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Word "TUG" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a sudden abrupt pull

Part of Speech:
a powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger ships
towboat, tower, tugboat

Part of Speech:
carry with difficulty
lug, tote

Crossword Clues for TUG

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Clue Source Date
Pull USA Today 03 Apr 2021
Towboat Eugene Sheffer 17 Feb 2021
Barge mover Wall Street Journal 13 Feb 2021
___ of war USA Today 10 Feb 2021
Pull hard LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2021
Jerk’s kin Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2020
Pull at The Telegraph Quick 12 Dec 2020
Tow boat The Telegraph Quick 09 Dec 2020
Harbor boat Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2020
Hard pull The Washington Post 16 Aug 2020
Water tower? The Times Concise 07 Jun 2020
Yank Universal 05 Jun 2020
Harbor sight Wall Street Journal 21 May 2020
Boat to pull a larger one Irish Times Simplex 09 Apr 2020
Gentle pull Thomas Joseph 26 Feb 2020
Harbor workhorse USA Today 29 Nov 2019
Attention-getting pull USA Today 15 Nov 2019
Powerful boat The Times Concise 28 Oct 2019
___-of-war Universal 19 Sep 2019
Sharp yank Newsday 27 Aug 2019
Harbor craft USA Today 09 Aug 2019
Pull gently Thomas Joseph 15 Apr 2019
Port vessel USA Today 31 Mar 2019
Pull sharply Premier Sunday 10 Feb 2019
Give a yank Family Time 06 Jan 2019
Hauler in the harbor Universal 15 Dec 2018
Working boat The Telegraph Quick 15 Sep 2018
Yank in powerful boat The Sun Two Speed 05 Sep 2018
Pull suddenly The Times Concise 10 Apr 2018
Cause of a sleeve movement The Washington Post 30 Mar 2018
Yank (on) New York Times 26 Mar 2018
Port sight Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2017
Harbor helper The Washington Post 22 Nov 2017
Boat to pull larger ones Irish Times Simplex 31 Oct 2017
Harbor vessel Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2017
Pull on Wall Street Journal 21 Jun 2017
A little yank Universal 10 Jun 2017
Port whistler New York Times 19 May 2017
Promising action on a fishing line New York Times 23 Apr 2017
Towing boat; pull The Times Concise 20 Feb 2017
Harbor puller LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2016
Quick pull The Washington Post 10 Nov 2016
Jerk New York Times 30 Sep 2016
Give a little pull Universal 22 Jul 2016
Yank's cousin New York Times 30 Mar 2016
Suddenly pull; boat The Times Concise 02 Feb 2016
Harbor hauler Eugene Sheffer 02 Dec 2015
Sharp pull Newsday 08 Nov 2015
Tow The Telegraph Quick 30 Sep 2015
Tower in the water Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2015
Type of harbor boat USA Today 08 Jul 2015
Big jerk Newsday 06 Jun 2015
Harbor whistler New York Times 17 May 2015
Boat in a harbor Universal 06 Apr 2015
Fish-on-the-line sign LA Times Daily 17 Mar 2015
Garbage barge puller LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2015
Pull lightly Universal 16 Feb 2015
Pull (on)
Barge puller
Relief pitcher McGraw
Drawer of ships?
Big jerk?
Yank hard
Tower in the bay
Boat tower
"___ of War" (1982 Paul McCartney album)
Pull at with effort
You can do it to heartstrings
Harbor work boat
Tooting boat
Vigorous pull
Harbor dragger
[Pay attention!]
Sign of a fish on the line
Play with a dog toy, maybe
Carrier puller
Indication of a fish on the line
Harbor tower
Ship-to-shore aid
Act of war?
Little yank
Indication of a fish on a line
Port pusher
Harbor pusher
Pull with force
Fight in a war?
Participate in a war?
Type of boat
Pull, as ropes
Drawing of the heart?
Hardworking boat
Harbor craft, perhaps
Kind of boat
River tower
Strain at
Powerful pull
Quick draw?
Small tower
Mets great McGraw
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