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Word "TOOTH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a means of enforcement

Part of Speech:
hard bonelike structures in the jaws of vertebrates; used for biting and chewing or for attack and defense

Part of Speech:
one of a number of uniform projections on a gear

Crossword Clues for TOOTH

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Clue Source Date
Molar or incisor Newsday 23 Feb 2021
Part of a comb USA Today 16 Jan 2021
Projection of a gear wheel Irish Times Simplex 05 Jan 2021
Tusk, in fact LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2020
Something you grin and bare? New York Times 16 Dec 2020
Gearwheel cog The Times Concise 23 Oct 2020
Chomper New York Times 02 Sep 2020
This may erupt without producing lava The Times Specialist Sunday 23 Aug 2020
Canine, for one Eugene Sheffer 13 Aug 2020
*Canine, e.g. (... 2 to 5) Universal 24 Jul 2020
Ned leaves on the dot with canine Irish Times Crosaire 26 May 2020
Nail's partner Newsday 05 Mar 2020
Fang, e.g Jonesin 03 Mar 2020
Molar, for example Thomas Joseph 10 Feb 2020
Comb part USA Today 13 Nov 2019
Gear bit The Washington Post 19 Sep 2019
See 1 Across The Telegraph Toughie 02 Aug 2019
One in a comb row The Washington Post 09 Jul 2019
Comb component USA Today 12 May 2019
Canine, e.g USA Today 07 May 2019
Word before fairy or decay New York Times 23 Apr 2019
Ridged part of a gear The Sun Two Speed 15 Apr 2019
Canine perhaps seen in Toto otherwise The Sun Two Speed 15 Apr 2019
Zipper part The Washington Post 07 Apr 2019
Saw item
Canine, e.g.
Incisor or cuspid USA Today 30 Oct 2018
Canine or incisor? The Telegraph Quick 01 Oct 2018
Canine, for instance Newsday 30 Sep 2018
One biting into others partly The Sun Two Speed 25 Aug 2018
Gear projection The Sun Two Speed 25 Aug 2018
Wearer of a crown, at times Wall Street Journal 09 Jul 2018
Brushed thing Universal 29 Mar 2018
Tusk or fang Newsday 26 Mar 2018
It's stuck in a bridge Universal 26 Mar 2018
See 4-Across New York Times 19 Dec 2017
Gear part Thomas Joseph 12 Dec 2017
Blow the whistle on hothead with canine Irish Times Crosaire 09 Nov 2017
One might get a crown Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2017
Molar, e.g Premier Sunday 30 Apr 2017
Sweet __ LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2017
Bicuspid, e.g Newsday 05 Feb 2017
Point on a comb Newsday 31 Jan 2017
Site of indoor drilling Universal 12 Jan 2017
Eg, molar The Times Concise 03 Jan 2017
Part of a zipper Newsday 25 Nov 2016
Bit of a zipper Newsday 12 Nov 2016
Nipper excessively slight, lacking inches The Telegraph Toughie 05 Oct 2016
Something of horn: hard, bonelike item The Telegraph Toughie 28 Sep 2016
Rake spike Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2016
Filling station? Wall Street Journal 06 Sep 2016
It might be left for a fairy The Washington Post 10 Aug 2016
A kid may exchange it for money New York Times 24 Jul 2016
Drilling site? The Washington Post 15 Jul 2016
Canine, maybe, starts to trail one's other terriers happily The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2016
Incisor The Telegraph Quick 13 Apr 2016
Place for a crown or cap LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2016
Saw part USA Today 04 Apr 2016
A candy lover has a sweet one New York Times 21 Mar 2016
Cog piece The Washington Post 06 Mar 2016
It may be capped Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2016
Cog The Telegraph Quick 26 Jan 2016
Canine or incisor Universal 24 Oct 2015
Half the tattoo is the Trim Gnasher Irish Times Crosaire 23 Sep 2015
Nail partner? LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2015
Molar, for one USA Today 22 May 2015
Saw point Newsday 21 May 2015
*A child may get paid for losing it The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Jan 2015
Molar or bicuspid
It erupts in a baby
Filling site
It may be sweet or chipped
It may be capped or sweet
It comes after wisdom?
Drilling site
Dental unit
Saw projection
Kind of fairy
Shark hunter's souvenir
Canine or bicuspid
Certain fairy's procurement
Incisor, for one
27-Down partner, in fighting
Canine or molar
Brush target
A fairy may leave money for it
Fairy's pickup
Crown holder
Cap setting
Crown wearer, perhaps
Its crown is in your head
Crown location
Gnaw thing
Crown setting
You might grin and bare it
Crown wearer
Saw feature
Fairy of childhood
Word after baby or sweet
Cap's place
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.