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Crossword Clues for TULIP

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Clue Source Date
“The ____ is a courtly quean, / Whom, therefore, I will shun” (Thomas Hood) The Times Specialist Sunday 18 Apr 2021
Bulb bloom USA Today 15 Apr 2021
Flower The Telegraph Quick 14 Apr 2021
Turkey's national flower USA Today 24 Feb 2021
Spring flower Wall Street Journal 22 Feb 2021
Bloom from a bulb Newsday 13 Jan 2021
Fluorescent bulb, maybe New York Times 02 Jan 2021
Flower in middle of mature border The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2020
Dutch bloom The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2020
Spring bulb LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2020
This from bulb lit up amazingly The Sun Two Speed 31 Oct 2020
Netherlands' floral symbol Newsday 27 Oct 2020
Flower associated with the Netherlands Newsday 23 Sep 2020
Flower prized in Holland Universal 10 Sep 2020
Perennial list must include fuel regularly The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Aug 2020
Spring bloom from a bulb USA Today 14 Aug 2020
Lily family member The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jul 2020
Bulb lit up when wiggled about The Telegraph Cryptic 10 May 2020
Holland flower Family Time 10 May 2020
Floral symbol of the Netherlands USA Today 07 May 2020
Dutch flower The Washington Post 08 Apr 2020
Lily family flower The Washington Post 28 Mar 2020
Dutch flower from a bulb Newsday 23 Mar 2020
Head introduces university to one of Lily's family Irish Times Crosaire 18 Feb 2020
Type of bulb in a garden Universal 29 Dec 2019
Colorful flower Thomas Joseph 21 Dec 2019
Showy spring bloom USA Today 16 Nov 2019
Flower at a Holland, Michigan festival Universal 05 Nov 2019
Show-off starts to turn ugly when on edge The Telegraph Toughie 08 Oct 2019
Floral symbol of Holland Newsday 21 Aug 2019
Garden bulb Newsday 20 Mar 2019
Netherlands bloom USA Today 18 Mar 2019
Single showy bell-shaped spring flower The Telegraph General Knowledge 03 Mar 2019
Cup-shaped spring bloom USA Today 21 Feb 2019
Spring bloom The Washington Post 24 Nov 2018
Spring-flowering bulb The Times Concise 06 Nov 2018
Feature of many Pennsylvania Dutch hex signs Wall Street Journal 19 Sep 2018
Bell-shaped bloom Newsday 02 Sep 2018
___ mania (botanical phenomenon of the Dutch Golden Age) The Chronicle of Higher Education 03 Aug 2018
Flower of Holland Newsday 01 Aug 2018
Flower in rubbish dump about middle of July The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Apr 2018
Spring-flowering plant The Times Concise 23 Apr 2018
Dutch export New York Times 07 Mar 2018
___ bulb New York Times 11 Feb 2018
Showy bulb The Washington Post 12 Jan 2018
Spring festival focus The Washington Post 25 Nov 2017
Spring flower's spike to keep bulb free of bees? The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Oct 2017
Bulb product Wall Street Journal 18 Oct 2017
Showy April bloom The Washington Post 12 Jul 2017
Flower that symbolizes Holland USA Today 13 Jun 2017
Bell-shaped flower Wall Street Journal 08 May 2017
Head introduces university to local fool Irish Times Crosaire 10 Apr 2017
Common Dutch flower Universal 21 Feb 2017
Spring bloomer LA Times Daily 16 Dec 2016
Bulbous plant The Times Concise 12 Dec 2016
Festival in Holland Universal 20 Nov 2016
Bell-shaped bloomer USA Today 19 Sep 2016
Blossom and live it up when setter's out dancing? The Telegraph Toughie 25 Aug 2016
Bulb grown in the Noordoostpolder in Flevoland The Washington Post 26 Jun 2016
Early spring bloom Universal 25 Jun 2016
Plant The Telegraph Quick 31 May 2016
A white one is said to symbolize 'I'm sorry' New York Times 26 May 2016
Subject of an annual festival in Holland, Mich New York Times 22 May 2016
May bloom Premier Sunday 08 May 2016
Dutch bulb LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2016
Black flower in a Dumas title New York Times 23 Feb 2016
Subject of an annual festival in Holland, Mich.
A white one is said to symbolize "I'm sorry"
Plant built with odd omissions in the end The Times Cryptic 29 Jun 2015
Focus of many a botanical festival LA Times Daily 27 Jun 2015
Cup-shaped bloom LA Times Daily 03 Jun 2015
Dutch pot contents New York Times 10 May 2015
End around middle of July for flower The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Apr 2015
Flower celebrated in an annual Ottawa festival LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2015
Bulb from Holland USA Today 20 Jan 2015
Bed bulb
Flower that symbolizes paradise on earth
Hex-sign flower
Flower whose name is derived from the Turkish/Persian for "turban"
Bulb in a bed
Holland bloom
Cup-shaped flower
Spring-blooming perennial
Dutch still-life subject
Hex sign bloom
Flower from Holland
Blooming bulb
Bloomer of Amsterdam
Flower named for its resemblance to a turban
Symbol of Holland
__ mania, 17th-century Dutch phenomenon
Amsterdam bloom
White item in a 1944 Matisse painting
Flower associated with Holland
"The Black ___" (Dumas novel)
Sign of spring
__ tree (Indiana's state tree)
Popular flower in the Netherlands
Holland export
Bulbed flower
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.