Word "ULTIMATUM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a final peremptory demand

Crossword Clues for ULTIMATUM

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Clue Source Date
Final demand The Times Concise 20 Apr 2022
Final warning The Guardian Quick 24 Nov 2021
Deadline The Guardian Speedy 12 Sep 2021
Final offer Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2021
Man in mutual changed final terms The Sun Two Speed 22 Nov 2020
Peremptory demand The Sun Two Speed 22 Nov 2020
This is all I'm going to say on this and you can take it or leave it? Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jun 2020
University student at MIT upset by suggestion of uncertainty in final offer The Telegraph Toughie 10 Dec 2019
Final demand by Irish university to American university upset with lack of introduction to a piece of information Irish Times Crosaire 19 Sep 2019
In the last month, corporation supports setter's advanced threat The Telegraph Toughie 26 Jul 2019
Final demand: time short in mutual wrangling The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Mar 2019
Uncompromising demand Newsday 11 Sep 2018
Man in mutual ripped up final demand The Sun Two Speed 22 Apr 2018
When push comes to shove, Irish university backs American university losing top piece of information? Irish Times Crosaire 28 Nov 2017
Mutual upset about Dickensian child making final demand The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Jun 2017
Final proposition The Telegraph Quick 28 Mar 2016
Final terms tail off amid tumult for a change The Telegraph Toughie 14 May 2015
"Marry me or we're through!" is one
Peremptory demand
Action just before a war
It demands action
Final offer.
A final statement of conditions.
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