Crossword Clues for TOS

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Clue Source Date
Lean-__ LA Times Daily 24 Nov 2022
Lean- — (crude sheds) Premier Sunday 30 Oct 2022
Talking-___ (scoldings) USA Today 30 Oct 2022
How-___ (DIY guides) Universal 20 Oct 2022
Talking-__: stern lectures LA Times Daily 02 Oct 2022
How-___ (DIY guides) USA Today 04 Sep 2022
How-__: DIY guides The Washington Post 07 Jun 2022
How-__: DIY guides LA Times Daily 07 Jun 2022
How-__ (instruction books) Newsday 03 May 2022
Lean- — (sheds) Eugene Sheffer 21 Mar 2022
How-___ (instruction guides) USA Today 09 Mar 2022
Lean-___ (simple shelters) USA Today 16 Jan 2022
Lean- — (sheds) Eugene Sheffer 24 Nov 2021
Lean-__ (crude structures) Newsday 11 Oct 2021
How-___ (tutorials) USA Today 22 Aug 2021
Lean- — (sheds) Eugene Sheffer 02 Aug 2021
How-___ (instruction manuals) Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2021
Lean- — (sheds) Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2021
How-___ (tutorials) USA Today 16 Jan 2021
Talking-___ (reprimands) Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2020
Set- — (brawls) Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2020
How-___ New York Times 31 Jul 2020
Talking- — (lectures) Premier Sunday 19 Jul 2020
How-___ (instructional books) Universal 10 Jul 2020
How-__: manuals LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2020
How-__: manuals The Washington Post 19 Apr 2020
See 110-Across Premier Sunday 15 Mar 2020
Talking-___ (reprimands) USA Today 05 Dec 2019
Talking- — (scoldings) Premier Sunday 15 Sep 2019
How-___ (certain guides) Universal 13 Jul 2019
How- — (DIY books) Premier Sunday 23 Jun 2019
How-__: DIY guides LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2019
How-__: DIY guides The Washington Post 22 Apr 2019
Talking-__: lectures LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2019
Talking-__: lectures The Washington Post 12 Apr 2019
How-__: DIY guides
Talking-__: lectures
How-___ (certain guides)
Talking-___ (reprimands)
Talking-___ (reprimands) New York Times 25 Nov 2018
Lean- (sheds) Eugene Sheffer 06 Sep 2018
How-__: instruction books LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2018
How-__: instruction books The Washington Post 10 Jun 2018
Lean-__: sheds The Washington Post 01 Mar 2018
Lean-__: sheds LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2018
Set- -- (brief fights) Premier Sunday 25 Feb 2018
Lean-__: sheds
Talking-___ (reprimands)
How-__: instruction books
How-___ (DIY instructions) Universal 13 Dec 2017
How-___ (instructional publications) Jonesin 12 Dec 2017
Lean-__: shacks LA Times Daily 14 Nov 2017
Lean-__: shacks The Washington Post 14 Nov 2017
Lean- -- (hovels) Premier Sunday 15 Oct 2017
How-__: do-it-yourselfers' buys LA Times Daily 06 Apr 2017
How-__: do-it-yourselfers' buys The Washington Post 06 Apr 2017
How-___ (DIY guides) Universal 01 Apr 2017
Lean-__: shacks
How-___ (DIY guides)
How-___ (DIY instructions)
Talking-___ New York Times 03 Apr 2016
Talking-___ (scoldings) Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
Lean-___ (temporary shelters) The Washington Post 08 Jan 2016
How-___ (instruction books) The Washington Post 31 Dec 2015
How-___ (instructional books) Jonesin 15 Dec 2015
Lean-___ New York Times 16 Aug 2015
Lean-___ (rude shelters) New York Times 27 Jul 2015
Set- -- (rows) Premier Sunday 26 Jul 2015
How- -- (DIY books) Premier Sunday 28 Jun 2015
Lean- -- (shacks) Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2015
Lean-__ LA Times Daily 09 Apr 2015
Set-__ LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2015
How- -- (DIY books)
Lean- ___ (shacks)
Set- -- (rows)
Lean-___ (rude shelters)
Set-__: arguments
Lean-___ (simple shelters)
Talking-__ (lectures)
Lean- -- (sheds)
Set-__: rows
How-___ (instruction books)
How- -- (DIYers' books)
How- -- (handy books)
Set- -- (sharp fights)
How-___ (instruction guides)
Talking-__: tongue lashings
Talking-__: tongue lashings
Lean-___ (simple structures)
Lean-___ (temporary shelters)
Talking-___ (scoldings)
How-___ (instructional publications)
How-___ (guides)
How-___ (books for handy types)
How-___ (book types)
Talking- -- (lectures)
Lean- -- (hovels)
Lean-__ (sheds)
Talking-___ (scoldings)
NFL pauses
How-___ (handy books)
How-__: instruction books
NBA fumbles
How-___ (instructional books)
Lean-___ (sheds)
Stand-___ (preparations for military actions)
How-___ (do-it-yourself books)
How-___ (instructional books)
Set-__ (fights)
NBA or NFL breaks
Lean-__ (sheds)
How-___ (instruction books)
How- -- (handy manuals)
Lean- -- (huts)
How-___ (book genre)
How-___ (handyman's library)
NFL breaks
Lean-__ (sheds)
Set-__ (brawls)
Set- -- (melees)
Lean- -- (simple huts)
How-___ (instructional books)
Talking- -- (scoldings)
Set- -- (brief fights)
Set- -- (brawls)
Talking-___ (scoldings)
Set-___ (brief fights)
How-___ (instruction manuals)
Lean-___ (sheds)
How-___ (book genre)
Lean- -- (shacks)
Juan's cough
Talking-___ (lectures)
How-___ (instructional books)
How-___: teaching methods
How-___ (instructional books)
Talking-___ (scoldings)
Talking-___ (admonishments)
Lean-___ (sheds)
Set-___ (brawls)
Lean-___ (makeshift sheds)
How-___ (instructional methods)
How-___ (book genre)
Directional indicators
___ and fros
Cough: Sp.
Mil. set-ups
Signs of the infinitive.
Cough: Span.
How-___ (handy books)
Lean-___ (shacks)
Lean-___ (sheds)
How-___ (some wiki pages)
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