Word "VIBE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a distinctive emotional aura experienced instinctively
it gave me a nostalgic vibe

Crossword Clues for VIBE

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Clue Source Date
"This is a whole ___" (comment when walking into, say, a bed-and-breakfast full of dolls)
Atmosphere of a place
Unspoken feeling Thomas Joseph 24 Feb 2024
Intuitive feeling Newsday 23 Feb 2024
Vain bees even losing aura (4)
Get along, slangily Universal 05 Feb 2024
Strive to retain British feeling The Guardian Quiptic 05 Feb 2024
Aura that can be picked up
Certain feeling
Distinctive feeling Wall Street Journal 27 Dec 2023
Aura that one can sense, say
Unspoken feeling Eugene Sheffer 24 Nov 2023
General feeling Wall Street Journal 11 Nov 2023
Particular feeling Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2023
Unspoken feeling Eugene Sheffer 06 Oct 2023
Distinctive atmosphere or aura The Guardian Quick 08 Sep 2023
Unspoken feeling Eugene Sheffer 11 Aug 2023
"I got a weird ___ from her" (feeling)
Feeling The Telegraph Quick 24 Apr 2023
Unspoken feeling Eugene Sheffer 21 Mar 2023
Vague feeling Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2023
Hard-to-describe feeling LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2023
Aura that one can sense
Intuitive feeling, for short Newsday 26 Dec 2022
Aura New York Times 25 Oct 2022
Intuitive feeling
Pass the ___ check USA Today 14 Oct 2022
Vague sense Newsday 08 Sep 2022
Vague feeling Newsday 21 Aug 2022
General feeling USA Today 18 Aug 2022
Mood in the room Universal 27 Jul 2022
General feeling of a place USA Today 23 Mar 2022
Atmosphere picked up instinctively (informal) The Guardian Quick 22 Nov 2021
Vague sense Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2021
General feeling USA Today 31 Jul 2021
General feeling USA Today 10 Jul 2021
Instinctive feeling Newsday 08 Jul 2021
Hard-to-explain sensation of a place or a person
General feel USA Today 26 Mar 2021
Feeling in the room New York Times 18 Mar 2021
Feeling or sensation about something Family Time 22 Feb 2021
General feeling The Times Concise 21 Feb 2021
General feeling, in slang Family Time 08 Feb 2021
Vague sense New York Times 18 Dec 2020
Vague sense Universal 18 Sep 2020
Good or bad feeling that you get from someone
Informal feeling Universal 01 Aug 2020
Vague feeling, slangily Universal 11 Jul 2020
Unadvisable to get rid of landaus or that's the vague feeling Irish Times Crosaire 08 May 2020
General feeling USA Today 23 Mar 2020
Instinctive feeling Newsday 12 Mar 2020
General atmosphere of a place, say
Vague feeling The Washington Post 25 Feb 2020
Brexiteer at heart, caught in very Remain atmosphere
Hard-to-describe sensation LA Times Daily 06 Aug 2019
Hard-to-describe sensation The Washington Post 06 Aug 2019
A certain feeling Newsday 20 Jul 2019
Vague feeling Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2019
Feeling very independent: Britain on Europe, initially
Sensed feeling Premier Sunday 16 Jun 2019
Sensation, slangily Universal 13 Jun 2019
Vague feeling Newsday 21 Apr 2019
Positive or negative aura
Perceptible aura The Times Concise 26 Feb 2019
Picked-up feeling USA Today 28 Jan 2019
Unspoken feeling Wall Street Journal 14 Jan 2019
Hard-to-describe sensation
Vague feeling
Unspoken feeling
Sensation, slangily
Picked-up feeling
Struggle to suppress black feeling The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Dec 2018
Unspoken feeling Eugene Sheffer 19 Dec 2018
An intuitive feeling
Intuitive feeling USA Today 12 Oct 2018
Unseen atmosphere Newsday 11 Oct 2018
Hard-to-describe feeling USA Today 01 Oct 2018
Hard-to-explain feeling The Washington Post 10 Sep 2018
Hard-to-explain feeling LA Times Daily 10 Sep 2018
Vague feeling LA Times Daily 10 Jul 2018
Unspoken feeling Thomas Joseph 12 May 2018
Vague sense LA Times Daily 24 Apr 2018
Vague sense The Washington Post 24 Apr 2018
General feeling Jonesin 13 Mar 2018
Hard-to-describe feeling The Washington Post 03 Mar 2018
Hard-to-describe feeling LA Times Daily 03 Mar 2018
Instinctive feeling, for short Newsday 25 Feb 2018
Vague feeling
Intuitive feeling
Hard-to-describe feeling
Vague sense
Hard-to-explain feeling
Vague feeling Universal 16 Nov 2017
Intuitive feeling, informally USA Today 16 Nov 2017
A shady person may give off a bad one New York Times 03 Oct 2017
Aura being picked up
Feeling picked up from someone Universal 15 May 2017
Vague feeling, slangily USA Today 14 Feb 2017
Vague sense Premier Sunday 29 Jan 2017
Vague feeling
A shady person may give off a bad one
Vague feeling, slangily
Feeling picked up from someone
Intuitive feeling, informally
Unexplainable picked-up feeling Universal 21 Sep 2016
Intangible feeling, informally New York Times 17 Aug 2016
Strive to hold ball in the air
Intuitive feeling Newsday 26 Jun 2016
Weird feeling, perhaps LA Times Daily 23 Jun 2016
Online urban music magazine LA Times Daily 25 May 2016
Feeling The Washington Post 23 May 2016
Atmosphere New York Times 14 Apr 2016
Atmosphere, aura The Times Concise 05 Feb 2016
Detectable emanation, slangily The Washington Post 01 Feb 2016
Unexplainable picked-up feeling
Online urban music magazine
Weird feeling, perhaps
Intuitive feeling, informally New York Times 09 Dec 2015
Mood New York Times 06 Jun 2015
Instinctive feeling
Supernatural sensation
Intuitive feeling, informally
Intuitive feeling, slangily
Nonspecific feeling
Rock star aura
Intuitive feeling
Nonspecific feeling
Feeling, informally
Feeling, slangily
General feeling
Emotional emanation, informally
Vague sense
It can be picked up
Unspecific feeling
Hard-to-describe feeling
Hard-to-describe feeling
Intuitive feeling
Vague feeling
Feeling that's picked up
Something that's picked up
Vague sense
Emotional emanation, informally
Instinctive feeling, slangily
Pontiac model since the 2003 model year
Unspecific feeling
Emotional feeling, informally
Something sensed
Hip-hop magazine founded by Quincy Jones
Unspecific feeling
Unspoken feeling
Sensation, slangily
Vague feeling, slangily
Sensation, slangily
Picked-up feeling
Sensation, slangily
Unspoken feeling
Vague feeling, slangily
Aura being picked up
Part of an aura
Emotional atmosphere
Sensation, slangily
Brief motion?
Tremor, informally
Emotional emanation
Tremor, informally
Emotional feeling, informally
Emotional feeling, informally
Good thing to catch
Emotional feeling, casually
Feeling you get about someone, informally
"Billboard" rival
Intuitive feeling, slangily
Feeling, informally
Instinctive feeling, slangily
Personal emanation
Quiver: Sl.
Slangy feeling
Rel. of a xylophone
Overall feeling
Sensation, slangily
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