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Word "TRIAL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
trying something to find out about it
test, trial run, tryout
a sample for ten days free trial
a trial of progesterone failed to relieve the pain

Part of Speech:
an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event
tribulation, visitation
his mother-in-law's visits were a great trial for him

Part of Speech:
the act of testing something
run, test
in the experimental trials the amount of carbon was measured separately
he called each flip of the coin a new trial

Crossword Clues for TRIAL

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Clue Source Date
Case hearing Premier Sunday 28 Feb 2021
Ordeal Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2021
Court proceeding Irish Times Simplex 30 Jan 2021
Most of journey with a learner will be an ordeal The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Jan 2021
Experiment The Telegraph Quick 07 Jan 2021
Test to determine guilt or innocence Irish Times Simplex 05 Jan 2021
Word after 'mock' or 'fair' USA Today 18 Dec 2020
Clinical study USA Today 25 Sep 2020
Bar fight? Wall Street Journal 10 Sep 2020
Large craft capsized circumnavigating island, creating distress The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Sep 2020
Hearing test The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2020
Courtroom proceeding USA Today 05 Apr 2020
Dry run LA Times Daily 10 Mar 2020
Probationary period Newsday 29 Nov 2019
Court event Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2019
Courtroom event The Washington Post 22 Sep 2019
Judge's proceeding Universal 07 Sep 2019
Event with a jury USA Today 04 Sep 2019
Remain out of air terminal for pilot study Irish Times Crosaire 13 Aug 2019
Court proceedings in Austria lengthy The Sun Two Speed 03 Aug 2019
Pilot study of trail mix Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2019
Best to turn up during dog show at Crufts? The Telegraph Toughie 31 May 2019
The O.J. ___ of 1995 USA Today 27 Apr 2019
Test The Times Concise 19 Apr 2019
Event to take a stand at? Universal 13 Apr 2019
Courtroom activity Newsday 26 Mar 2019
R&D procedure Newsday 24 Mar 2019
Hardship The Sun Two Speed 26 Feb 2019
Court case The Telegraph Quick 12 Feb 2019
'Law & Order' highlight USA Today 16 Jan 2019
Case left behind large rooms, unopened The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jan 2019
The Scopes 'Monkey ___' of 1925 USA Today 01 Jan 2019
The Scopes "Monkey ___" of 1925
"Law & Order" highlight
High point of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' New York Times 06 Dec 2018
Clinical drug test USA Today 30 Oct 2018
Part of a case history? The Washington Post Sunday 07 Oct 2018
Hearing Wall Street Journal 11 Sep 2018
Test period Newsday 24 Aug 2018
What might follow suit? New York Times 26 Apr 2018
Court conflict Universal 14 Feb 2018
High point of "To Kill a Mockingbird"
Troublesome thing; test The Times Concise 25 Sep 2017
Test of performance The Times Concise 11 Sep 2017
Event with a judge The Washington Post Sunday 10 Sep 2017
Gripping courtroom event Universal 25 Aug 2017
It can come before a sentence The Washington Post 06 Aug 2017
Courtroom happening Universal 19 Jul 2017
"Bull" event USA Today 02 May 2017
It can be judged Universal 28 Mar 2017
Marine is removed from air terminal - how is that a pilot study? Irish Times Crosaire 20 Feb 2017
__ by jury LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2017
'Boston Legal' event The Washington Post 01 Jan 2017
Juror's event Premier Sunday 16 Oct 2016
Central event in "My Cousin Vinny" USA Today 16 Oct 2016
Clinical test Wall Street Journal 30 Aug 2016
Run-through USA Today 24 Jul 2016
"Perry Mason" scene USA Today 21 Jun 2016
Event with evidence USA Today 30 May 2016
Motoring competition is suffering The Telegraph Toughie 19 Apr 2016
Court proceedings Irish Times Simplex 26 Mar 2016
Legal proceeding Newsday 13 Mar 2016
Error's partner Wall Street Journal 19 Feb 2016
Kind of separation New York Times 28 Jan 2016
"The Good Wife" event LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2016
Court action Wall Street Journal 08 Jan 2016
Court contest Eugene Sheffer 02 Jan 2016
"Boston Legal" event
Tribulation's partner Universal 09 Dec 2015
Case study? LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2015
Event with arguments LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2015
Courtroom business Universal 21 Sep 2015
Proceedings to determine guilt or innocence Irish Times Simplex 08 Sep 2015
Tough time Newsday 05 Sep 2015
With 27-Down, literally, a Sixth Amendment right New York Times 06 Aug 2015
__ by fire LA Times Daily 25 Mar 2015
Legal case The Telegraph Quick 15 Feb 2015
Test run LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2015
Some rockers go on this at court
Qualifying heat
Free period for a product
"My Cousin Vinny" event
Court activity
Bad boy rockers might go to court for this
Setting for much of "My Cousin Vinny"
Old Bailey occurrence
Matlock matter
Hard challenge
What a settlement avoids
Court TV fare
What Axl Rose goes to, at times
Court happening
Event in many a Turow book
"Perry Mason" proceeding
Event for the accused
-- and error
What a plea bargain obviates
Main event in "The Crucible"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.