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Word "TOQUE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a small round woman's hat
pillbox, turban

Part of Speech:
a tall white hat with a pouched crown; worn by chefs

Crossword Clues for TOQUE

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Clue Source Date
Chef's hat USA Today 20 Feb 2021
Chef's topper New York Times 07 Jun 2020
Lid for a chef Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2020
Hat for a chef
Brimless chef's hat New York Times 24 Dec 2019
Chef’s topper Wall Street Journal 14 Nov 2019
Lumberjack's cap USA Today 23 Aug 2019
Close-fitting hat The Telegraph Quick 15 Jun 2019
Kitchen topper The Washington Post 01 Mar 2019
Chef's tall hat Newsday 09 Dec 2018
Fancy restaurant topping? New York Times 10 Nov 2018
Culinary topper The Washington Post 01 Nov 2018
Chef's white hat USA Today 19 Dec 2017
Pizza chef's topping, perhaps? The Washington Post Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Hat The Telegraph Quick 28 Jul 2017
Chef's lid Newsday 14 Jul 2017
Chef's cap USA Today 13 May 2017
Chef's brimless hat Universal 08 Jan 2016
Chapeau seen in "Ratatouille" LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2015
Plumed cap of old USA Today 28 Sep 2015
102-Across topper New York Times 20 Sep 2015
Chef's chapeau
Hat on a Chef Boyardee can
Article on a chef's bean
High-hatter's wear?
Cordon Bleu topping?
Chef's headgear
Chef Boyardee's headgear
Pillbox relative
Chef's wear
Plumed velvet hat
The Swedish Chef wears one
Chef's headgear in "Ratatouille"
Brimless hat
Topping in a kitchen
Brimless woman's hat
Alternative to a pillbox
Small plumed hat
Woman's brimless hat
Brimless cap
Woman's hat
Close-fitting woman's hat
Topper in the kitchen
Knitted cap
Hat worn by Kellogg's character Snap
French bonnet
Cook's lid
Soft, brimless hat
Small hat
Brimless bonnet
16th C. hat
Plumed, brimless hat
Plumed hat usually
Petit chapeau
Brimless topper
Closefitting hat
Woman's small hat
Tight topper
Pert chapeau
Woman's small, round hat
Possible Easter topper
Millinery item
Hat of a kind.
Type of hat.
Kind of hat.
Round hat.
Brimless hat.
Round, brimless hat.
Close-fitting hat.
Small, brimless hat.
Snug chapeau.
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