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Word "TORN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
having edges that are jagged from injury
lacerate, lacerated, mangled

Part of Speech:
disrupted by the pull of contrary forces
torn between love and hate
torn by conflicting loyalties
torn by religious dissensions

Crossword Clues for TORN

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Clue Source Date
Undecided Eugene Sheffer 05 Apr 2021
''... Curtain'' (Hitchcock thriller) Irish Times Simplex 03 Apr 2021
Unable to decide Universal 19 Mar 2021
__ apart (what's found ''across'' the four longest answers) Newsday 22 Jan 2021
Having trouble deciding Newsday 14 Jan 2021
Unsure which option to go with USA Today 25 Dec 2020
Region in reactor now ripped apart The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2020
In two minds The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2020
Tattered and __ (raggedy) Newsday 26 Oct 2020
Unable to make a choice Newsday 19 Oct 2020
Conflicted Wall Street Journal 22 Sep 2020
Needing repair, as a dress Newsday 15 Sep 2020
On the fence USA Today 29 Aug 2020
Shredded USA Today 04 Aug 2020
Some dictator not in two minds The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2020
Ripped The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2020
In tatters LA Times Daily 25 May 2020
Some defector now in two minds The Sun Two Speed 20 May 2020
Of two minds Thomas Joseph 23 Apr 2020
Struggling to decide Universal 20 Mar 2020
Ripped up USA Today 05 Mar 2020
Struggling with a decision New York Times 04 Mar 2020
Like paper in pieces Family Time 20 Jan 2020
In a state of uncertainty between two conflicting options Irish Times Simplex 06 Jan 2020
Emotionally divided USA Today 30 Nov 2019
Unable to choose New York Times 06 Oct 2019
Not sure Queen's consumed by fashion The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Sep 2019
Some reactor now ripped apart The Sun Two Speed 17 Jul 2019
Divided between two things Family Time 23 Jun 2019
Profoundly ambivalent Wall Street Journal 23 May 2019
Some editor needlessly in two minds The Sun Two Speed 19 Apr 2019
Rent Thomas Joseph 06 Apr 2019
Choosing between two good options, say The New Yorker 04 Mar 2019
Pulled in different directions The Washington Post 16 Jan 2019
In need of darning USA Today 11 Jan 2019
He is off the throne in Split Irish Times Crosaire 22 Dec 2018
Part of reactor now ripped apart The Sun Two Speed 06 Aug 2018
Tattered Premier Sunday 05 Aug 2018
In need of patching USA Today 23 Jul 2018
__ apart (in shreds) Newsday 11 Jun 2018
Some director now in two minds The Sun Two Speed 06 Jun 2018
Needing mending USA Today 15 Apr 2018
On the horns of a dilemma, say The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Mar 2018
Tattered go-with Universal 20 Mar 2018
Uncertain The Washington Post 03 Nov 2017
Needing time to decide The Washington Post Sunday 01 Oct 2017
... Curtain (Hitchcock thriller) Irish Times Simplex 19 Jul 2017
Divided between two choices Universal 10 Mar 2017
In shreds The Washington Post 10 Jan 2017
Needing repair, as paper Newsday 09 Jan 2017
Struggling with choices Newsday 18 Dec 2016
In need of mending Universal 06 Dec 2016
Ambivalent LA Times Daily 18 Nov 2016
In two minds to go right to news? Irish Times Crosaire 05 Nov 2016
In a quandary Universal 28 Oct 2016
Removed forcibly by wind, without further ado The Telegraph Toughie 30 Aug 2016
Utterly undecided Universal 20 Jun 2016
One of the letters repeatedly needed by tenant for rent The Telegraph Cryptic 22 May 2016
Needing darning Universal 03 May 2016
Ragged The Telegraph Quick 10 Jan 2016
Like a used sugar packet The Washington Post 11 Dec 2015
Struggling with a choice LA Times Daily 11 Sep 2015
"The Larry Sanders Show" actor Universal 19 Feb 2015
Having a hard time deciding USA Today 31 Jan 2015
Not sure what to do
In need of stitching
"___ and Frayed"
Not intact
In a dilemma
Having a hard time choosing
Ednaswap song Natalie Imbruglia had a hit with
Needing taping
See 60-Across
Like some muscles and tendons
Ripped apart
Part pro, part con
Natalie Imbruglia hit
Debating two options, say
Deeply divided
Between a rock and a hard place
Betwixt and between
Pulled apart
Indecisive, perhaps
Rip, but not Van Winkle
Quite undecided
Trying to decide
Like some injured muscles
Needing mending, maybe
Ripped to shreds
Paining over a decision
Rip or ripped
In pieces, perhaps
Far from committed
In conflict
"___ Curtain" (1966 Paul Newman film)
"___ Between Two Lovers" (#1 hit of 1977)
Rip of films
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