Word "VIBES" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a percussion instrument similar to a xylophone but having metal bars and rotating disks in the resonators that produce a vibrato sound
vibraharp, vibraphone

Crossword Clues for VIBES

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Clue Source Date
Feelings or emotional undercurrents
Feelings from instrument (5)
Intuitive feelings (inf)
Instinctive feelings (5)
Feeling, ambience (5)
Things one might pick up while entering a room New York Times 22 Feb 2024
Picked-up feelings, in slang
Room-reading readings, so to speak
Atmosphere, general feeling (5)
Feelings, informally Newsday 05 Dec 2023
Feelings in the room USA Today 06 Aug 2023
Feelings, informally Eugene Sheffer 04 Aug 2023
Percussion instrument similar to a xylophone (abbr) The Guardian Quick 14 Jun 2023
General feeling Wall Street Journal 19 May 2023
Emotional feelings experienced instinctively The Guardian Quick 21 Mar 2023
Intuitive feelings Newsday 07 Feb 2023
Xylophone cousin Newsday 21 Oct 2022
Empaths pick them up LA Times Daily 23 Jan 2022
Empaths pick them up The Washington Post 23 Jan 2022
Struggles to get to grips with bachelor's feelings The Times Cryptic 29 Oct 2021
Feelings in the room, informally New York Times 28 Feb 2021
Xylophone kin Newsday 01 Nov 2020
Emanations to be picked up New York Times 21 Sep 2020
Good or bad feelings Universal 18 May 2020
Feelings or sensations communicated The Telegraph General Knowledge 07 Jul 2019
Feelings, informally Eugene Sheffer 25 Apr 2019
Feelings about individual stay in power
Half a dozen mostly supreme sensations
Jazz instrument Newsday 15 Mar 2019
Against introducing one live percussion instrument The Telegraph Toughie 20 Feb 2019
Lionel Hampton's instrument USA Today 23 Dec 2018
Struggles with nursing head, backaches and feelings Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jul 2018
Instinctive feelings exist between woman and son
Lionel Hampton's instrument
Instrument for Lionel Hampton Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2017
Intuitive feelings, slangily USA Today 02 Nov 2017
Sensed feelings, informally Premier Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Percussion instrument similar to a xylophone The Guardian Speedy 01 Jul 2017
Struggles to take in Belgium's atmosphere
Feelings, informally USA Today 10 Mar 2017
Things picked up by the perceptive New York Times 24 Feb 2017
Things picked up by the perceptive
Intuitive feelings, slangily
Feelings, informally
Lionel Hampton's instrument Wall Street Journal 22 Nov 2016
Lionel Hampton's instrument LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2016
Good or bad things to pick up New York Times 02 Jan 2016
Good or bad things to pick up
Struggles to accept soft feeling
You might pick up good ones from people
Picked-up feelings
Psychic's sensations
Feelings, informally
General feelings
Feelings, so to speak
General feelings
Feelings, informally
Xylophone cousin
Cousin of the xylophone
Lionel Hampton's instrument
Aura, informally
Xylophone cousin
One of Hampton's instruments
Lionel Hampton's instrument
Unexplainable feelings
Hampton's instrument
Picked-up feelings
Unexplainable feelings
Supernatural sensations
Lionel Hampton's instrument
As feelings go, they could be good or bad
Lionel Hampton's instrument
General feeling
Lionel Hampton's instrument
Mood indicators
Hampton's instrument
Jeff Goldblum film
Hampton's instrument
Aura, slangily
Milt Jackson's specialty
Resonance on the streets?
Percussion instrument, briefly
They may be picked up
Nonverbal feedback
Lionel Hampton's instrument
Sensitive people pick them up
Feelings, in slang
ESP word
Milt Jackson's forte
Sympathetic feelings
Feelings, today
Music makers, for short
Jazz instrument, for short
Percussion instrument, jazz style
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