Word "VICE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
moral weakness

Part of Speech:
a specific form of evildoing
vice offends the moral standards of the community

Crossword Clues for VICE

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Clue Source Date
Evil habit
Bad habit Newsday 23 Apr 2024
Immoral conduct which grips? (4)
Wickedness or abomination (4)
Word with "president" or "admiral" Family Time 08 Apr 2024
Sinful fault
This keeps a tight hold on immorality (4)
Smoking or drinking, for example
Joe Biden, once
The "V" of V.P. New York Times 12 Mar 2024
With which to grip a bad habit (4)
Strong-jawed immorality? (4)
White House "sub"
___ admiral (naval rank)
Bad habit Eugene Sheffer 23 Feb 2024
Harmful habit LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2024
Take advice on removing ad for bad habits (4)
Bad behavior Commuter 31 Jan 2024
Grossly immoral conduct can obviously be gripping (4)
Immoral behaviour, very cold stuff (4)
Bench attachment Puzzler Backwords 24 Jan 2024
Clamping tool Mirror Tea Time 17 Jan 2024
2018 drama with Christian Bale as Dick Cheney
A bad habit of a human/horse (4)
Virtue's counterpart USA Today 06 Dec 2023
Sex before church is a sin The Times Cryptic 05 Dec 2023
Not the chief fault (4)
Means of getting a grip with Don Johnson in Miami (4)
Bad habit Newsday 19 Nov 2023
Sinful habit The Times Concise 16 Sep 2023
Oscar-winning 2018 political drama film starring Tyler Perry as former Secretary of State Colin Powell
Gripping item? The Guardian Quick 19 Aug 2023
Gripping tool The Times Concise 11 Jul 2023
Guilty pleasure Newsday 08 Jun 2023
Conservative in struggle for grip The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Apr 2023
Sin Canadiana 27 Mar 2023
Deputy — failing The Guardian Quick 31 Dec 2022
___ versa (conversely)
Pass around clockwise initially, always the other way The Guardian Cryptic 16 Dec 2022
"___ Principals," 2016 HBO dark comedy featuring Bill Murray in a cameo role
Sinfulness Thomas Joseph 18 Oct 2022
Bad habit LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2022
Bad habit Eugene Sheffer 15 Jul 2022
The 'V' in VP USA Today 02 Jun 2022
Immorality The Guardian Quick 08 Mar 2022
Part of VP Universal 13 Dec 2021
___ versa The Washington Post Sunday 05 Dec 2021
President's no. 2 gripping tool
Immorality The Telegraph Quick 01 Nov 2021
Part of workshop that is failing The Times Cryptic 13 Oct 2021
Bad habit Eugene Sheffer 09 Sep 2021
Wickedness Thomas Joseph 18 Aug 2021
Compete to restrain constant crime
Gripping tool The Telegraph Quick 23 Jun 2021
Police unit, informally New York Times 20 Jun 2021
2018 biographical film on Dick Cheney
Immoral behaviour The Times Concise 03 Jun 2021
A guilty pleasure of some taken in by retiring Argentine civilians Irish Times Crosaire 14 Apr 2021
Guilty pleasure Newsday 18 Mar 2021
___ versa USA Today 13 Mar 2021
Wickedness New York Times 09 Mar 2021
Destructive habit Premier Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Wickedness Newsday 29 Jan 2021
Bad habit Eugene Sheffer 27 Jan 2021
Excessive drinking or gambling New York Times 18 Jan 2021
Guilty pleasure The Washington Post Sunday 10 Jan 2021
"Miami ___," 2006 action thriller film directed by Michael Mann, starring Jamie Foxx as Rico Tubbs
The 'V' in VP USA Today 05 Jan 2021
Tool; immorality The Times Concise 11 Dec 2020
2018 comedy-drama film starring Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney for which she earned an Academy Award nomination
Wicked habit Universal 14 Aug 2020
'Miami ___' USA Today 08 Jul 2020
Governor's weakness regarding young woman
Sex before church is a sin
Part of VP Universal 08 Jun 2020
Number two failing
"Miami ___"
Clamp The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2019
Crime very associated with diamonds
Evil grip this has! The Sun Two Speed 29 Nov 2019
Get a grip with this immoral activity The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Oct 2019
Handy metal tool is comparable to 17 across Irish Times Crosaire 05 Oct 2019
Christian Bale comedy drama in which he plays the role of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney
Wrong description of second-in-command?
Pence, e.g New York Times 07 Sep 2019
Two couples rejected church's corruption
Shallowness, to Wilde Newsday 20 Jul 2019
Backup, in titles Newsday 29 Jun 2019
2018 biopic about Cheney USA Today 26 Jun 2019
Sinful habit The Washington Post 13 Jun 2019
Sinful habit LA Times Daily 13 Jun 2019
Bad habit Universal 13 Jun 2019
Weakness, say, when love is gone
Fault with item in workshop The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Mar 2019
Contest involves Charlie gripping tool
The "V" in VP Universal 31 Jan 2019
Bad habit Newsday 24 Jan 2019
The "V" in VP
2018 biopic about Cheney
Pence, e.g.
Sinful habit
Bad habit
Smoking or drinking, for many USA Today 12 Dec 2018
Nasty habit Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2018
Corruption that's gripping
Smoking or swearing, to some USA Today 10 Oct 2018
Bad habit of six engineers
Nasty habit USA Today 22 Jun 2018
Utter expulsion of love creates evil The Telegraph Toughie 22 Mar 2018
Blemish in crown of Victorian diamonds
Wicked doings Wall Street Journal 08 Feb 2018
Number two New York Times 21 Jan 2018
Smoking or swearing, to some
Nasty habit
Smoking or drinking, for many
Number two
Nasty habit
Immoral behaviour seen in civic enterprise The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2017
Bench attachment The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2017
Moral misbehavior Canadiana 16 Oct 2017
By turns, in return: ____ versa The Times Specialist 19 Aug 2017
Moral weakness The Telegraph Quick 15 Jul 2017
The "V" in VP
Wicked habit The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 Jun 2017
"Squad" after gamblers Universal 06 Jun 2017
Gambling or smoking, for some USA Today 10 May 2017
Something wicked? It may be gripping
Target of many a New Year's resolution LA Times Daily 30 Mar 2017
Target of many a New Year's resolution The Washington Post 30 Mar 2017
Wickedness Thomas Joseph 21 Mar 2017
Smoking or swearing, to some The Washington Post 21 Jan 2017
__ president LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2017
__ president
Gambling or smoking, for some
Target of many a New Year's resolution
Wicked habit
"Squad" after gamblers
Bad habit The Guardian Quick 19 Nov 2016
Moral failing USA Today 09 Nov 2016
Wickedness / that gets a grip
Immoral activity Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2016
Smoking cigars, e.g New York Times 23 Mar 2016
Wickedness The Telegraph Quick 11 Dec 2015
Wrong piece of equipment for workshop
Bad habit, so to speak Universal 09 Jun 2015
In place of depravity The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Mar 2015
Bad habit The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Mar 2015
Principal introduction? LA Times Daily 13 Mar 2015
Strive to contain constant perversion The Telegraph Toughie 13 Mar 2015
Sin, depravity The Telegraph Quick 21 Jan 2015
Word before cop or president
Bad habit, so to speak
Smoking or sweets, e.g.
___ versa
Bad habit
Principal introduction?
Not quite the chief sin?
Sinful habit
Illicit gambling, drugs, etc.
Bad habit
Lead-in for president or squad
Guilty pleasure
Squad subject
Sonny Crockett's squad
'80s TV's "Miami __"
Police target
Bad habit
__ squad
__ squad
Canadian hipster magazine
Notably snarky magazine/media empire
Weakness that grips strongly?
It's just wrong
Nasty habit
Underworld activities
Nasty habit
Smoking or drinking, some say
Habit that needs curbing
One kind of squad
Smoking or drinking, some say
Guilty pleasure
Bad habit
Gambling or drinking
Annual resolution target
Gambling or drinking too much, e.g.
Part of 36 Across' title
Greed, for one
Annual resolution target
Guilty pleasure
Really bad habit
Smoking or drinking, for many
Gambling too much, e.g.
___ squad
Nasty habit
Kind of squad
Bad habit
Smoking or drinking
Bad habit
Police target
Lead-in for "president"
Wicked doings
"Miami ___" (Don Johnson show)
Squad leader?
Moral weakness
Bad habit
Word before squad or president
Lead-in for president or squad
Sermon subject
Bad habit and then some
Police target
#2, informally
Lead-in for president or squad
Bad habit and then some
Gambling, e.g.
Kind of squad
Moral failing
Immoral conduct
___ versa
Certain squad subject
Moral defect
Type of squad
Bad habit
Rehab target
"Miami ___"
The V of V.P.
Certain squad's target
Bad habit
Gambling, to some
Police department unit
Smoking, gambling or drinking
__ admiral (naval rank)
Immoral conduct
Hated habit
Bad habit
__ versa
___ president
___ president
Sermon subject
Type of squad
Wicked conduct
Kind of admiral
Police squad
Moral weakness
Bad habit, so to speak
Gambling, e.g.
— versa
Word before chairman or chancellor
Cop's concern
___ -President
Moral weakness
Immoral conduct
Opposite of virtue
Police-force division
Graft and such
Number 2
Type of squad
Virtue's opposite
The horror of Gomorrah
___ President Coolidge: 1921-23
Kind of squad
Sermon subject
It's not nice
Kind of admiral
Squad or versa
Certain squad
In the place of.
Instead of.
In place of.
Subject of a New York trial.
Substitute or deputy: Prefix.
___ squad.
"Iniquity" in old English "Moralities."
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