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Crossword Clues for VAMPIREBAT

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Clue Source Date
Blood-drinking mammal LA Times Daily 24 Feb 2021
Flying mammal with sharp teeth (... 5 to 8) Universal 09 Dec 2020
Nocturnal bloodsucker New York Times 11 Oct 2020
Mammalian hematophage New York Times 18 Jul 2020
Colonial bloodsucker LA Times Daily 05 Apr 2020
Dracula's airborne persona Newsday 07 Aug 2019
State judge getting the chop over racket is bloodsucker The Telegraph Toughie 17 May 2018
Fanged flapper in a fright film The Washington Post 21 Jan 2017
Airborne animal with a monstrous name New York Times 10 Oct 2016
One out for blood LA Times Daily 22 Sep 2016
Predatory flier Newsday 07 Apr 2016
Mammal with anticoagulant saliva Wall Street Journal 23 Nov 2015
Hematophagous creature
One who sucks at everything?
Bloodsucker named for a bloodsucker
Flying mammal
It really sucks
Nocturnal flying mammal
Its saliva has an anticoagulant called draculin
Cave dweller
Rabies transmitter, often
One on a liquid diet
*Blood-drinking mammal
Cave-dwelling mammal
Tropical mammal
Dracula's persona
Bloodsucking flyer
Nocturnal flier
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.