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Word "UNITE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
have or possess in combination
she unites charm with a good business sense

Part of Speech:
become one
merge, unify

Part of Speech:
be or become joined or united or linked
connect, join, link, link up

Crossword Clues for UNITE

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Clue Source Date
Join forces Thomas Joseph 15 Apr 2021
Come Together: wild tune grips one The Sun Two Speed 12 Apr 2021
Bring together The Guardian Speedy 11 Apr 2021
Join together USA Today 06 Apr 2021
Merge Thomas Joseph 18 Mar 2021
Yoke New York Times 07 Mar 2021
Make one out of many LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2021
Work as a team Newsday 27 Feb 2021
Join up, never imagining terrorist enemies initially The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Feb 2021
Bond New York Times 13 Feb 2021
Join European attached to small military force The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Feb 2021
Sun item features McCluskey organisation The Sun Two Speed 14 Jan 2021
Band together USA Today 07 Jan 2021
Form an alliance USA Today 24 Dec 2020
Come together Universal 17 Dec 2020
Ally is out of line dropping fool Irish Times Crosaire 17 Nov 2020
Join The Telegraph Quick 18 Oct 2020
Become allies USA Today 15 Oct 2020
Come Together: mazy tune grips one The Sun Two Speed 20 Sep 2020
Make one college tenure vacant? The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Sep 2020
Become one The Times Concise 08 Sep 2020
Wed LA Times Daily 31 Aug 2020
Ally New York Times 28 Aug 2020
Join into one The Telegraph Quick 13 Jul 2020
Become 9-Down LA Times Daily 09 Jul 2020
Anagram and antonym of 34-Down New York Times 20 May 2020
join together The Telegraph Quick 19 May 2020
Marry fool in duke, ignoring odd bits The Telegraph Cryptic 03 May 2020
Link up Premier Sunday 29 Mar 2020
Connect The Telegraph Quick 16 Feb 2020
Come Together: complex tune grips one The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2020
Form alliance The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2020
Pull together Newsday 19 Dec 2019
Form a coalition USA Today 23 Nov 2019
EU collects money raised to form alliance The Sun Two Speed 23 Sep 2019
Bring together Sun item's content The Sun Two Speed 22 Aug 2019
Combine The Washington Post 03 Aug 2019
Make one college tenure vacant The Sun Two Speed 28 Jul 2019
Fuse Premier Sunday 19 May 2019
Sun item includes workers' organisation The Sun Two Speed 14 May 2019
Come Together: rocky tune grabs one The Sun Two Speed 02 Apr 2019
EU banks money raised to make one The Sun Two Speed 28 Feb 2019
Single element: energy needed to make one The Sun Two Speed 10 Feb 2019
Join fool disappearing out of line Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jan 2019
Labor organizer's cry USA Today 01 Jan 2019
Make one The Washington Post 13 Dec 2018
Amalgamate Newsday 09 Dec 2018
Form a collective USA Today 26 Nov 2018
Work together The Washington Post 11 Nov 2018
Get together New York Times 11 Nov 2018
Exhortation of solidarity Newsday 05 Oct 2018
Become allied Universal 18 Aug 2018
Put together Newsday 26 Jul 2018
Stop working at cross purposes Newsday 26 May 2018
Join group with European The Telegraph Toughie 24 May 2018
Consolidate Newsday 22 May 2018
Marry The Times Concise 15 Apr 2018
Join up in retinue The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2018
Act in concert USA Today 31 Jan 2018
Stick together Wall Street Journal 07 Dec 2017
Make one section of carpet in Uxbridge to be sent north The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Nov 2017
Rally together Universal 06 Nov 2017
Team up The Washington Post 15 Oct 2017
Act together Jonesin 26 Sep 2017
Tie the knot Newsday 20 Aug 2017
Form a bond USA Today 13 Aug 2017
Make several one Universal 28 Jul 2017
Bring together, as for a cause Universal 17 Jun 2017
Join upper-class twit going to top of Everest The Telegraph Cryptic 09 May 2017
Workers lobby organisation for it at last conference Irish Times Crosaire 21 Apr 2017
Join forces with idiot stopping rise of European Union The Times Cryptic 06 Apr 2017
Join the fifth division? The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Mar 2017
Untie tricky knot The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Mar 2017
Make one of many LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2017
Britain's largest trade union The Telegraph General Knowledge 25 Dec 2016
Splice Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2016
EU retaining money raised for ally The Times Cryptic 12 Sep 2016
Rallier's cry The Washington Post 04 Sep 2016
Join (the reverse of it here would suggest 'loosen') The Telegraph Toughie 10 Aug 2016
Join fool in backing European Union The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Aug 2016
Confederate New York Times 10 Jun 2016
Posh evening reported for couple The Telegraph Cryptic 12 May 2016
Wed, say Universal 20 Apr 2016
Striker's cry Universal 02 Apr 2016
Conglomerate Jonesin 22 Mar 2016
Come together as one Family Time 13 Mar 2016
Labor leader's cry Universal 12 Mar 2016
Marxist exhortation to 'workers of the world' New York Times 10 Mar 2016
Make whole LA Times Daily 29 Jan 2016
Labor leader's watchword Universal 21 Dec 2015
Join in wedlock USA Today 16 Sep 2015
Commingle Canadiana 14 Sep 2015
Make one marry The Times Cryptic 29 Jun 2015
Bring together a French couple (not married) The Times Cryptic 11 Jun 2015
Make a merger USA Today 04 Feb 2015
Cease to be separate
Ally with
Splice together
Tie together
Draw together
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.