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Word "TREETOP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the upper branches and leaves of a tree or other plant

Crossword Clues for TREETOP

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Clue Source Date
'Rock-a-bye' locale New York Times 05 Feb 2021
Lofty spot for a lark Wall Street Journal 28 Dec 2020
Part of a canopy New York Times 06 Dec 2020
Cradle locale, in a lullaby Wall Street Journal 01 Sep 2020
Cradle-rocking site of rhyme LA Times Daily 13 Aug 2020
Lullaby locale New York Times 29 May 2020
Star ornament's spot Universal 25 Nov 2019
Perch in a lullaby The Washington Post 11 Oct 2019
Cradle site in a nursery song The New Yorker 15 Apr 2019
Place with a bird's-eye view The Washington Post 04 Apr 2019
Nest locale Eugene Sheffer 27 Oct 2018
'Rock-a-bye Baby' setting New York Times 01 May 2018
Cradle locale of song USA Today 15 Apr 2018
Star's spot at Christmas New York Times 10 Apr 2018
"Rock-a-bye Baby" setting
Bird's perch Thomas Joseph 28 Jul 2017
Spot with a bird's-eye view The Washington Post 09 Apr 2017
High vantage point The Washington Post 01 Nov 2016
Rock music setting? Newsday 26 Dec 2015
Memorable cradle locale Newsday 11 Sep 2015
'Rock-a-Bye Baby' site Eugene Sheffer 30 Jul 2015
Laurel crown? The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Jan 2015
Cradle location in "Rock-a-Bye, Baby"
High-level branches?
Christmas star's place
"Rock-a-bye, baby" location
Lullaby setting, and a hint to the starts of 3-, 4-, 9- and 31-Down
"Rock-A-Bye, Baby" setting
"Rock-a-bye baby" spot
"Rock-a-bye Baby" locale
"Rock-a-bye Baby" location
Nursery-song locale
Vista locale
Place for a high nest
"Rock-a-bye, baby" spot
Angel's perch, perhaps
Lookout's perch, perhaps
Place for a star
Christmas star site
"Rock-a-Bye Baby" locale
Lofty position
Bird's-eye view locale
Rural skyline element
Cradle locale?
Place for a cradle?
Spot for a high nest
Locale for a rocking cradle, in a lullaby
Branch headquarters?
"Rock-a-bye baby" place
Angel's perch, at times
Cedar crest, e.g.
Perch, perhaps
Rock-a-bye-baby locale
Baby's spot in song
Orangutan's nesting place
Nursery song locale
"Rock-a-bye baby in the ___"
"Rock-a-Bye Baby" location
Lofty perch
Baby place of rhyme
Trunk terminus
Spot for a cradle?
Baby's place?
Baby's spot
"Rock-a-Bye, Baby" setting
Parachutist's view maybe
Hangout for some birds
Questionable cradle location
Aerie area
Unfortunate landing spot for a parachutist
Odd place for a cradle
Danger for a low-flying plane
Where baby rocks
Cradle site, in rhyme
"Rock-a-bye-baby on the ___"
Place for a star or a baby
Baby's perch, in a rhyme
Cradle location, in verse
Where a kite might alight
Robin's perch
Uppermost branches.
Place for 63 Across.
Part of a palm.
High perch.
Place for a lookout.
Nesting place.
Baby's perch in rhyme.
Bird's-eye view.
"Sparrow in the ___."
Place for "rock-a-by baby."
Rockabye baby's roost.
Nest location
Baby's cradle location in song
"Rockin' Robin" setting
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