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Crossword Clues for TRUMAN

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Clue Source Date
US President, not totally honest fellow The Telegraph Toughie 17 Mar 2021
Writer Capote LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2021
Roosevelt's successor Thomas Joseph 01 Jul 2020
33rd president Thomas Joseph 17 Feb 2020
Last president not a college grad Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Missouri-born president Eugene Sheffer 18 May 2019
President on V-J Day USA Today 22 Mar 2019
Novelist Capote Universal 11 Jan 2019
'Mr. Citizen' autobiographer The Washington Post 26 Aug 2018
"Mr. Citizen" autobiographer LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2018
'The buck stops here' president The Washington Post 10 Aug 2018
"The buck stops here" president LA Times Daily 10 Aug 2018
Harry S ... former US president Irish Times Simplex 22 Dec 2017
President coming across as honest fellow The Telegraph Toughie 07 Nov 2017
Author Capote The Washington Post 24 Apr 2017
Nuclear bomber, spirit captured in bronze The Telegraph Toughie 15 Feb 2017
Harry or Bess in the White House New York Times 18 Dec 2016
Eisenhower's predecessor Thomas Joseph 17 Nov 2016
His second inauguration was the first to be televised Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2016
President from Independence Thomas Joseph 27 Feb 2016
One from politics Wall Street Journal 01 Oct 2015
Harry S. —, president The Times Concise 27 Aug 2015
President from Missouri Thomas Joseph 13 Jul 2015
33rd U.S. president USA Today 19 May 2015
President who said, "If you can't convince 'em, confuse 'em"
President who ended World War II
Whom Dewey defeated, according to a premature headline
Winner of 1948
Whom "Dewey Defeats" in a classic Chicago Tribune headline
President who relieved MacArthur
Eisenhower predecessor
President whose middle initial, S, didn't stand for anything
Marshall Plan signer
Fair Deal president
1995 Sinise title role
Post-WWII president with a doctrine
Fair Deal proponent
He said, "The buck stops here!"
"Plain Speaking" biographee
See 58-Across
His middle name was "S"
Piano-playing President
A sign on his desk read "The buck stops here"
"Plain Speaking" subject
Roosevelt's running mate, 1944
Mr. Citizen
Carrey character
33rd President
"The _____ Show" (Carrey film)
Jim Carrey movie role
"The ___ Show"
Potsdam Conference attendee
Author of "Murder in the White House"
Author of "Mr. Citizen"
___ Doctrine
___ Doctrine: 1947
Independence name
Famous Democrat
Missouri name
___ Doctrine.
Man from Missouri.
White House name.
Missouri Senator, 1935–44.
Independence name.
Elder statesman.
Author Capote.
Pride of Lamar.
Famous septuagenarian.
Convention "stand-off."
U. S. President.
Man of Independence.
Well-known Missourian.
Founder of a new library.
Role in "Call Me Madam."
"Memoirs" author.
One of the campaigners.
Independence man.
Author of "Years of Trial and Hope.”
Former U. S. President.
Irving Fisher's role in "Call Me Madam."
Inauguration participant.
He'll speak in Chicago.
He was born at 15 Across.
32nd or 33rd President.
Novelist Capote.
He opened recent Inter-American conference.
Noted resident of Blair House.
Man with atomic problems.
Thurmond's rival.
Bullion Stater, born May 8, 1884.
Bess of Washington.
Tenant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Prominent son of Lamar, Mo.
President of the Senate.
Missouri's pride.
Nov. 7 candidate.
Missouri Senator.
Head of a Senate committee.
"The buck stops here" coiner
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