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Word "USHER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
someone employed to conduct others

Part of Speech:
take (someone) to their seats, as in theaters or auditoriums
The usher showed us to our seats

Part of Speech:
an official stationed at the entrance of a courtroom or legislative chamber

Crossword Clues for USHER

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Clue Source Date
Poe title surname Newsday 15 Apr 2021
Wedding participant The Washington Post Sunday 28 Mar 2021
One looking at a lot of tickets LA Times Daily 11 Mar 2021
"Looking 4 Myself" R&B singer LA Times Daily 04 Mar 2021
'Looking 4 Myself' R&B singer The Washington Post 04 Mar 2021
Escort is well off from the start Irish Times Crosaire 02 Mar 2021
One who shows the way LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2021
'The Fall of the House of ___' Jonesin 16 Feb 2021
Arena staffer Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Show 'American Idol' cut short The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Jan 2021
Two- or four-seater, maybe? New York Times 13 Jan 2021
Show or bring in or out The Guardian Speedy 10 Jan 2021
Theater worker Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2021
Aisle escort LA Times Daily 05 Jan 2021
Leading man? Eugene Sheffer 02 Jan 2021
Theater attendant USA Today 24 Dec 2020
Cinema guide The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2020
American, that woman's escort The Sun Two Speed 08 Dec 2020
Wedding party escort LA Times Daily 16 Nov 2020
Court official, that woman, is behind us The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Oct 2020
Theater seater Jonesin 06 Oct 2020
Cinema attendant The Telegraph Quick 04 Oct 2020
Theater aisle worker Newsday 23 Sep 2020
Seat-finding attendant USA Today 22 Sep 2020
'U Got It Bad' singer The Washington Post Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Job that involves a lot of sweating New York Times 23 Jul 2020
Theatre attendant The Times Concise 18 Jul 2020
Broadway worker Thomas Joseph 25 Jun 2020
'The Fall of the House of --', a short story by Edgar Allan Poe The Telegraph General Knowledge 22 Jun 2020
Wedding helper Wall Street Journal 20 Jun 2020
Director in the theater? LA Times Daily 31 May 2020
Guide The Telegraph Quick 21 May 2020
Theatre guide The Sun Two Speed 27 Apr 2020
One with leading role in cinema? The Sun Two Speed 27 Apr 2020
Wedding party member Newsday 19 Apr 2020
Theatre worker The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2020
Guide some eponymous hero The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2020
One who helps you find your place The Washington Post 08 Mar 2020
Cockney's quiet before the Queen's attendant The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Feb 2020
Found with a leading light in theatre? The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2019
Seating pro Thomas Joseph 27 Dec 2019
Helper at a wedding New York Times 03 Dec 2019
Guide to a seat Universal 28 Nov 2019
Concert hall staffer New York Times 26 Nov 2019
Theater-seat guide Newsday 14 Oct 2019
Program distributor Wall Street Journal 02 Oct 2019
Show female into nave of church The Telegraph Toughie 27 Sep 2019
Escort that woman following us The Sun Two Speed 21 Aug 2019
'My Way' singer, 1998 The Washington Post 17 Aug 2019
"My Way" singer, 1998 LA Times Daily 17 Aug 2019
Aisle worker Thomas Joseph 03 Jul 2019
Figure with a flashlight Universal 30 Jun 2019
Escort The Telegraph Quick 06 Jun 2019
Wedding attendant The Telegraph Quick 10 Apr 2019
Lead in cinema? The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2019
"U Remind Me" singer, 2001 The New Yorker 04 Mar 2019
Ballpark or theater worker USA Today 16 Feb 2019
Wedding official The Telegraph Quick 29 Jan 2019
Singer with the 2004 hit 'Burn' USA Today 05 Jan 2019
Wedding day role
Singer with the 2004 hit "Burn"
Aisle walker The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Show to seats Universal 07 Nov 2018
Aisle aide at a wedding Family Time 28 Oct 2018
The Fall of the House of — (Poe) The Times Concise 22 Oct 2018
Leading man in cinema? The Sun Two Speed 15 Oct 2018
Arena worker The Washington Post 30 Sep 2018
Guide employer around hospital The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Sep 2018
Collection plate passer USA Today 08 Sep 2018
Aisle controller Universal 13 Aug 2018
One walking down the aisle New York Times 07 Aug 2018
One in a church aisle USA Today 19 Jul 2018
Stadium or church figure USA Today 24 Jun 2018
Drug dealer loses head with escort Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jun 2018
Ballpark employee Newsday 03 May 2018
Wedding party Newsday 06 Apr 2018
Escort person taking drugs around hospital The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Apr 2018
Theater employee Universal 16 Dec 2017
Chairperson? Wall Street Journal 11 Dec 2017
Theater or church worker USA Today 08 Nov 2017
Attendant at Sunday Mass USA Today 22 Aug 2017
Guide from America is standing on there without protection The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Aug 2017
Lead to a seat The Washington Post 30 Jul 2017
'Yeah!' singer Jonesin 06 Jun 2017
Attendant The Telegraph Quick 30 Apr 2017
He introduces you and me with that girl The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Feb 2017
Wedding role Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2017
Wedding figure LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2017
Ballpark helper Newsday 04 Jan 2017
"May I show you your seat" speaker Universal 19 Dec 2016
Theater seat finder Newsday 06 Dec 2016
Worker with a flashlight Wall Street Journal 30 Nov 2016
Theater escort Newsday 15 Nov 2016
Theater guide Family Time 30 Oct 2016
One putting people in their places Universal 29 Oct 2016
Officer who introduces strangers, or walks in front of someone of rank The Telegraph General Knowledge 11 Sep 2016
Aisle walker with a flashlight The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 Aug 2016
Seat finder Newsday 19 Jul 2016
'DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love' singer, 2010 New York Times 05 Jun 2016
Leading man in the theater? Universal 08 Feb 2016
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