kids' TV staples
Bugs and Porky
Donald and Daffy Duck, et al.
They often have just four fingers on each hand
Tweety and Sylvester, e.g.
Daffy Duck and Bart Simpson
Animated characters
Roger Rabbit and peers
Tweety and Sylvester, e.g.
Roger Rabbit and peers
Pixar creations
Porky and Petunia, for two
Roger Rabbit et al.
Cel mates
Roger Rabbit et al.
Tweety and Goofy
Porky and pals
Popeye and pals
Animated drawings, briefly
Characters in cels
Cel mates
Roger Rabbit and the gang
Cel mates
Hanna-Barbera creations
Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Cel mates?
Tom and Jerry, for two
Roger Rabbit and friends
Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Roger Rabbit and his neighbors
Disney forte
Bugs and his buddies
"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" extras
Animated fare
Bart and Homer, for two
Roger Rabbit and others
Bugs Bunny and others
Mickey and mates
Roger and Jessica Rabbit, e.g.
Bugs and others
Popeye and Bluto, for two
Roger Rabbit et al.
Silly Symphonies e.g. briefly
Boo Boo and Bugs, for two
Trees furnishing furniture
Indian mahogany trees.
E. Indian trees; flowers yield dye.
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