Word "UNCLASP" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
release from a clasp
She clasped and unclasped her hands

Crossword Clues for UNCLASP

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Clue Source Date
Relax the grip of (7) Puzzler 27 Mar 2024
Remove the buckle from
Remove a necklace, perhaps (7)
Loosen grip
Release one's grip on a French fastener
Prepare for take-off? LA Times Daily 15 Dec 2023
Open, as a necklace LA Times Daily 29 Jun 2023
Let go, in a way New York Times 24 Sep 2022
Family man failing to finish off poisoner is set free
To get free - stop hugging, for instance Irish Times Crosaire 05 Mar 2022
Prepare to take off, as a bracelet Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2022
Remove, as a bracelet Family Time 19 Sep 2021
Release the grip of The Times Concise 29 May 2021
Relative has no Oriental snake to release
Release Papa's brother – like Papa, lacking energy
Open can's pull almost broken The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Sep 2019
Release snake, it goes under fence, mostly
Let go of relative, back off when posturing starts
Clans moving in on horseback, free from restraint
Free relative briefly pursued by snake The Times Cryptic 06 Jun 2017
Free relative briefly pursued by snake
Unfasten The Times Concise 30 May 2017
Release grip on something similar in 2 down Irish Times Crosaire 15 Apr 2017
Note almost discordant sound in revolting release The Telegraph Toughie 31 Mar 2017
Remove, as a bracelet Universal 23 Jul 2016
Remove, as a bracelet
Remove snake after relative loses a bit of equanimity
Prepare for takeoff? Universal 14 Mar 2015
Release relative, not entirely a killer
Prepare for takeoff?
Release pressure after clan riot in America
Let go
End a hug
Open, as a large envelope
Remove, as a necklace
Open, as a large envelope
Release one's grip
Prepare for takeoff?
End a hug
Remove a necklace
Let go
Open, as a large envelope
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