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Crossword Clues for UPDO

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Clue Source Date
Off-the-neck hairstyle Newsday 01 Apr 2021
Topknot or bun Universal 31 Mar 2021
Popular prom hairstyle New York Times 10 Mar 2021
High style LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2021
Messy bun, for example USA Today 05 Feb 2021
High hairstyle Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2021
Prom style, often LA Times Daily 23 Jan 2021
Bouffant or high bun Universal 20 Dec 2020
Off-the-neck style New York Times 14 Oct 2020
Beehive or messy bun USA Today 22 Sep 2020
Women’s hairstyle often worn for formal events The Times Specialist Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Beehive, e.g Universal 28 Jul 2020
Hairstyle that may show off earrings Universal 17 Jul 2020
High-rise coif Wall Street Journal 29 Jun 2020
Coif that might use pins and spray New York Times 07 Apr 2020
Common wedding hairstyle New York Times 05 Apr 2020
Hairstyle that calls for a lot of spray New York Times 22 Mar 2020
105 Across at a prom The Washington Post Sunday 01 Dec 2019
Bun, for one Universal 28 Nov 2019
Hair off the neck Newsday 31 Oct 2019
Hairstyle that needs pins New York Times 18 Oct 2019
Prom coif The Washington Post 13 Oct 2019
Beehive, for one Universal 22 Aug 2019
Off-the-shoulders hairstyle New York Times 21 Jun 2019
Coif style Universal 18 May 2019
Beehive, for instance Newsday 03 May 2019
High hair Newsday 24 Feb 2019
Prom hairstyle Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2019
Hair raiser? Wall Street Journal 15 Jan 2019
Bun, e.g The Washington Post 10 Nov 2018
Prom hairstyle, perhaps USA Today 19 Sep 2018
Coif for the prom The Washington Post 20 Aug 2018
Many a pageant coif New York Times 08 Jul 2018
Prom hairstyle, maybe The Washington Post Sunday 01 Apr 2018
Bride's hairstyle, perhaps USA Today 06 Feb 2018
Bun, e.g.
French twist or chignon USA Today 26 Dec 2017
Neck-baring style The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Nov 2017
Amy Winehouse hairstyle USA Today 26 Oct 2017
Formal hairstyle Wall Street Journal 10 Jul 2017
Hairstyle that might have a lot of spray New York Times 04 Jul 2017
Bun or beehive The Washington Post 24 May 2017
French twist, for one LA Times Daily 21 Dec 2016
Sweeping hairstyle Universal 10 Aug 2016
It's hair-raising New York Times 25 Jun 2016
French twist, e.g USA Today 18 Jun 2016
Prom hairstyle, often The Washington Post 20 May 2016
Salon request for prom night LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2016
French twist, e.g.
Beehive, e.g.
Tall coiffure The Washington Post 19 Dec 2015
Beehive hairstyle, e.g New York Times 25 Oct 2015
Bun, for instance Newsday 23 May 2015
Pageant coif, maybe New York Times 30 Apr 2015
Fancy coif LA Times Daily 12 Mar 2015
Beehive hairstyle, e.g.
Style that doesn't hide the face
Cut that shows off the forehead
High, elegant hairstyle
Chignon, e.g.
Hair-raising style
Amy Winehouse's beehive, e.g.
Off-the-neck hair style
High hair style
Salon choice
Fancy hairstyle
Bridesmaid's coif
Oscar night style
Chignon, for one
Salon selection
High coif
Salon style
Prom night style
Formal coif, perhaps
Pinned arrangement
Formal coiffure
'50s pin curls style, e.g.
Wedding hair style, at times
Sweeping coif
Elegant coiffure
Style with pins
Prom night hair
Sarah Palin hairstyle
Beehive, for example
Coif choice
Prom style
Formal coif, often
Coiffure of a sort
Hair salon option
Salon hair style
Coiffure style
Salon request
Many a prom coif
Dated hairstyle
Victorian hairstyle
High style?
Coiffeur's creation
Salon creation
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