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Word "UNDER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
further down
see under for further discussion

Part of Speech:
located below or beneath something else
the under parts of a machine

Part of Speech:
lower in rank, power, or authority
an under secretary

Crossword Clues for UNDER

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Clue Source Date
Less than Newsday 02 Mar 2021
Beneath USA Today 20 Feb 2021
Below The Telegraph Quick 08 Feb 2021
Completely anesthetized New York Times 25 Jan 2021
With 35- and 40-Across, like this puzzle's shady payments? Universal 29 Dec 2020
Ready for surgery, perhaps Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2020
Covered by USA Today 07 Nov 2020
All banks depleted -- funds zero and below The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Oct 2020
Over opposite USA Today 25 Oct 2020
Sedated New York Times 24 Oct 2020
Hypnotized Eugene Sheffer 15 Oct 2020
Subordinate to Universal 06 Oct 2020
Beneath, below Irish Times Simplex 23 Jun 2020
Having a lower rank than USA Today 02 May 2020
Buried, end terrible in ancient city The Sun Two Speed 20 Apr 2020
Short articles in French and German The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Apr 2020
___ Armour (sports-apparel line) The New Yorker 09 Mar 2020
Out, as a patient The Washington Post Sunday 13 Oct 2019
Lower than Thomas Joseph 28 Aug 2019
Fewer than Premier Sunday 14 Jul 2019
Anesthetized The Washington Post 05 Jul 2019
Fully anesthetized Family Time 24 Jun 2019
Hypo- Newsday 06 Apr 2019
Below or beneath Irish Times Simplex 08 Feb 2019
Sweep ___ the rug Universal 01 Jan 2019
Working for Newsday 30 Dec 2018
Over-___ (sports wager) USA Today 23 Dec 2018
Ready for surgery, say Wall Street Journal 06 Dec 2018
Reporting to USA Today 28 Nov 2018
Six feet ___ New York Times 30 Oct 2018
, 12 & 13 Across Holding to make most of spin bowler's play in broadcast The Telegraph Toughie 19 Oct 2018
Ready for the operation The Washington Post 12 Oct 2018
Word after knuckle or buckle USA Today 01 Aug 2018
Over-__: sports wager The Washington Post 10 Jun 2018
Awful end in ancient city that's buried The Sun Two Speed 26 May 2018
With 63-Across, attempt The Washington Post 14 May 2018
Word before par or pressure Jonesin 27 Feb 2018
Ready for the surgeon Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2017
Working for characters in Sunderland The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2017
Outranked by USA Today 03 May 2017
Have yet to pay The Chronicle of Higher Education 21 Apr 2017
Hypnotized or anesthetized Jonesin 28 Mar 2017
Smaller than some European articles The Times Cryptic 02 Sep 2016
Supervised by The Washington Post 07 Aug 2016
Answering to New York Times 29 Apr 2016
As this is apart at the foot The Times Cryptic 18 Dec 2015
Word before 'the gun' or 'the circumstances' New York Times 02 Nov 2015
Bad way to go LA Times Daily 05 Sep 2015
By the authority of two foreign articles The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jun 2015
Lead-in for "line" or "mine" Universal 10 Mar 2015
Down ___ (Australia) New York Times 02 Mar 2015
Prefix with "line" or "mine" Universal 11 Feb 2015
Successfully anesthetized Universal 04 Feb 2015
___ the table USA Today 27 Jan 2015
Lesser than Premier Sunday 25 Jan 2015
Milk producer without a dairy originally -- insert name below The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Jan 2015
Word before "the gun" or "the circumstances"
Knocked out, in a sense
Secondary to
On a lower level than
Out, in a way
With 66-Across, like water that's behind you?
Out at the dentist's?
"___ the Boardwalk"
Start for "wear," "stand" or "study"
In a trance
Fail, after "go"
Taking orders from
Below the surface
Inferior to
Totally anesthetized
Football wager
Where a company shouldn't go
___ the mistletoe
Word with wear or stand
Line or mine starter
Out, at the dentist
___ the gun
See 20-, 38- and 54-Across
Word with wear, study or tow
Start for wear, stand or tow
Lowry's "___ the Volcano"
See 20-, 36- and 48-Across
"20,000 Leagues ___ the Sea"
Prefix with line or mine
Ground opening?
Lower in rank than
With 67-Across, sworn
Start to study?
Lead-in for line or mine
Ready for surgery
Start for wear, stand or study
___ investigation
"___ Milk Wood" (Dylan Thomas play)
This side of
Plow ___ (overwhelm)
Type of wear
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.