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Word "TRAUMA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any physical damage to the body caused by violence or accident or fracture etc.
harm, hurt, injury

Part of Speech:
an emotional wound or shock often having long-lasting effects
psychic trauma

Crossword Clues for TRAUMA

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Clue Source Date
Streetcar crossing close to you a shock The Telegraph Toughie 06 Apr 2021
Emergency room concern New York Times 04 Apr 2021
Shock to body or mind Irish Times Simplex 22 Mar 2021
Rail transport taking in university and academy arrives at a shocking time Irish Times Crosaire 11 Mar 2021
Physical injury The Sun Two Speed 23 Jan 2021
Non-English amateur might show pain The Sun Two Speed 23 Jan 2021
Shock works sent up by university graduate The Sun Two Speed 23 Dec 2020
Injury; shock The Telegraph Quick 11 Nov 2020
ER doctor's expertise Newsday 30 Oct 2020
Crafty type retires from Russian body - losing a leader comes as a shock Irish Times Crosaire 23 Oct 2020
Psychological injury Eugene Sheffer 22 Oct 2020
Emotional shock Thomas Joseph 30 Sep 2020
A first at university in store - looking back, presumably, that comes with a lot of pain Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jun 2020
Rejects painting by university graduate - it comes as a shock Irish Times Crosaire 28 May 2020
Shock of opening tipple for a rum cocktail at start of the afternoon Irish Times Crosaire 06 May 2020
Deeply distressing experience The Times Concise 04 Mar 2020
Amateur, lacking energy, could show pain The Sun Two Speed 14 Feb 2020
Upper-class, boarding public transport? A shock The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Feb 2020
Distressing experience Wall Street Journal 01 Feb 2020
Turns up at the start of 13 down with one of the Big Cats scratching the head in shock Irish Times Crosaire 29 Nov 2019
Injury The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2019
Gold in mart potentially producing shock The Sun Two Speed 10 Nov 2019
Emotional injury Universal 16 Aug 2019
Works returned by university graduate in shock The Sun Two Speed 03 Aug 2019
A Greek character with skill overturned shock The Telegraph Toughie 19 Mar 2019
Psychological harm Universal 21 Jan 2019
Psychological wound New York Times 18 Dec 2018
Emotional wound Thomas Joseph 28 Nov 2018
Deeply distressing or disturbing experience Irish Times Simplex 12 Oct 2018
US president shortly to receive a shock The Telegraph Toughie 22 Jun 2018
Extreme shock The Telegraph Quick 01 Mar 2018
Severe shock The Telegraph Quick 09 Feb 2018
___ center New York Times 03 Feb 2018
Smart, casual with no class - that comes as a shock Irish Times Crosaire 15 Jan 2018
Psychology concern Newsday 30 Dec 2017
Reason for a hospitalization New York Times 29 Nov 2017
Something to work through with a therapist New York Times 26 Nov 2017
Heartbreak Hotel at the centre? That's the spirit welcoming American from Academy! Irish Times Crosaire 24 Nov 2017
A market suffering setback -- you finally admitted emotional shock The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Nov 2017
Stressful event Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2017
Center for the shocked? Universal 08 Jul 2017
Time with American, in spirit, is a nightmare Irish Times Crosaire 19 May 2017
Result of blunt force? Universal 17 May 2017
Kind of hospital "center" Universal 16 May 2017
Physical or mental shock Irish Times Simplex 03 Nov 2016
Major shock USA Today 27 Sep 2016
Shock The Telegraph Quick 01 Aug 2016
President ignoring note about a shocking event The Times Cryptic 15 Jun 2016
Source of add-on damages in a lawsuit New York Times 24 Apr 2016
Therapy target Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2016
PSV rounding bend with a shock The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Dec 2015
Psychological shock Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2015
Bodily shock USA Today 08 Nov 2015
Review art for youth centre graduate in shock Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jun 2015
A foreign character's craft overturned. What a shock! The Telegraph Toughie 07 Apr 2015
Wound Tarzan up, regularly missing mother The Telegraph Toughie 30 Jan 2015
Psychological distress Newsday 24 Jan 2015
Emotional upset The Telegraph Quick 06 Jan 2015
Severe emotional shock Universal 01 Jan 2015
Profound injury
Painful shock
Emotional ordeal
Suit allegation
Psychotherapy subject
Big shock
Shock to the system
Result of blunt force
Focus of a certain hospital center
Emotional or physical damage
Psychotherapist's concern
Therapist's concern
Serious shock
Injury requiring emergency room treatment
Focus of a hospital center
Therapy subject
Psychologist's concern
Emotional upheaval
Psychic shock
Great shock
__ center
Hospital's ___ center
It comes as a shock
Psychic injury
Emotional damage
Certain hospital case
Triage evaluation
Triage sorts it
Type of center
Big-time shock
ER concern
One cause of neurosis
ER condition
Shocking trial
Psychiatrist's concern
It sometimes causes neurosis
Shocking experience
Kind of center
Shock due to injury
Emergency room case
Accident aftermath
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.