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Word "UNLIT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
not set afire or burning
held an unlit cigarette

Part of Speech:
without illumination
lightless, unilluminated, unlighted
through dark unlighted (or unlit) streets

Crossword Clues for UNLIT

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Clue Source Date
Like a dark room Universal 26 Feb 2021
Dark Universal 30 Jan 2021
Like brand-new candles USA Today 22 Nov 2020
Like unused matches USA Today 28 Oct 2020
Like some back roads at night USA Today 22 Oct 2020
Not illuminated Newsday 14 Oct 2020
Stormy until dark The Telegraph Toughie 29 Sep 2020
Like a dark room, perhaps USA Today 14 Sep 2020
Lacking illumination The Washington Post 11 Aug 2020
In the off position The Washington Post Sunday 05 Jul 2020
Necessitating a torch, perhaps Universal 18 May 2020
Not ignited Premier Sunday 12 Apr 2020
Blacked out Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2019
Foot, fathom or furlong New York Times 31 Oct 2019
In darkness The Guardian Speedy 15 Sep 2019
Like a blown-out candle USA Today 12 Jul 2019
In the dark Newsday 19 Jun 2019
Learner in military group hardly bright The Sun Two Speed 18 May 2019
Totally dark Universal 29 Apr 2019
Like many a home while one is away for the evening New York Times 01 Mar 2019
Like a wrapped candle Universal 24 Dec 2018
Darkened Newsday 29 Nov 2018
Pitch-black USA Today 26 Nov 2018
U-turn from 55-Down Universal 16 Nov 2018
Dim learner in assembly The Sun Two Speed 03 Nov 2018
Like a new candle Universal 23 Oct 2018
Like seven candles on the first night of Hanukkah New York Times 27 Jul 2018
Not yet burning The Telegraph Quick 01 May 2018
Learner in military group not exactly bright The Sun Two Speed 10 Apr 2018
Not yet ablaze Universal 23 Jan 2018
Learner within corps kept in the dark The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Dec 2017
Dusky Wall Street Journal 18 Oct 2017
In the midst of a blackout USA Today 18 Sep 2017
Like a brand-new candle Universal 22 Aug 2017
Black New York Times 04 Aug 2017
Not aflame Premier Sunday 28 May 2017
Not started, as fire logs Universal 18 Apr 2017
Yet to be ignited Universal 14 Nov 2016
Not yet used, as a match Universal 03 Aug 2016
Pitch-dark USA Today 18 Jul 2016
Like fresh matches Universal 11 Jul 2016
Like new matches USA Today 12 Dec 2015
Not yet a fire Universal 02 Dec 2015
Snuffed out, perhaps The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Oct 2015
Dark, as a room New York Times 28 Sep 2015
Dark — or not, with roof off? The Times Cryptic 20 Jul 2015
Dark one gets left in The Times Cryptic 24 Jun 2015
Awaiting ignition Newsday 06 Jun 2015
Completely dark USA Today 25 May 2015
On both sides of line, squad's not yet fired The Times Cryptic 29 Jan 2015
Switched off
Like some scary alleys
Like some alleyways
Like boxed matches
Kept in the dark
In a dark state
Not yet aflame
Dark, as some streets
Not yet set aflame
Like the inside of a closed refrigerator
Like a new cigarette
Like a darkened room
Turned off
Like many rural roads
Never touched with a match
Like rooms not in use, often
Pitch black
Like some pilots in summer?
Like a burned-out bulb
Not matched up?
Affording no illumination
Like the inside of a coffin
Out, as a candle
Darker than dim
Not burning
Like Wrigley Field until 1988
Like a pitch-black room
Like a broken burner
Still to be burned
Not yet glowing, as a candle
Not burning yet
Shadowy, say
Like some pilots in summer
Not yet ignited
Like cigarettes in elevators, usually
Dim, in a way
Not kindled, as a fire
Off, in a way
Needing a match
Like some candles
Like a candy cigar
Not 1-Down
Like a nonsmoking cigarette
Dark probably
Not turned on
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