Word "TROLL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
angling by drawing a baited line through the water

Part of Speech:
a partsong in which voices follow each other; one voice starts and others join in one after another until all are singing different parts of the song at the same time

Part of Speech:
a fisherman's lure that is used in trolling
he used a spinner as his troll

Crossword Clues for TROLL

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Clue Source Date
Ugly creature of myth The Times Concise 25 Jul 2022
Monster under a bridge USA Today 16 Jun 2022
Big-haired doll USA Today 05 Jun 2022
Ugly creature of myth The Times Concise 16 May 2022
Internet pest The Times Concise 15 May 2022
Reddit provocateur Universal 09 May 2022
Abuse others online The Guardian Quick 09 Apr 2022
Scandinavian monster right in charge The Times Cryptic 16 Mar 2022
Malicious blogger? Right to block impact The Times Cryptic 03 Mar 2022
Online flame thrower? LA Times Daily 25 Dec 2021
Someone being virtually insulting? The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Nov 2021
Twitter menace USA Today 22 Oct 2021
Fantasy creature Thomas Joseph 08 Sep 2021
Folkloric giant The Telegraph Quick 18 Aug 2021
Fantasy creature Thomas Joseph 24 Jun 2021
Fairy tale character Wall Street Journal 02 Jun 2021
Online antagonist Newsday 30 Apr 2021
Online nuisance The Sun Two Speed 26 Apr 2021
Monster to walk after beheading? The Sun Two Speed 26 Apr 2021
Person who might engage in 11-Down USA Today 24 Apr 2021
Fairytale monster The Telegraph Quick 10 Apr 2021
Internet pest The Telegraph Quick 26 Mar 2021
Online provocateur New York Times 17 Mar 2021
Fairy tale meanie Newsday 15 Feb 2021
"The Hobbit" baddie Eugene Sheffer 27 Jan 2021
One lacking netiquette Universal 22 Dec 2020
Comments section annoyance USA Today 16 Sep 2020
Social media reprobate Newsday 03 Sep 2020
Disruptive blog visitor USA Today 05 Jul 2020
Internet instigator Newsday 11 Jun 2020
Ugly dwarf The Times Concise 02 Jun 2020
Cybertroublemaker Newsday 24 May 2020
One living under a bridge, in fairy tales New York Times 02 Mar 2020
Online troublemaker
"Twitter egg," once The New Yorker 13 Jan 2020
Fairy-tale creature Newsday 27 Dec 2019
Forum troublemaker
Forum troublemaker New York Times 27 Dec 2019
Bridge guard of folklore USA Today 27 Dec 2019
Provocative poster
Provocative poster New York Times 15 Dec 2019
Hairy fad doll Universal 21 Oct 2019
Reddit troublemaker USA Today 16 Oct 2019
Forum provocateur Wall Street Journal 05 Oct 2019
Online instigator New York Times 22 Sep 2019
More than a bagel, but less than a walk New York Times 05 Sep 2019
Charge having caught river fish The Telegraph Toughie 20 Aug 2019
Dungeons & Dragons monster USA Today 21 Jun 2019
Social media troublemaker LA Times Daily 11 Jun 2019
Social media troublemaker The Washington Post 11 Jun 2019
Blog annoyance USA Today 15 May 2019
Social media troublemaker USA Today 05 May 2019
Fairy tale baddie Newsday 10 Apr 2019
'The Hobbit' baddie USA Today 16 Feb 2019
Chat room annoyance USA Today 15 Feb 2019
Disruptive forum poster Wall Street Journal 09 Feb 2019
Internet annoyance Jonesin 05 Feb 2019
Bridge guard of folklore Newsday 29 Jan 2019
Internet troublemaker USA Today 15 Jan 2019
Duty to restrain source of rudeness -- such as me? The Telegraph Toughie 10 Jan 2019
Reddit troublemaker
Online instigator
Internet troublemaker
Social media troublemaker
More than a bagel, but less than a walk
Disruptive forum poster
Hairy fad doll
Chat room annoyance
Forum provocateur
"The Hobbit" baddie
Bridge guard of folklore
Blog annoyance
Dungeons & Dragons monster
Social media troublemaker
Spiky-haired fad doll USA Today 29 Dec 2018
Twitter troublemaker LA Times Daily 26 Dec 2018
Twitter troublemaker The Washington Post 26 Dec 2018
Online jerk Universal 01 Dec 2018
Trollope dismissed Poe as an ugly monster Irish Times Crosaire 20 Oct 2018
Chat room troublemaker USA Today 14 Oct 2018
Goblin right in charge The Sun Two Speed 13 Oct 2018
Gremlin's kin Premier Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Internet annoyance The Washington Post 11 Aug 2018
Internet annoyance LA Times Daily 11 Aug 2018
Somebody bad at bridge ... and online? The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Aug 2018
Online naysayer Universal 03 Jun 2018
Supernatural cave-dweller The Telegraph Quick 08 May 2018
Disruptive forum visitor LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2018
Disruptive forum visitor The Washington Post 28 Mar 2018
Ugly monster Thomas Joseph 24 Jan 2018
Ugly Norse dwarf The Times Concise 22 Jan 2018
Online naysayer
Twitter troublemaker
Internet annoyance
Disruptive forum visitor
Spiky-haired fad doll
Chat room troublemaker
Online jerk
Disruptive forum commenter The Washington Post 21 Nov 2017
Disruptive forum commenter LA Times Daily 21 Nov 2017
Creature from Norse mythology The Guardian Speedy 07 Oct 2017
'The Hobbit' baddie Eugene Sheffer 04 Oct 2017
Monster controlling the middle The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Oct 2017
Fairy-tale monster Universal 29 Sep 2017
Ogre Universal 13 Sep 2017
Internet provocateur The Telegraph Quick 08 Aug 2017
Nuisance in an online comments section New York Times 25 Jul 2017
Ugly dwarf or giant The Times Concise 02 May 2017
Giant ring worn by king The Times Cryptic 02 Feb 2017
Fairy tale character The Washington Post 28 Jan 2017
Fairy-tale monster
Online provocateur
Disruptive forum commenter
Nuisance in an online comments section
Forum troublemaker The Washington Post 14 Aug 2016
Fairy-tale meanie USA Today 22 Jul 2016
Online harasser Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2016
Internet forum troublemaker The Washington Post 19 Jun 2016
To use an angling method needs time and bread The Guardian Cryptic 14 Jun 2016
Offensive poster New York Times 05 Jun 2016
Newsgroup poster bent on provoking others Wall Street Journal 16 May 2016
See 39-Down New York Times 04 May 2016
Internet forum troublemaker LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2016
Sixties fad figure Newsday 09 Apr 2016
Bridge guarder of folklore Universal 07 Mar 2016
'Three Billy Goats Gruff' villain New York Times 28 Feb 2016
Search casually, as for a bar pickup LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2016
Chat room persona non grata Universal 20 Jan 2016
Fairy-tale meanie
Search casually, as for a bar pickup
Offensive poster
Chat room persona non grata
Nuisance in the comments section The Washington Post 24 Dec 2015
Time to rotate the damn doll! Irish Times Crosaire 27 Nov 2015
Folklore monster Universal 12 Oct 2015
Fad doll with spiky hair USA Today 08 Sep 2015
Fairy-tale villain Newsday 25 Aug 2015
Tax incorporating right to fish The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Aug 2015
Memorable bridge-guarder Universal 17 Aug 2015
Internet forum pest Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2015
Chat room troublemaker LA Times Daily 03 Aug 2015
Internet forum troublemaker Wall Street Journal 06 Jul 2015
Nasty type at bridge? Demands money from traveller to cross river The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jul 2015
Fairy tale character USA Today 29 Jun 2015
Fairy tale bad guy LA Times Daily 09 Jun 2015
Folklore figure Eugene Sheffer 02 Apr 2015
Folklore dwarf USA Today 02 Apr 2015
Ugly being of folklore The Times Concise 22 Jan 2015
Time to rotate the dam doll! Irish Times Crosaire 09 Jan 2015
Chat room persona non grata LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2015
Message board troublemaker
Folklore monster
Memorable bridge-guarder
Chat room troublemaker
Internet troublemaker
Fad doll with spiky hair
Fairy tale character
Folklore dwarf
Internet forum pest
Chat room persona non grata
Chat room troublemaker
Fairy-tale villain
Fairy tale bad guy
Ugly bridge-guarder
Online instigator
Bridge guarder of folklore
Harry Potter series creature
Baddie under a bridge
Dweller under a bridge, in fairy tales
Bridge monster
Foe for Bilbo
Fairy tale meanie
Under-the-bridge folklore villain
Thread hijacker
"The Lord of the Rings" beast
Folklore bridge guard
Folklore creature
Post "Rush sux!!" on a Rush fanpage, e.g.
Dungeons & Dragons monster
Search (for)
Mythical cave dweller
Cave dwarf of folklore
Gnomelike character
Menacing cave dweller of Norse mythology
Onetime fad doll
Fairy tale figure
Ugly creature in Scandinavian lore
Internet forum annoyance
Dweller under a bridge, in fairy tales
"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" meanie
Wanted poster's antithesis?
"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" meanie
Internet-forum rabble-rouser
Sing in a carefree way
Online agitator
Under-the-bridge folklore villain
Under-the-bridge folklore villain
"___ the ancient Yuletide carol ..."
Internet forum menace
Fairy tale threat
Fairy tale lurker
1960s fad doll
Fairy tale lurker
Sing the parts of in succession
Long-haired doll
Bridge guard of folklore
A way to fish
Folklore creature
Spiky-haired doll
Fairy-tale creature
Fairy tale threat
"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" meanie
On-line instigator
Cave dwarf
Bridge dwarf
Dwarf of folklore
Internet forum troublemaker
"Three Billy Goats Gruff" fiend
Cave dweller of folklore
Creature under a bridge
Billy Goats Gruff menacer
Billy Goats Gruff menacer
Internet forum rabble-rouser
Fish, in a way
Search in
Cave dweller of folklore
Fairy tale character
Memorable bridge-guarder
Faddish long-haired collectible doll
Faddish long-haired collectible doll
Scandinavian folklore figure
Folklore being
Long-haired fad doll
Go fishing, in a way
"Lord of the Rings" beast
Gnomelike character
Newsgroup disrupter
Fairy tale character
Underground folklore creature
Under-bridge dweller of myth
Storybook nasty
Underground folklore creature
Billy goat's nemesis
Fairy tale creature
Fad doll
Foe for Frodo
Mythical cave dweller
Many a fairy tale baddie
Mythical cave dweller
Northern gnome
Waiter under the bridge?
Dwarf of folklore
Billy Goats Gruff adversary
Bad-hair-day doll?
Fairy-tale toll collector
Fish, in a way
"The Three Billy Goats Gruff' meanie
Chat-room disrupter
Fish, in a way
Cave-dwelling dwarf
Fish, in a way
Billy Goats Gruff foe
Gremlin kin
Sing loudly without inhibition
Being under a bridge
Mythical being
Gnome's cousin
Folklore figure
Billy Goats Gruff menacer
Folk tale creature
Ogre cousin
Fish with a moving line
Ogre cousin
Fish from the stern
Fairy-tale monster
One way to angle
Fish with a moving line
Creature fought by Harry Potter
Fish in a way
Bridge enthusiast?
Tolkien being
Bridge denizen
Folk tale cave dweller
Fishing lure
Fish for pike, e.g.
Leprechaun kin
Fad doll with spiky hair
Doll with spiky bright hair
Bridge guarder of folklore
One met by Peer Gynt
Creature under a bridge
Long-haired collectible
Long-haired doll
Bridge guard of folklore
Subterranean folklore creature
Mythical monster
"Peer Gynt" character
Supernatural dwarf
Being under a bridge
Bridge guardian
Folkloric giant
Newsgroup troublemaker
Fish after a fashion
Memorable bridge guarder
Dwarf of folklore
Lurker under the bridge
Fish, in a way
One way to fish
Way to fish
Folklore figure
Sing in a full, happy voice
Fad toy of the '90s
Faddish long-haired doll
Scandinavian under-bridge dweller
Mythical cave dweller
Folklore dwarf
Creature of Scandinavian folklore
Creature under Grimms' bridge
Mythological dwarf
Fish with a moving line
Fad doll of the '90s
Cave dweller
Fairy tale villain
Fish from a moving vessel
Giant or dwarf of folklore
King in "Peer Gynt"
Fish on the move
Banshee's cousin
Fish with a towed line
Gnomelike creature
Gnome's kin
Storytime dwarf
Scandinavian giant or dwarf
Fish moving along
Go after stripers
Sing lustily
Fish or dwarf
Angle for blues
Fish with a moving line
Folklore creature
Angler's spoon
Folkloric giant or dwarf
Mythical monster
Folklore figure
Sing in a round
Chant merrily
Supernatural being, in folklore
Angler's tactic
Fish, in a way
Dwarf of folklore
Sing merrily
Do fishing on the go
Fish for pike
Supernatural being.
Fish with a spoon bait.
Chant merrily.
Go fishing.
Underground imp.
Fish with a spoon.
Subterranean imp.
Fish with the bait in motion.
Fish for with a moving line.
Fish with a moving line.
Sing in a full voice.
Imp of folklore.
Kin of the gnome.
Character in "Peer Gynt."
Fishing lure.
Sing jovially.
Dwarf or giant.
Sing in honor of.
Fishing spoon.
Comments section annoyance
Deliberately inflammatory poster on message boards
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