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Crossword Clues for TOPICS

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Clue Source Date
Talking points Irish Times Simplex 06 Mar 2021
Themes The Telegraph Quick 05 Feb 2021
Themes, subjects Irish Times Simplex 28 Jan 2021
Issues with competitors not taking metro Irish Times Crosaire 20 Aug 2020
Jerks taking on work issues The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jul 2020
Subjects, themes Irish Times Simplex 14 Jul 2020
Subjects The Times Concise 10 Feb 2020
Things to talk about New York Times 10 May 2019
Issues summit discuss regularly The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2018
Talking points of how to get photographs Irish Times Crosaire 23 Feb 2018
Changed optics for those taking part in discussion Irish Times Crosaire 22 Feb 2018
Subjects for debates USA Today 13 Feb 2018
Debate club fodder Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2016
Changed optics for some of the subjects Irish Times Crosaire 12 Aug 2015
Tax officer reportedly chooses subject matter The Telegraph Toughie 24 Feb 2015
Rock mag talking points
What debaters debate
Bits of conversation fodder
Debate choices
They're debatable
They're up for discussion
Outline parts
Agenda items
Areas of discussion
Stuff to talk about
Subjects for debaters
They're open to discussion
Theme ideas
Things to discuss
Debate subjects
Debaters' needs
Areas for discussion
Items of discussion
Subject matters
Conversation pieces
Conversation pieces.
"Pardon the Interruption" sidebar fodder
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.