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Crossword Clues for UREY

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Clue Source Date
Harold ___, Manhattan Project scientist New York Times 09 Apr 2021
Manhattan Project scientist Harold ___ New York Times 21 Dec 2018
Deuterium discoverer Harold The Washington Post 10 Mar 2018
1934 Chemistry Nobelist Harold New York Times 16 Jul 2015
Chemistry Nobelist Harold Newsday 15 Feb 2015
1934 chemistry Nobelist
Manhattan Project scientist Harold
Nobel winner who discovered heavy hydrogen
U.S. chemist who discovered deuterium
1934 Nobelist/deuterium discoverer Harold
Discoverer of deuterium
Deuterium discoverer
Nobel chemist Harold
1934 Nobelist
Chemistry Nobelist
1934 Nobelist in chemistry
Manhattan Project scientist
American Nobel chemsit
1934 Nobelist in Chemistry
Deuterium's discoverer
1934 Chemistry Nobelist
1934 Nobel chemist
Heavy hydrogen discoverer
Nobel Prize chemist
1934 Nobel chemist Harold
Chemistry Nobelist in 1934
Nobel chemist: 1934
Nobelist in Chemistry: 1934
Author of "One World or None"
Discoverer of heavy hydrogen
Chemistry Nobelist: 1934
Nobel chemist in '34
Atomic physicist
A Nobelist in 1934
Harold the chemist
Nobel chemist
Famed chemist
Atom-pioneer Harold
U. S. chemist
Famous chemist
Chemist Harold
Chemistry Nobelist, 1934
Nobel physicist
Noted chemist.
Discoverer of heavy hydrogen.
Nobelist in physics.
Nobelist chemist.
Famous U.S. physicist.
1934 Nobel Prize chemist.
Nobelist in chemistry.
Nobel physicist.
Nobelist in chemistry, 1934.
Nobel prize chemist.
Nobel prize chemist, 1934.
Famous physicist.
1934 Nobel laureate.
1934 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry.
Famed physicist.
American physicist.
American chemist, Nobel prize winner.
Nuclear scientist, Nobel prize winner.
Famous chemist.
Atomic scientist.
American scientist, 1934 Nobel Prize winner.
Noted American chemist.
U. S. chemist, worker at Site Y.
Prominent chemist.
Nobel prize scientist.
American scientist.
U. S. scientist.
U. S. chemist, Nobel prizewinner, 1934.
Heavy hydrogen discoverer.
Famous U. S. chemist.
U. S. chemist, discoverer of heavy hydrogen.
American chemist, Nobel prize winner, 1934.
American atomic scientist.
Noted atomic scientist.
Nobel Prize chemist, discoverer of heavy hydrogen.
A top U. S. atomic scientist.
Nobel Prize winner who worked on atomic bomb.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.