Crossword Clues for TYPES

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Clue Source Date
Sorts letters for the press (5)
Uses a keyboard LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2024
Classifies LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2024
Uses a keyboard USA Today 03 Apr 2024
Uses word processor of sorts (5)
Uses keyboard in classes (5)
Sorts, kinds (5)
The sort to open shops of various kinds (5)
Writes using keyboard
Impressive characters? (5)
Some pretty pesky people...
Uses a computer keyboard USA Today 28 Jan 2024
Varieties LA Times Mini 06 Jan 2024
Writes a text message
Uses a keyboard, of sorts (5)
Sorts The Telegraph Quick 21 Nov 2023
Some pretty pessimistic characters The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Nov 2023
Works at a keyboard Universal 10 Nov 2023
Sorts The Telegraph Quick 29 Aug 2023
Sorts Thomas Joseph 12 Aug 2023
Sorts LA Times Daily 15 Jul 2023
Uses a keyboard USA Today 08 May 2023
Sorts Eugene Sheffer 16 Feb 2023
Blood groups LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2023
Sorts LA Times Daily 04 Dec 2022
Uses a keyboard USA Today 23 Oct 2022
Ilks Universal 18 Sep 2022
Enters on a keyboard USA Today 16 Sep 2022
Sorts LA Times Daily 05 Aug 2022
Uses a keyboard LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2022
Kinds The Telegraph Quick 17 Jun 2022
Sorts The Telegraph Quick 07 May 2022
Enters using keys Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2022
Sorts Wall Street Journal 28 Mar 2022
Categories having common characteristics Irish Times Simplex 05 Mar 2022
Works at a keyboard Newsday 01 Mar 2022
Kinds Universal 16 Nov 2021
Varieties, sorts The Telegraph Quick 27 Oct 2021
Categories having common characteristics Irish Times Simplex 21 Aug 2021
Keys in Universal 13 Aug 2021
Findings of Myers-Briggs personality tests New York Times 24 Jul 2021
Sorts recordings, going from A to Y
Uses a keyboard Wall Street Journal 21 Jun 2021
Works on a keyboard LA Times Daily 08 Jun 2021
Works on a keyboard The Washington Post 08 Jun 2021
Classes Thomas Joseph 22 Apr 2021
Kinds The Telegraph Quick 13 Apr 2021
Varieties Newsday 28 Feb 2021
Keys in USA Today 09 Feb 2021
A and B, for blood LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2021
A and B, for blood The Washington Post 25 Jan 2021
Prepares a text, say The Washington Post Sunday 08 Nov 2020
Sends texts Family Time 27 Sep 2020
Varieties LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2020
Varieties The Washington Post 18 Sep 2020
Works with keys Universal 19 Aug 2020
Goes tap-tap-tap on a keyboard New York Times 01 Jun 2020
Personality categories LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Personality categories The Washington Post 31 May 2020
Uses a keyboard USA Today 29 Apr 2020
Varieties The Telegraph Quick 08 Mar 2020
Uses a computer keyboard
Ilks Universal 19 Oct 2019
Varieties or categories
Sorts Thomas Joseph 12 Sep 2019
Uses keys to enter Wall Street Journal 13 Jun 2019
Enters with keys on a keyboard
Does data entry, say USA Today 15 Apr 2019
Categories having common characteristics Irish Times Simplex 15 Feb 2019
Uses keys to enter
Pecks, in a way New York Times 20 Oct 2018
Genres LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2018
Genres The Washington Post 18 Oct 2018
Writes using a keyboard
Info in dating profiles New York Times 14 Oct 2018
Writes a text message?
Categories or ilks Universal 26 Sep 2018
Inputs marks The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Sep 2018
Ingenue, juvenile, etc Newsday 25 Aug 2018
Pounds an IBM Selectric USA Today 22 Aug 2018
Keys in New York Times 22 Jul 2018
Keys in Wall Street Journal 21 Mar 2018
Pecks, in a way
Categories or ilks
Info in dating profiles
Keys in
Pounds an IBM Selectric
Styles Premier Sunday 31 Dec 2017
Uses a keyboard Thomas Joseph 09 Dec 2017
Writes using a keyboard Irish Times Simplex 04 Nov 2017
Classes New York Times 14 Jul 2017
Writes, on a computer Universal 11 Jul 2017
Uses a keyboard Universal 08 May 2017
Sorts Premier Sunday 30 Apr 2017
Does some keyboarding Newsday 06 Feb 2017
Writes, on a computer
Uses a keyboard
Sorts Eugene Sheffer 23 Dec 2016
Varieties Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2016
Uses a computer keyboard New York Times 10 Oct 2016
Uses a keyboard LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2016
Does some hunting and pecking, perhaps The Washington Post 02 Jun 2016
Pounds the keys Universal 24 Apr 2016
Does data entry Universal 22 Apr 2016
B and O, e.g New York Times 13 Feb 2016
Sorts Newsday 11 Feb 2016
Uses a computer keyboard
B and O, e.g.
Uses a keyboard
Works with keys LA Times Daily 31 Oct 2015
Does some keyboarding Universal 25 Oct 2015
Enters, in a way LA Times Daily 03 Sep 2015
Sorts The Telegraph Quick 30 Jun 2015
Varieties Universal 29 Jun 2015
Enters with keys New York Times 27 Jun 2015
Characters in party pessimistic
Sorts Wall Street Journal 18 May 2015
Characters in party pessimistic
Hunts and pecks, e.g New York Times 10 Feb 2015
Enters with keys
Enters, in a way
Works with keys
Hunts and pecks, e.g.
Does some keyboarding
Varieties of music
Keys in
Uses the keyboard
Enters data
Composes email
Uses an Underwood
Keys in
Casting categories
Bis: "Young Alien ___"
Blood groups
Keys in
Uses a keyboard
A and B, at a blood bank
Keys in
B and O, to the Red Cross
Does some keyboarding
Works at a keyboard
Uses a keyboard
Works on a keyboard
Works on a keyboard
Bangs out
Uses a Smith Corona
Does dictation, maybe
Bangs out
Uses a keyboard
Uses the keyboard
Uses a touch system
Works by touch, maybe
Composes e-mail
Enters on a keyboard
Enters on a keyboard
Inputs into a computer
Does clerical work
Uses a Selectric
Pounds on an Underwood
AB and O
Does word processing
Does clerical work
A, B, and O pertaining to blood
A positive and AB negative
Hunts and pecks
Uses a keyboard, perhaps
Enters data
Uses a Smith Corona
Hits the keys
Blood groups
Uses an Underwood
Uses a keyboard
Does data entry
Uses the PC
Prepares E-mail, e.g.
Works at a computer
B and O at the Red Cross
Hunts and pecks
Garamond and Bodoni
Uses a Smith-Corona
Does steno work
Pounds the keys
A and B, e.g.
Agate and pica
Diamond, pearl, etc.
Ilk and sort
Performs in the office pool
Italic and Roman, e.g.
Does office work
Does pool work
Does an office job
Roman and others.
Roman, elite, and others.
Roman and Bodoni.
Does an office job.
Writes with both hands.
What a stenographer does.
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