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Crossword Clues for UNICEF

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Clue Source Date
Youth-assisting org Universal 09 May 2021
Relief org. for kids Eugene Sheffer 06 Apr 2021
Halloween charity LA Times Daily 31 Jan 2021
Children's welfare org Thomas Joseph 06 Jan 2021
Organisation for education of children in developing countries Irish Times Simplex 21 Mar 2020
Humanitarian org. since 1946 New York Times 31 Dec 2019
'For every child' rights group The Washington Post 28 Jul 2019
"For every child" rights group LA Times Daily 28 Jul 2019
1965 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Wall Street Journal 20 Jul 2019
Org. helping young refugees The Washington Post Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Peace Prize winner right after MLK Newsday 30 Mar 2019
International organisation for education of children in developing countries Irish Times Simplex 04 Aug 2018
1965 Peace Prize winner Wall Street Journal 24 Feb 2018
Global relief org. for kids Eugene Sheffer 08 Jul 2017
Kid's charity associated with Halloween Universal 07 Oct 2016
Trick-or-treaters' charity USA Today 11 Jul 2016
Org. supported by trick-or-treaters Universal 31 Mar 2016
Worldwide relief org Newsday 26 Jan 2016
Int'l relief org. for kids USA Today 07 Dec 2015
Social welfare grp. with a Peace Prize New York Times 04 Oct 2015
International humanitarian grp New York Times 27 Aug 2015
Danny Kaye was its first celebrity goodwill ambassador LA Times Daily 26 Apr 2015
International humanitarian grp.
Nobel-winning org.
Nobel-winning relief org. for kids
Trick-or-treater's cause
Social welfare org.
Intl. relief agency since 1946
Worldwide humanitarian gp.
Noted trick-or-treat beneficiary
Children's charity associated with Halloween
Worldwide relief org.
Org. with "Trick-or-Treat" donation boxes
World Toilet Day org.
Org. that won the 1965 Nobel Peace Prize
Charity whose name appears on the Barcelona football club's jerseys
1965 Peace Prize recipient
Agcy. that won the 1965 Nobel Peace Prize
Trick-or-treat org.
Kid-aiding org.
Agcy. awarded a Nobel Peace Prize
Worldwide children's advocate
1965 Peace Nobelist
'65 Peace Prize recipient
Kid-friendly org.
Intl. relief agency
Social welfare org. since 1946
1965 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Halloween money-box organization
U.N. agency
Kid-helping org.
Charitable acronym
Intl. org. for young ones
Halloween beneficiary
Children's worldwide org.
Org. created in 1946
Nobel Peace Prize recipient: 1965
Agcy. promoting children's well-being
World aid org.
World relief group
Important relief agency.
International Day of the Girl Child org.
"Progress for Children" org.
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