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Word "TRACTOR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a truck that has a cab but no body; used for pulling large trailers or vans

Part of Speech:
a wheeled vehicle with large wheels; used in farming and other applications

Crossword Clues for TRACTOR

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Clue Source Date
One vehicle and another overturning on pile of rocks The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Dec 2020
Transport turned to right that ploughs The Sun Two Speed 31 May 2020
Agricultural machine The Sun Two Speed 31 May 2020
Big plot of land for either partner advertised in the Farmers Journal perhaps Irish Times Crosaire 30 May 2020
Farm vehicle The Telegraph Quick 27 Apr 2020
Machine in a field The Washington Post Sunday 02 Feb 2020
Farm vehicle's cart going up hill The Sun Two Speed 23 Dec 2019
Piece of land or vehicle working it The Telegraph Toughie 05 Nov 2019
Agricultural vehicle The Telegraph Quick 03 Nov 2019
County fair sight The Washington Post 09 Aug 2019
Deere product Eugene Sheffer 06 Apr 2019
Transport turned to right that pulls The Sun Two Speed 10 Jan 2019
Endless path to hill for vehicle The Sun Two Speed 27 Dec 2018
Truck with cab but no body Irish Times Simplex 24 Sep 2018
Farm transport turned to right that ploughs The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2018
Farm rover Universal 21 Jun 2018
Leaders in the ruck bearing down on player that's powerful on the field The Telegraph Toughie 17 Oct 2017
18 for field trip? The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Aug 2017
Heavy machine to carry over hill The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jul 2017
Plow puller Wall Street Journal 13 May 2017
Plow puller, perhaps Newsday 04 Nov 2016
John Deere product Universal 07 Sep 2016
Turf oddly extra, maybe, as farming aid? The Telegraph Toughie 24 May 2016
Trailer hauler Universal 08 Feb 2016
It gets fired up on the farm Jonesin 02 Apr 2015
Farm hauler LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2015
Field vehicle
Modern replacement for 108-Down
It has a lot of pull
Deere vehicle
Farm aid
Allis-Chalmers product
Trailer leader
Short truck
Caterpillar, e.g.
Word with feed or pull
Caterpillar product
One with a lot of pull
One-seated vehicle
It runs on the farm
Farm vehicle in David Lynch's "The Straight Story"
Part of an eighteen-wheeler
It has pull
Tiller puller
Semitrailer hauler
Farm must
Powerful caterpillar
Farm machine
Trailer's partner
Farmer's aid.
Mechanical mule.
Hauling vehicle.
Motor truck for hauling.
Point 4 gift to foreign farmers.
Farmer's "must."
Farmer's favorite vehicle.
Sold by Alexander Botts.
Farm machine.
Ancestor of the tank.
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