Word "TREATY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
accord, pact

Crossword Clues for TREATY

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Clue Source Date
Formal agreement The Times Concise 12 Nov 2021
Formal agreement The Times Concise 03 Oct 2021
Negotiating goal Wall Street Journal 28 Aug 2021
War-ending pact Newsday 26 Jul 2021
Pact The Telegraph Quick 29 Apr 2021
Peace agreement LA Times Daily 19 Apr 2021
Peace agreement The Washington Post 19 Apr 2021
Agreement between states Irish Times Simplex 18 Mar 2021
Deal with party, ultimately making pact The Times Cryptic 12 Mar 2021
Pact, accord Irish Times Simplex 08 Feb 2021
International agreement USA Today 01 Jan 2021
War-ending agreement Newsday 02 Nov 2020
Agreement at Tyre redrafted The Sun Two Speed 12 Jul 2020
Pact The Sun Two Speed 12 Jul 2020
Deal with Yankee, making pact The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2020
Peace agreement USA Today 25 Mar 2020
Compact; concord The Guardian Speedy 09 Feb 2020
International agreement The Times Concise 14 Nov 2019
NATO part USA Today 13 Nov 2019
The 'T' in NATO The Washington Post 12 Nov 2019
The "T" in NATO LA Times Daily 12 Nov 2019
Contract requiring three partly to supply occasional items The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Sep 2019
International agreement Newsday 03 Sep 2019
Nervous yatter follows a conflict Irish Times Crosaire 26 Aug 2019
War ender Thomas Joseph 04 Jun 2019
War-ending pact Newsday 15 May 2019
Nurse unlikely, ultimately, to get deal The Telegraph Toughie 07 May 2019
Have a meal in attempt to get agreement The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Apr 2019
'Bury the hatchet' document USA Today 10 Mar 2019
Compact; concordat The Guardian Speedy 06 Jan 2019
"Bury the hatchet" document
Negotiations result, often Universal 18 Dec 2018
Something registered with the International Court of Justice Newsday 03 Nov 2018
Accord New York Times 07 Oct 2018
International agreement The Washington Post 16 Aug 2018
International agreement LA Times Daily 16 Aug 2018
Accord LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2018
Accord The Washington Post 15 Jul 2018
War ender USA Today 14 Jun 2018
Accord The Chronicle of Higher Education 08 Jun 2018
Part of NATO New York Times 22 May 2018
International agreement The Telegraph Quick 07 Apr 2018
Reason to pass a peace pipe USA Today 06 Mar 2018
Contract Jobcentre at Yeovil -- do it! The Telegraph Toughie 28 Feb 2018
Handle last bit of wordy agreement The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Jan 2018
War ender
Part of NATO
International agreement
Negotiations result, often
Accord Universal 31 Dec 2017
Fighting ender LA Times Daily 17 Dec 2017
Fighting ender The Washington Post 17 Dec 2017
Understanding doctor? Unknown The Telegraph Toughie 05 Dec 2017
Agreement between governments Irish Times Simplex 04 Nov 2017
Formal agreement The Guardian Speedy 28 Oct 2017
Agreement to have food during test The Telegraph Toughie 06 Sep 2017
What consumers do in attempt to produce international deal The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Aug 2017
Deal with variable agreement The Telegraph Toughie 28 Jun 2017
Versailles agreement Eugene Sheffer 13 May 2017
Accord among nations Canadiana 17 Apr 2017
Compact New York Times 12 Mar 2017
Fighting ender
There's agreement it's nervous yatter Irish Times Crosaire 06 Dec 2016
Pact Eugene Sheffer 22 Nov 2016
It's debated in song in ''Hamilton'' Newsday 02 Jul 2016
War-ending pact USA Today 28 Jun 2016
Negotiation attorney arranged on leaving The Telegraph Toughie 24 May 2016
Peace talks objective Jonesin 08 Mar 2016
Agreement oddly located, in turn? Exactly The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jan 2016
Dine in attempt to achieve agreement The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jan 2016
War-ending pact
Fanciful alternative to tricky agreement The Telegraph Toughie 04 Dec 2015
Deal with adversary, ultimately making pact The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Sep 2015
Agreement to attempt to catch swallow The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Sep 2015
Make inroads into attempt for agreement The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Aug 2015
Fight stopper Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2015
War ender Newsday 15 Jun 2015
Pact LA Times Daily 24 May 2015
War-ending pact LA Times Daily 09 Mar 2015
Attempt when fencing to take in agreement The Times Cryptic 21 Jan 2015
Deal with party, ultimately making pact The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Jan 2015
Yothu Yindi song
War ender
Fight stopper
War-ending pact
Agreement between countries
Formal end to hostilities
Bringer of peace
Postwar pact
Versailles signing
Allies have one
Hostilities ender
Hostilities ender, sometimes
The "T" in NATO
The "T" in NATO
Peace-talks objective
Versailles agreement
It may be bilateral
Louisiana Purchase, for one
8-Down ender
Louisiana Purchase, for one
Peace-talks objective
Ratified agreement
Hostilities ender
Part of NATO
___ of Paris
It may be bilateral
Hatchet-burying document
It may be bilateral
Hostilities ender
Testing ban, maybe
Part of NATO
Formal agreement
Formal agreement
Place for important signatures
Link between nations
Versailles document
Hostilities ender
Foreign Relations Committee consideration
NATO word
Peace sign?
War ender
Peace pact
Versailles signing
War ender
SALT or START, e.g.
Versailles document
Senate concern
Negotiations result, often
Place for signatures
War-ending agreement
Trade agreement
Peace agreement
Contract of a sort
Versailles agreement
Ghent document of 1814
Versailles document
Peace maker
Event at Versailles
Versailles ___
Event at Versailles: 1919
Kind of port
Formal agreement
Versailles event: 1919
Ghent's claim to fame
___ of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Part of NATO.
Political agreement.
Contract of a sort.
Formal agreement.
Important document.
Diplomatic achievement.
___ port.
International document.
Formal end of a war.
Part of METO.
Event in Japan, Sept. 8, 1951.
Work of the President and the Senate.
Utrecht, 1713.
Important matter in Japan.
Coming agreement with Japan.
The Hay-Pauncefote is one.
Post-war problem.
Pact between nations.
Kyoto ___
Agreement after a 14-Across
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